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Bathroom Remodel Bay Area

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Bathrooms are where we enter every morning in preparation for the day and every evening, winding down for the night. They are a space to meditate or contemplate your day and a place we require for our daily necessities.

It can become somewhat overwhelming when you seek to take the plunge into the search for bathroom remodeling companies.

Clever Design bathroom remodelers is an elite contractor you can trust. We entire the process with care and precision regarding any home remodeling project.

We understand remodeling services are a hefty process to navigate, which is why we ensure our clients are supplied with bathroom remodeling contractors they can depend on.

bay area remodeling contractor decoration

As an award-winning, licensed, and insured bathroom remodeling company – we pride ourselves on maintaining the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. Creating a new bathroom should be an exhilarating and exciting experience.

Clever Design & Remodeling secures the freedom of creativity, constant communication, and seamless construction services. Remodeling your bathroom can add value to your home and bring joy to your life! So, what are you waiting for?

Clever is just the contractor you need to create the bathroom you have always hoped and dreamed of!

Building Your New Bathroom

Clever Design & Remodeling is your expert in the Bay area for any full home remodeling project. Bathroom remodeling services are often the topic of discussion regarding home renovations, and for a good reason.

Your dining room is used less than the bathrooms, and your bathroom deserves a little TLC!

Building your new bathroom is easier than one may perceive. As a San Francisco remodeling contractor, we can finish the job in no time!

We provide straightforward, detail-oriented, and transparent remodeling services. We believe in supplying San Francisco and the surrounding areas with dream renovations for their bathrooms.

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bay area remodeling contractor decoration

We have worked tirelessly to complete top-tier bathroom remodeling services in a timely manner and within each individual’s budget. Our experience as a remodeling contractor in the Bay area has provided immense skill and expertise.

This is something we wish to share with our clients. Clever has been operating in San Jose for over ten years. Our decades of residential remodeling will ensure a successful renovation for all our clients.

An Experienced Bathroom Remodeling Company

Having experience in home remodeling helps to provide a foundation of knowledge for any remodeling project. We don’t deal solely with bathroom design but assist in kitchen remodeling, master bedroom renovations, or a complete remodel of your home and outdoor spaces.

Experience is gained through years of practice and dedication to the craft and construction services.

Clever Design & Remodeling provides quality bathroom remodeling. We understand bathrooms are a very personal space, and we want to design that so our clients have a place they can feel entirely rejuvenated – transforming your bathroom into a spa-like experience.

Extraordinary Bathroom Design

Our project manager and professional team of designers are there to provide support and communication throughout the entire renovation process.

Bathroom design ideas and a vision for the space can be something you have in mind when starting your remodeling project but starting with a blank slate is just as sufficient.

Clever is proud to be one of the best bathroom contractors in the San Francisco Bay area, and as one of the best, we supply the best bathroom remodeling designers and services.

We will walk through the entire project with you hand-in-hand. You will have the opportunity to provide your insight and opinions so we can create the best bathroom remodel suited for you and your family.

Whether it is your master bathroom, jack-and-jill, or powder room – Clever will create a space that can be enjoyed.

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Professional Bathroom Contractors

Professionalism is something only some bathroom remodeling contractors can provide. Clever is not one of those companies. We maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau with endless 5-star reviews. We don’t take bathroom remodeling lightly.

Each of our customers can expect a personal project manager and a team of professionals for their home remodeling projects, no matter what that might be – kitchen remodel or bathroom. We want to provide our clientele with the best possible experience and remodeling solutions.

Contractor companies must understand the importance of excellent customer service and a fair price. Clever Design & Remodeling is a company that encapsulates the essence of both. We value all of our clients and seek to provide an amazing job for each and every one.

Professional Team & Personal Project Manager

Providing alluring bathrooms is what we do, but bathroom remodels require a professional team and construction company. Clever does bathroom remodels right.

Making a space functional comes with a lot of planning, building, and inspection. For these procedures to work, professional bathroom contractors are vital.

Your project manager is specific to your bathroom remodel and will maintain a constant contact to keep the line of communication open for a luxurious design.

Our clients are our top priority, and whether you are in the midst of a kitchen remodel or dealing with electrical work in your bathroom – we provide great services you can depend on.

