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Deck Builders in San Francisco Bay Area

Decks are meant for lounging, and that is just what you’ll do – once Clever Design & Remodeling has built a deck for you! We are tried and trusted San Francisco, CA, deck builders and love sprucing up any outdoor living space.

While construction services have been hard to come by as we exit a nationwide pandemic, we approach new, enticing and innovative designs for residential and commercial clients within the Bay area.

Clever builds decks in a way that is outside the norm for the contracting industry. As a deck and patio contractor, we have to look outside the typical box things are categorized into.

Exceptional Deck Contractors

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We are committed, dedicated deck contractors and persevere even when things are complicated.

We guarantee customer satisfaction and consistently exceed any expectations our clients have delegated. Decks and patios are not just a means of business but a passion.

Passion is required to provide a remarkable outdoor living space, and that is our mission.

To design, build and create takes guts, which we demonstrate in all the construction services we complete and all the customers we serve!

Exceptional Deck Contractors

When you begin looking for local deck or railing contractors, there is a multitude of factors you need to consider. It is best to stay informed and understand the company you will be working with before entering a construction contract.

Our company has been servicing San Francisco, CA, and surrounding areas for many years. Those years of experience have resulted in elite deck builders and a crew of staff that provides the best service available for your deck or patio.

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Understanding Your Estimate

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Free estimates provide and detail the breakdown of costs for construction and installation. Clever offers free estimates and a personal project manager on kitchen & bathroom remodeling, room additions, and all of our outdoor space projects.

A deck is one of the most popular locations for many San Francisco residents, especially if that is accompanied by outdoor kitchens or a body of water.

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Clever Quotes

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Clever designer decks take time to construct, but the free estimates we provide our clients help to ensure access and understanding into the conception of the construction plans and outline.

We work closely with our clientele to provide successful outdoor lounge solutions, and we look forward to working with you on your next deck or patio build!

Superior Decks & Deck Builders

Decks are a space to gather with friends, family, and loved ones. They are an extension of the home itself, bringing the indoors – outdoors and making the great outdoors accessible to you and your family.

Constructing custom outdoor spaces and crafting superior decks require professional deck builders.

Professional Construction Crew

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Our construction team and builders have worked on an extensive range of decks, from residential to commercial. Clever Design & Remodeling strives to make every house we enter something better when we leave.

Our crew of deck builders has been rigorously trained to create an unmatched construction team and contractor within the industry.

Deck Maintenance

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Building is one of many pieces of decks and patios – regular maintenance and repair can be necessary due to general wear and use of the structures.

Your backyard should be an accessory to the sanctuary you have created for your house.

Deck Repair

Clever’s services are available for residential remodeling in San Francisco, CA, and push to supply indoor-outdoor living. Our maintenance and repair services consist of the following:

  • Removing any kind of debris and sweeping the deck or patio area.
  • Cleanse the deck or patio according to the materials used for the structure.
  • Clean the deck and allow the surfaces to dry completely.
  • Ensuring all nails and screws are intact and rust-free.
  • Inspection of Joists and reinforcement of joists.
  • Dry Rot Repair.
  • Replacement of Deck board/Joists.
  • Reapplying stain or paint.
  • Installing new decking.
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Servicing Residential and Commercial Clients in the Bay Area

Clever aims to reinforce how our clients approach and interact with the deck and patio industry. We service both residential and commercial clientele.

This allows our company to broaden our horizons and understand the different types of construction applicable to each category and community we work with.

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bay area remodeling contractor decoration

Residential Projects

Residential clients are provided with an array of services and construction options. Our San Francisco deck builders can give custom-drafted solutions with precision and the highest quality materials.

Residential services

Residential clients often choose our decks to offer –

  • Privacy – creating an enclosure for your yard and providing a space to gather outdoors.
  • Enjoying the Outdoors – San Francisco is sunny and beautiful, and having a deck offers an additional space to enjoy the weather.
  • Storage Space – a deck or patio provides a place to place your outdoor accessories.
  • Increasing Property Value – Decks and patios are considerable additions to the value of your house!
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Deck Commercial Services

You will spend several weeks or even months working closely with your home remodeling contractor. This is a significant relationship, so it is essential to know what qualities to look for in a home remodeling professional.

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Clever Design & Remodeling is a company assuring our commercial customer’s top-of-the-line services, including:

  • Alluring Custom Deck Design
  • Executive Deck Installation
  • Durable & Reliable Materials
  • Quality Craftsmanship
  • Individualized Planning and Projects
  • Considerable Experience in Deck Building
  • Top Rated Deck Builders in San Francisco
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Types of Decking Material

Deck construction is an intimate and labor-intensive project. Before the work begins, choosing the right material for your deck is an integral piece of the process.

