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Every good project starts with great care, and when it comes to your private home remodeling project, you want to ensure that you find the right team of professional builders that you can truly depend on. That’s where Clever Design & Remodeling comes in.

Our team is comprised solely of extremely professional, wise builders dedicated to doing a fantastic job for your remodeling project and cost-effectively providing this service to you.

Clever Design & Remodeling offers a truly unique synergy of luxurious, quality designs, with an additional emphasis on making it cost-effective while maintaining exceptional customer service.

Our History at Clever Design & Remodeling

Here at Clever Design & Remodeling, we are a multi-award-winning building and design firm in San Jose, serving the entire San Francisco Bay Area. With incredibly experienced and wise builders comprising our team of specialists, the team has decades of combined experience in home remodel-adjacent and construction work fields.

We have been in this business for quite a while, which is why while other contractors can no doubt do a good job of remodeling or renovating your existing home, Clever Design & Remodeling knows what it takes to deliver a fantastic job, form-fitted to suit your needs and desires.

We are a team of licensed, bonded, and insured general contractors who are aching to provide you with our trademark services, which have earned us rave reviews, accreditation with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and a 5-star rating across the board. From Yelp to Google to houzz to HomeAdvisor, our customers from recently remodeled and completed homes agree that our work has raised their property value substantially improved their quality of living, and made them happier.

The Entire Process of Clever Design & Remodeling

A considerable part of what makes our team at Clever Design & Remodeling so uniquely suited to provide such phenomenal service to you is our patented process. Whereas other contractors may outsource various parts of the planning, remodeling process, or construction work to general contractors, we at Clever Design & Remodeling see the process all the way through ourselves, from beginning to end.

Our team members are hands-on and involved in every step of the entire project with you. From the very earliest interactions of planning out your exact vision for your remodel through innovative 3D technology, which allows you to have full creative control over every element of the remodel, through acquiring all the permits, all the way through the final product, Clever Design & Remodeling is there for you.

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Services That Clever Design & Remodeling Offers

Kitchen Remodel

Clever Design & Remodeling has years of experience tackling everything from home improvement projects to executing a complete home remodeling project. Still, we are especially renowned in the San Jose and San Francisco Bay area for our kitchen remodel expertise.

At Clever Design & Remodeling, our team of creative designers wants to provide you with a kitchen that makes you feel like the master chef you truly are.

Much more than simply a place where you prepare food, your kitchen is a place where you and your loved ones get the chance to come together and be united. As such, the team here at Clever Design & Remodel knows that the key to a great kitchen remodels is giving you everything you’ve ever wanted from a kitchen and doing it precisely and efficiently as possible so as not to obstruct this valuable space any further.

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Complete Home Remodel

Clever Design & Remodeling also acts as a remodeling project manager on complete overhauls of houses, offering our remodeling services to your remodeling project from the ground up.

Such a full home remodeling project could come from various sources; perhaps you’ve grown tired of your old house, or perhaps you’ve finally decided that it’s time to fix some issues you’ve long harbored with your home. Regardless, the team at Clever Design & Remodeling is here for you throughout the whole process of your home improvements.

Our home remodelers know just how trying, taxing, and often difficult it can be to go through such extensive home construction work while still attempting to maintain your everyday life and schedule.

This is why our wise builders at Clever Design & Remodeling remain as dedicated and committed to efficiency as possible throughout their time working on your new house, delivering unparalleled work and craftsmanship at an optimum speed on the work site.

Room Additions

Beyond the remodeling project of your entire house, Clever Design & Remodeling’s team of wise builders is also more than capable of making any changes and/or additions to your home and individual rooms you may be looking for.

Whether its a floor addition, adding extra space to an existing room by increasing its square footage, taking out obtrusive walls to optimize the existing space, putting in new plumbing, adding a new room onto the house, or remodeling the basement, family room, or even the master bedroom to align with your personal desires more closely, Clever Design & Remodeling is here for you through the entire project.

For Clever Design & Remodeling, no remodeling project is too big, and no remodeling project is too small. Our goal, first and foremost, is to serve our customers as best as possible.