Luxury Bathroom Remodeling Services in San Francisco

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What do you envision when you imagine the remodeling process and the final result? Imagining a space where you can unwind and relax?

Or, is it a place where you want to feel glamorous and beautiful? Your bathroom renovation is tailored to you.

Your home is a space for you to feel comfortable and home remodeling allows the user to play with the space. Clever solely assists in making your home a place to showcase your personality, wants, and needs.

Our clients deserve a superior bathroom remodeling process, precisely what we provide.

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Bathroom Remodeling Costs

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So…how much is a bathroom remodeling project going to cost? We are budget-friendly and want to stay within the boundaries of what works for our clients.

Renovation costs can vary depending on your bathroom remodeling contractor and the total cubic feet and fixtures in the bathroom. There are additional factors that can prove additional costs associated, such as – materials, specialty items, custom cabinetry, etc.

The average bathroom remodel in the Bay Area is $15,000 to $50,000. A bathroom on your budget can differ significantly.

It truly doesn’t matter if you are doing kitchen remodeling or a small bathroom – sticking to a plan and budget will assist you in keeping costs down and everything organized.

Clever Design does home remodeling for our client’s benefit. We want to ensure they can stay within their allotted budget outline, and we also provide facts and figures so they know what to expect!

Free Consultation For Your Bathroom Remodel

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Consultation for any home remodel is a bare necessity for anyone who wants to begin their project. Our project managers are extremely professional and maintain accuracy when reviewing general information for your bathroom or kitchen renovation.

Any home remodel needs a solid foundation, as does the house itself.

Committing to a fantastic job and being wise builders sets us apart from other general contractors in San Francisco, San Jose, and Santa Clara County.

Offering a free estimate and a full breakdown of the costs of what we provide our customers. We want you to be exhilarated by your new house and to enjoy the bathroom remodeling services.

Pre-Construction Process

A bathroom renovation includes a process before the construction even begins. Let’s say we are completing a remodel for a small bathroom in San Mateo, CA, for this instance…

Before we begin construction services, the general timeline for the bathroom remodel will be documented and provided to the client. This allows our clients to prepare appropriately around the bathroom remodel. We want your space to be something beautiful, and we want the process to be simple.

You can utilize our showroom to review materials and finishes, and we will work as a unit to make decisions for your cabinetry, tile work, electrical work required, and all the fine details. This is the fun part – piecing the design ideas together with our experienced designers and your project manager.

Our office will work to gain any special permits required, and your project manager will continue to work closely to ensure clear and constant communication throughout the process.

We approach every bathroom, and home remodel with a solid plan, allowing for an organized and seamless renovation process!

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The Bathroom Renovation Process

Our designers and engineers take care of every last detail regarding the interior of your bathroom remodel.

They have endless knowledge and experience designing interiors, including kitchen remodeling, room additions, and outdoor decks/spaces. Clever provides our clientele with a top-shelf team to ensure an outstanding product.

Brainstorming and Shopping for the Remodeling Process

Clever Design wants to give Bay Area bathrooms a total remodel and makeover. We want our clients to feel at ease and can utilize the space of their dreams.

The brainstorming and shopping make everything exciting and provide every client the option to convey what they envision for their bathroom remodel.


Once all permits are acquired, all the details are sorted and agreed upon. Our construction crew comes in to begin the build.

We build out and outside of the lines. Our team of professionals works to ensure our clientele an exceptional and luxurious result.

Preparation, Demolition & Installation

We follow a strict protocol regarding the construction element of any bathroom remodel.

Prep – involving the permits and planning necessary to reach the desired goal and function for the space.

Demolition – A demo simply destroys something old to make space for something new. This creates space for the birth of your bathroom and a room you can find joy in.

Installation – Lastly, installing anything requires skill and precision, which is exactly what our team provides. Final installations are made to encompass the vision for your bathroom.

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The Finished Product

bathroom remodeling and finish in the bay area

As a homeowner, chances are you are concerned about a kitchen renovation project’s return on investment or ROI. It is especially pertinent i

When we reach the finish line for any home remodeling project, our team takes it upon ourselves to put on all the finishing touches! Just because the bare bones have been completed doesn’t mean all the bells and whistles were attached.