The decking and siding materials vary in price, and each has assets or setbacks depending on the intended use of the deck, climate/weather factors, and personal preference.

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Deck Material Options

At Clever, we offer a diverse range of options to choose from:

  • Wood
  • Pressure Treated Woods
  • Cedar
  • Redwood
  • Tropical Woods – Tigerwood, Garapa, Teak & Ipe
  • Plastic – PVC & HDPE
  • Composite
  • Trex Decking
  • Fiberglass
  • Aluminum

What are the best deck material options for homes in the Bay Area?

In the San Francisco Bay area, some factors contribute to the type of decking most suitable for the average climate. Most customers choose decks constructed with the traditional option – wood. Wood stays cool even on the hottest days and remains durable in sunny weather.

redwood forest


The most popular choice which remains appropriate for California weather is Redwood. Now you can’t go down to the Red Wood Forest and chop down the trees to make your deck, but Clever Design can handle the heavy-duty lifting!

Redwood is a material sourced straight out of the golden state and will elevate the appearance of any home. It is a low-maintenance material, doesn’t warp easily, and maintains its distinctive color.

It also can absorb moisture, making it durable when the sun is blazing. Ipe, Teak, Pressure-Treated Pine, and Composite are additional options suited to withstand the San Francisco, CA, sun!

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Decking Material Cost

Materials cost is one of the main components of deck building. Labor, Material, Time, and additional services are all a part of the itemized list you would see on your free quote from Clever. As the price of materials continues to rise, so do the construction costs – this is something we, as a company, work to remain reasonable and affordable for our clients.

Average Material Costs

When reviewing the most popular decking materials in San Francisco, CA –

  • Redwood costs approximately $35-$80 per sq ft.
  • Pressure Treated Pine costs roughly $20-35 per sq ft.
  • Ipe costs about $25-$50 per sq ft.
  • Teak costs roughly $90-$135 per sq ft.

How much does a new deck cost in 2023?

The average cost of a deck in the upcoming year will be slightly more expensive than the last due to the cost of materials. The grand total will vary significantly depending on the total size of the deck in construction.

The average cost of a deck in 2023 will range from $15,000 to $100,000+.

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How much does it cost to construct a 20x20 deck?

Size matters when it comes to decking solutions in San Francisco, CA. A 20 x 20 single-level deck differs greatly from a multi-level deck. The average cost of a 20×20 deck is approximately $30,000.

This can differ further when you incorporate the material chosen for the deck.

Clever’s free estimates on decks, patios, and retaining walls help to provide a complete understanding of those itemized prices and the estimated cost of your construction project.

What are Trex Deck Installers?

Trex decking is a composite material blending plastic and wood to create a highly durable and reliable surface. It is not plastic decking, as plastic is made with materials like PVC or HDPE.

Trex decking does not cause splinters; it will not become slippery or crack. It can easily be infused with the fade-resistant stain of your choice.

Trex will last up to 30 years with regular upkeep and maintenance. Its durability sets the material apart, as it can be suitable in any environment!

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Where can I locate deck companies near me for installation?

Clever installs Trex decking and provides a free estimate for your decking solutions! We are highly experienced in installing Trex decks and will provide any maintenance or repair if required following the installation project.

We are the leading company in San Francisco, CA, supplying Trex decking and other composite decking options.

Custom Deck Builders Near Me

Every house has its personality and unique aesthetic – decks and patios should be too! Customizing your deck brings your backyard solace and allows you to take ownership of the land you live on.

Customizing and individualizing deck options is something Clever Design prioritizes.

Our experienced engineers work alongside our clients to generate 3D blueprints of the deck to ensure it sits perfectly on the house and brings a touch of vitality to your life.

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Custom Decks in San Francisco

Dream out loud. You can dream as big as you would like with Clever Design; we take those dreams and turn them into exterior designs.

We have immense experience building custom decks and providing the additional services necessary for customer satisfaction.

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Locating Deck Contractors Near You

Locating San Francisco deck builders is easy with Clever Design & Remodeling. We are licensed to complete the job and have the experience to dedicate to your new deck.

We are a bonded and insured company in the state of California and are committed to excellence. Your house will love your new addition just as much as you do.

We are in the business of providing quality exterior design coupled with superior interior remodeling.

Reliable Patio Contractor and Decking Builder Services in San Francisco, CA

Having a business you can rely on in San Francisco, CA, is valuable when undertaking new construction for a deck, siding, or patio. Clever is a company that values and respects our relationship with our clientele.

We perform at an accelerated pace, customize solutions, provide repair and maintenance services, and have continued to excel within the decking business.