While other general contractors may get hung up on estimated cost, additional cost, and total square footage, Clever Design & Remodeling knows that the true existing foundation of the home is you and your family. Costs and pricing are all irrelevant entirely if we cannot make you happier; that is what truly matters to us.

Clever Design & Remodeling's Three-Step Process

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Design and Plan

The process begins with you completing your vision with the aforementioned 3D design. Subsequently, our engineers will take care of the planning and permitting, using your 3D design as the basis for every step moving forward.

In this way, Clever Design & Remodeling pairs with you and makes you an active contributor. This is your home remodeling project; in more ways than one, you are a project manager in your own right. Our team of wise builders at Clever Design & Remodeling wants to give you the freedom to design the home of your dreams and the means and equipment to make the dream a reality.

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Once we get all the required permits, we will begin working on your new project.

For as important as the job site itself is to us during this time period (following the blueprints made from your 3D design to the T, ensuring that we are putting our best foot forward in every possible aspect and element of the craft going into the construction and remodeling of your home), it’s also incredibly important to our team of wise builders and general contractors at Clever Design & Remodeling that we take care of you and your family during this construction period.

Because we know how uncomfortable a situation such as this can be, it displaces you from your normal routines and everyday spaces. So we always want to ensure we have afforded you every possible luxury and accommodation throughout the construction and remodeling project.


Once the job is finished and we have ensured that the final product is the absolute best it can be, we restore every personal belonging that may have been moved or compromised during the remodel back to its original place.

It is incredibly important to our team that we not make your life any more difficult than it absolutely has to be, so the last thing we would do is to further inconvenience you by leaving you with an entire mess to clean up after we’ve left.

Thus, our team will work hard to restore your home to its new normalcy and work to clean up any and every mess we’ve made.

Most importantly, we guarantee that you will fall in love with the final result!

How Much Does a Home Remodeling Project Cost in the San Francisco Bay Area?

Currently, throughout California and especially in the San Francisco Bay area, the construction cost of building a new house is more costly than the cost of equivalent construction plans anywhere else in the United States.

Furthermore, construction or building costs are similar to the cost of a new home. On average, home additions within the San Francisco Bay Area cost approximately $470-$750 per square foot. Thus, any room addition or expanded living space, such as a second floor, will cost you more here in the Golden State than anywhere else in the country.

Fortunately, pricing through San Jose and the San Francisco Bay area for bathrooms is markedly different from that of more extensive home remodeling that requires more complex building permits, especially if you don’t have to change the existing plumbing.

Thus, Clever Design & Remodeling’s unprecedented success with designing and renovating bathrooms pairs exceedingly well with our Californian customers. Rather than the $470-$750 per square foot price tag that other additions come with, bathroom renovations or additions generally cost between $15,000-$50,000, a sizeable difference that makes Clever Design & Remodeling’s bathroom remodeling project all the more cost-efficient.

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Estimating the Cost of a Home Addition

The cost of any home addition largely depends on the size of the job, how many rooms you are adding, and how much construction needs to take place.

For an accurate estimate, it’s best to consult a professional home builder, as we can assess all of these factors more accurately than anyone else. Additionally, if you are planning on making any changes to the existing home or structure, be sure to mention this to your builder, as it may incur additional costs.

Lastly, Clever Design & Remodeling will provide you with a free consultation prior to beginning any project so that we can assess the size and scope of the job and provide an accurate estimate for your remodel. We will be glad to answer any questions or concerns you may have before beginning the complete home remodel project. From there, we can work together to create a plan that suits your needs and budget.

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A Breakdown of the Types of Room Additions

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Master Bedroom Addition

While areas such as the family room or kitchen are places where the entire family, you and your loved ones, can come together and be united, our team of wise builders at Clever Design & Remodeling knows that the master suite bedroom is your own personal sanctuary. You can retreat to it and find relaxation, peace, and comfort when you need them most.

If you believe that your master bedroom doesn’t afford you enough space to truly relax and enjoy moments to yourself, then you owe it to yourself to allow the wise builders at Clever Design & Remodeling to enhance the layout of this space, either through extension or remodeling. The additional square foot will do wonders for how you view your bedroom and will surely make it even more inviting. 