Clever strives to exceed client expectations for any type of renovation.

Cleaning, Touch-Ups & Inspection

Cleaning – Our team will leave the place as we found it; well…not exactly, but we want to ensure your new space is spotless and suited for royalty!

Touch-Ups – Touch-ups are required for all kinds of makeovers, and a remodel is no exception. Clever is committed to ensuring any touch-ups that need to be made are completed.

Inspections – A full bathroom inspection will be run through to ensure everything is safe and in working order.

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Our Bathroom Remodels in the San Francisco Bay Area

Clever Design has completed an assortment of bathroom remodeling in the Bay Area.

When undergoing major remodeling, researching your options and general contractors qualified to complete home remodeling is essential.

Clever is licensed, insured, and bonded for home remodeling projects in California, and we service the Bay area and neighboring towns.

Our designers, construction crews, engineers, and project managers undergo an extensive hiring process and need to provide solid references to come aboard with Clever.

We maintain 5-star reviews with Google, Yelp, Houzz and, most importantly, the Better Business Bureau. We strive to surpass any expectations set upon our company and continue evolving and growing as a business in the Bay Area!

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Master Bathroom Remodeling in the Bay Area

A master bath remodel – is something you may be looking into solely to give the space a facelift, to add value to your home, or maybe you need the space to function differently than it previously did.

master bathroom remodeling contractors

Regardless of your reasons, we can complete a re-bath by making things simple rather than doting on the complexity of things.

Having your kitchen remodeled is no easy feat, and in the Bay area – where everything seems to be moving so fast-paced, remodeling can be something you feel pressured into.

Don’t stress – our home remodeling experts want to make everything comfortable and personalize the experience to your liking. If you are interested in beginning your plans for a new master bath, you are looking in the right place.

Small Bathroom Remodeling in the Bay Area

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We have successfully restored and completed small bathrooms, jack-and-jills, and powder rooms – all additional bathroom remodels. Bathroom design is our specialty! You can sit back and relax, understanding you are in the best hands possible.

Resurfacing from the depths of a remodel is not how you should feel when you are creating something fresh, something new. Not all contractors can take on an entire home remodeling project, so do your research carefully. Research allows you to understand the businesses you seek out for renovations, their previous projects, and other customers’ experience with the company.

Clever has always ensured top-quality bathrooms, big or small. There is nothing your project manager can’t handle and nothing we won’t do for our clients.

Bathroom Vanities

Vanities are a component considered alongside windows and the overall structure and chemistry of the bathroom design.

We operate out of California, so anything bigger is often better, and it’s the best with Clever!

Vanities are a place we get to look at ourselves and, unlike a kitchen remodel – provide a place we can prepare our minds, bodies, and souls. Your bathroom vanity can be completely customized and personalized to suit the new addition to your home!

Custom Cabinetry

Cabinetry is also customized according to what the client wants and what is best suited for the bathroom. Customizing your cabinets for your life will bring a ton of flair and complement your personal desires.

By providing a completely individualized experience, we can craft a bathroom remodel that truly works for the home.

Each home is unique, and neither is home improvement services with Clever Design and Remodeling. We are the contractor for the job!

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bathroom electricity repair

Electrical Work

Electrical and plumbing work is only sometimes fun, but it is necessary to have your bathroom for its intended use.

Functionality is a critical component in our design. Electrical work is just a piece of the puzzle and something we put together effortlessly!

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Reliable Bathroom Remodeling Contractor Bay Area

Having builders you can depend on is important for home remodeling. Change can be difficult and sometimes scary.

Clever Design and Remodeling in the Bay Area is a contractor you can truly rely on, and we want to be the backbone for your new home!

We are a team of very wise builders who never fear a challenge. We seek challenges to gain further experience and hone our craft.

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Completing Your Dream Bathroom Renovations

Making your dream into reality is something we seek for all of our customers as Clever shoots for the stars when creating a bathroom suited for the client.

We provide realistic remodeling solutions and are completely committed to the space of your wildest dreams.

We work as a team to guarantee a seamless experience.

We review all details, timelines, and components of the remodeling project in advance to properly organize and set expectations.