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Trusted San Francisco Deck Contractor

Clever Design & Remodeling has worked hard to make a name for our company in San Francisco, CA. We have also worked to develop relationships with the residents and businesses of our community.

We are a business that you can trust as an award-winning company with an A+ rating through the Better Business Bureau.

When entering a project – whether that is decks or patios – we take a unique approach. We aren’t there solely to get the job done but to provide our customers with an outdoor space where they can find joy.

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How to Choose From the Deck Companies Near Me

Making a choice is simple, and Clever wants things to be easy on our customers. If you are hoping to place patios outside your place of business or are dreaming of building a deck for your new home – starting your next project is a stress-free process with Clever Design.

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Learn More About Our Deck Projects

Start Your Deck Project with Clever Design & Remodeling

Clever design services San Francisco, CA, within the bay area alongside San Mateo County, San Leandro, Mountain View, San Bruno, San Jose, and Daly City. Your new backyard is only a phone call away.

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"We were referred to Clever Design & Remodeling after we saw a family-friends finished deck in Pleasant Hill. We couldn't believe the quality of the deck building was completed, so naturally, we reached out for our free estimates on a redwood deck.
We couldn't be happier with the results! Clever contractors worked closely with us throughout the entire process and ensured our complete satisfaction in the end."
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Deck Construction Services in Redwood City

"Deck builders are everywhere in San Francisco, CA. Clever was different than any other contractors we have ever worked with! Clever contractors worked very hard and made sure to go over all the small details when it came to our custom decks. We like to spend our time outside and are now outside daily. We will be using them for patio covers at our place of business next, and we couldn't speak higher of Clever Design as a company!"
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Excellent Foundation Repair in Burlingame, CA

"When we located a crack in our foundation, we were unprepared for the repairs. Clever came in and provided reasonable pricing and reliable services. They made the repair look easy.
We are residential clients that intend on returning for more, and we would refer any of our friends and family to their place of business."
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Business Owner and Satisfied Commercial Client in San Mateo

"Our business is located in San Mateo, but we live in Marin county. As the owner and operator of our family business, we wanted to work with a company with similar ideas. Clever Design hired several contractors and a personal project manager to oversee the project.
We were initially provided a quote with Mizen Construction but are happy to have chosen Clever for their outstanding customer service and attention to detail. We will be loyal, returning commercial clients and intend to refer other businesses to their services, too!"
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Clever Design Builds Decks with Precision, Mountain View

"Our family used Clever Design & Remodeling as our general contractors for various room additions for our home. Our past projects with them certainly encouraged this addition - we decided to add another piece and constructed an entirely custom deck. We are so happy with the final product and look forward to seeing the crew for additional services and our regularly scheduled deck maintenance!"
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Outstanding Deck Builders, San Jose

"I have wanted to build a deck for a long time; I just didn't know where to begin. I considered doing it myself and contemplated building retaining walls, too, but I am sure glad I didn't go that route. Our project manager was extremely professional and provided me with updates and communications throughout the build. They completed everything in a timely manner, just in time to spend the summer outside. Clever did a great job!"
Daniel F.
Daniel F.
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Amazing Job on New Construction Services in Santa Clara, CA

"Clever's San Francisco deck builders went above and beyond to create the deck of our dreams. We recently moved into a just-built home but wanted to make many changes. A deck was at the top of my priority list, and luckily, my wife saw it through.
We received a quote from Palm Construction, but they needed more time to complete things. Clever was speedy, efficient, and knowledgeable in everything they did.
We will absolutely be reaching out once we begin the plans for our bathroom remodeling projects!"
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Building Decks and Building Relationships, Millbrae

"Locating a deck builder in Millbrae wasn't at the top of our priority list, but as I pursued the internet, I came across Clever Design & Remodeling.
I called them and immediately knew I was in good hands, so I pushed forward with the deck construction. Clever's team knows what they are doing, and they do it well.
They provide superior decks, customer services, and a boatload of additional services we require too! We are so excited about our new deck and the new relationship we have developed with the team at Clever. We look forward to working with them in the future!"
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Debbie M.
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Old Deck Restored in San Carlos

"Clever did a wonderful job restoring our deck into something fresh, clean, and new! We recently had our second grandchild, and we are so excited to have the whole family gather on our newly restored deck for birthdays and holidays.
These guys are top-notch; you cannot find better contractors in San Carlos!"
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Multi-Level Decks and Maintenance in Palo Alto, CA

"Approaching multi-level decks is not something that appears easy, but Clever did everything with so much simplicity - it was hard to believe they were human beings.
They are hard-working, dedicated, and highly skilled people. I highly recommend them if you search for deck builders in Palo Alto or the Bay area!"