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Family Room Addition

Much like a kitchen remodel, the addition of a family room has the potential not just to adjust how you and your family interact with one another but to fundamentally change it for the better.

Spaces such as a kitchen or a family room are meant to be places where you and your loved ones can gather together. But if the kitchen is poorly designed or the family room is too small, then, consciously or subconsciously, no one will want to spend too much time in that room.

Contacting our Clever Design & Remodeling team to begin construction work on your family room additions would have an incredible impact on the room, which would lead to an incredible effect on you and your family as a whole. Suppose the family room is turned into a more luxurious and welcoming space. In that case, you and your family will spend more time within it, forging stronger bonds and more long-lasting memories together with one another.

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Dining Room Addition

Speaking about a square foot, the majority of Clever Design & Remodeling’s dining room additions involve either expanding the existing dining area or completely replacing it with a larger, more luxurious one. If your current dining area isn’t equipped to accommodate the number of guests you tend to host during dinner parties, then a larger dining area could be the perfect solution.

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Full Bathroom Addition

Your family is growing and an additional bathroom to accommodate more people is necessary. Adding a full bathroom is a great way to not just increase the value and square foot of your home but also improve the overall functionality and comfort of your living space.

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Sun Room Addition

You recently completed a home purchase in Redwood City, CA, and you’re thrilled to be in a new space. You love the look of the house and its architecture, yet it’s missing something that only a sunroom addition can bring – natural light! With a customized sunroom addition from Clever Design & Remodeling, you can enjoy plenty of sunshine throughout the day without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home. This addition will bring a newfound sense of joy and energy to the space, as well as an unparalleled level of beauty that will make it even more inviting.

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Garage Conversion

The first floor of your home in Hillsborough doesn’t have enough room for the family activities that you want to do. A great solution for this problem is a garage conversion which will add more space for you and your family to enjoy. Our team at Clever Design & Remodeling can help transform your garage into a room that is both beautiful and functional – from a home office, an extra bedroom, or even a living area. It’s the ideal space, and the total cost is not as expensive as you may think.

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Basement Conversion

Your house in San Mateo has an unfinished basement; what a waste of great space. A basement conversion is a perfect way to make use of that area and turn it into something special. It is considered a large project since it also requires air conditioning and plumbing work, but with the help of Clever Design & Remodeling, you can achieve a stunning transformation without sacrificing quality. From an extra master bedroom with a master bathroom to a media room or even a game room, your basement can become whatever you want it to be and will surely add more living space for everyone in the family.

Vertical Versus Horizontal Additions

Not all houses have the ability to be expanded horizontally. Depending on various building permits and zoning ordinance specificities, your home cannot always be expanded upon in such ways. If you don’t know the answers to these questions, that’s completely okay. That’s what the team of wise builders and general contractors at Clever Design & Remodeling are there for. Our team will look into the details regarding your home and inform you of every option at your disposal.

Vertical expansion is always an option when horizontal expansion is ruled out as a viable option. On average, vertical additions (adding or building onto a second story) usually come at a much higher cost, considering the sheer amount of increased work and construction such an addition would demand, especially when it comes to replacing the house’s existing roof entirely.

In our team’s experience here at Clever Design & Remodeling, we have found that the most efficient ways to save money on vertical additions are by not actually adding onto the structure of your home itself but rather by turning an attic into a remodeling project of its own.

This saves a remarkable amount of time and money for you and the wise builders (especially in the form of preserving your existing roof, rather than having to replace it entirely) from Clever Design & Remodeling and makes much more valuable use of often unused attic space.

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The Best Way to Make Additions To Your Home

Before building upon or making expansions to your home in the San Francisco Bay area, one must prepare by making the necessary plans in advance. This process is obviously different for each individual.

Some people write lists complete with digital ideas and notes that feature images of completed work to help better serve as a frame of reference for the Clever Design & Remodeling team.

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Planning with Designs and 3D Models

This becomes exceedingly helpful to the process when initially starting one’s first home build or addition process. The homeowner can even further consult with an additional contractor who can provide the necessary information on incorporating these new additions into the home.