We design with the customer in mind and utilize their vision if one is provided to ensure elements of the person within their living space.

We make sure to provide peace of mind and a sense of ease to the customers we work alongside through reliable communications.

bay area remodeling contractor decoration
bath and shower remodel in sunnyvale ca

Bathroom Remodel Sunnyvale, CA

Forget the kitchen: You’ve always wanted a dream bathroom. Whether it is your master bathroom or a newly constructed guest bathroom, your Sunnyvale, California, home

bathroom remodel san jose

San Jose Bathroom Remodeling

Finding elite bathroom remodeling contractors in San Jose, CA, can feel like a chore, especially when you aren’t sure where to start. Our bathrooms are

Get Started on Your Bathroom Remodeling Project Today!

Taking the first steps to a new you and a new space for your bathroom is easy. We recommend diving into understanding who you are working with before committing. Still, we wanted to properly introduce ourselves, so you had a sense of who the company is and what values we stand upon.

clever bathroom remodel

We don’t want to be like other bathroom remodeling companies in the Bay Area and have never intended to do so. We set ourselves apart by guaranteeing the best possible experience with a bathroom remodeling contractor.

Providing exceptional customer service, hands-on project managers, and detail-oriented designers defines our business and assist our customers.

We have worked tirelessly and will continue to work tirelessly to ensure our clients’ complete and total satisfaction.

luxury remodeling contractor in the bay area

luxury remodeling contractor in the bay area

Improving your space isn’t always about the home but about the homeowners and those who dwell inside it. Clever promises superior remodeling services to the Bay Area, San Jose, San Mateo, Santa Clara, and other neighboring cities.

Deciding to commit to home improvements is the first step. Calling Clever Design & Remodeling is the next!

We offer full-service bathroom remodeling and have been in operation enough years to supply a tremendous amount of experience and learned expertise.

We want to share that with the Bay Area community we have been a part of and are grateful to serve.

remodeling contractors bay area faq's

Bathroom Remodeling FAQs

Have you finally decided it’s time to dive into a home remodeling project but need to figure out how to delegate the budget? There are plenty of previous projects we have worked on in the SF Bay area we can provide our insight with.

A typical bathroom remodel can cost anywhere from $15,000 to $50,000. It is a significant cost difference depending on the space’s total square feet and fixtures.

A small bathroom can be on a smaller budget than a master bathroom. It all depends on the room and what you want to create with it!

Permits are often required for plumbing, electrical work, or changing a room’s general structure, which does not mean they are always required. Still, Clever maintains and acquires any permits needed in the pre-construction phase of remodeling.

Our sense of professionalism and reputation is a part of what sets us apart from other contractors in the Bay Area, and ensuring each remodels is provided the proper permits is a part of that.

We also rely on it to ensure our customers enter a safe and realistic agreement for their project.

Permits are necessary to make changes, but they are in place to provide safety and protect your home and surroundings.

Clever Design & Remodeling covers all the bases when it comes to renovations. We are absolutely an adequately licensed, bonded, and insured business in the state of California.

You can complete a look-up on any general contractor in the state of California before committing to working with the crew. It is something you should do to be an informed consumer.

A license is a confirmation the company can operate within its place of business and that they have met the requirements to complete the work or service they advertise.

Insurance is required for many things, and remodeling is one of those. It provides a safety net and protection to the company and clients. These are critical components of a successful business, and the government requires them for a good reason.

Clever is committed to our clients, and if they want to complete two bathrooms simultaneously, we are ready and willing to take on head first!

You can approach us about any home remodeling project, and we are prepared to provide our professional perspective and insight while ensuring the customer gets what they want!

We haven’t been in business all these years for nothing. We want to continue providing customers with skillful, impactful, quality services while completing remodels as quickly and safely as possible.

We are committed to remaining an innovative California-based company – while pushing the boundaries of what the current remodeling industry exists as.

Clever Design services the San Francisco Bay area, including (but not limited to) – the East Bay area, San Jose, Walnut Creek, San Mateo, Mountain View, Palo Alto, San Rafael, and Santa Clara County.

We strive to provide home remodeling, kitchen remodel, home additions, and bathroom remodeling services in these locations and hope to continue expansion to new cities as well!