All of this is in the name of further ironing out your vision for your home and exactly what needs to be changed to best serve you. Clever Design & Remodeling’s team of wise builders is here for you. Our 3D planning process is going to expertly and concretely communicate your vision to the team. Still, it is important to ensure that you are confident in your vision from the start to ensure you get exactly what your home needs.

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How Long do Home Additions Take?

Generally speaking, additions to the home or constructions of entirely new rooms being added onto the house may take between five and eight months, depending largely on the availability of both your schedule and the Clever Design & Remodeling team’s contractor schedule.

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Form-fitted Home Addition Plans

As mentioned, our team promises to respond to your initial queries within twenty-four hours, and our commitment to getting the job completed is just as rigorous as that commitment to getting it started. At Clever Design & Remodeling, we want to make this process as swift, efficient, and painless as it possibly can be for you.

That’s why we will work closely and professionally on your project to ensure an accurate and safe timetable. We always want to deliver and deliver on time. Each and every job is unique, just as each vision for home additions is unique. We are going to map out a timetable that fits your plan the best and ensures that it offers our team the time they need to pour every ounce of care, craftsmanship, and attention they can into creating these additions for your home.

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Open and Honest Authenticity

At Clever Design & Remodeling, our schedule outlines the entire room construction project as specially designed and fitted to your project from the very first day. We believe in a transparent process in which our team consistently remains open and honest with you.

Our team has routinely found that this makes resolving any possible delays with our customers even easier, as this open and sincere honesty makes this often arduous process easy and digestible for all involved.

This plays a huge role in why Clever Design & Remodeling is consistently ranked as one of the top construction teams for home additions in the Bay area.

What is the Cost of a Home Addition?

Just as visions, projects, and timetables can differ greatly from one job to the next based on their more idiosyncratic details, so too can the cost of building home additions differ greatly.

Our Clever Design & Remodeling team is always happy to meet with you and discuss the costs of any potential home additions and payment plans we offer in response to that.

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Clever Design & Remodeling's Free Estimates and More

At Clever Design & Remodeling, we offer free estimates to help find the best possible price and plan for you, depending on your budget. We may be a top-quality addition company for room addition projects in the California Bay area. Still, we’re also the same small company that started years ago with a singular goal: helping to make people happier by giving them the homes they’ve always wanted.

That mentality carries over into our work on home additions, right down to the cost. At Clever Design & Remodeling, we want to work with you every step of the way to ensure that your dream project is not some distant goal languishing over an imaginary horizon but rather a genuinely tangible, accessible reality right now.

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How Much Will a Kitchen Addition Cost in the Bay Area?

At first glance, kitchen additions may seem like an oddity. But upon further consideration, they are actually some of the most commonly requested home additions in the Bay area. Far too many homeowners in the Bay Area feel that their kitchen does not afford them enough space, so we build a bump out, or room addition, to the side of their home to create a larger kitchen area.

These kitchen remodeling projects vary significantly in cost, depending on the addition’s size, scope, and materials. Generally speaking, though, we can offer you an estimate of around $1,550-$2,900 per square foot for a bump out with all necessary features, such as kitchen cabinets, countertops, and backsplash.

The Complex Role of a Kitchen

A kitchen has the multi-faceted burden of acting as a safe and efficient space for cooking and the need to be able to house and feed multiple people at a time; no simple task.

That’s why many of our customers at Clever Design & Remodeling plan for kitchen additions to their homes that extend the floor plan, often with the ultimate goal of creating an additional room between the kitchen and living areas.

The cost of kitchen remodeling is generally higher, considering the added materials. Generally speaking, kitchens are, more often than not, located in the heart of a house, and making additions to them causes larger ripple effects throughout the rest of the house’s floor plan. This, paired with further expenses for foundations, roof, exterior finishes, site work, and the reworking of crucial internal kitchen elements such as electricity or gas lines, does make for a costlier addition.

This is absolutely not to discourage you from making these additions, as this a job that our team at Clever Design & Remodeling does quite frequently and is happy to see through for you. It is more simply to upkeep our openness and honesty policy and let you know upfront that kitchen additions in the Bay area can come in at a higher price.

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Home Additions Building Process in Bay Area, CA

At Clever Design & Remodeling, our team works with you to create customized designs and uniquely form-fitted construction processes for your specific home improvement plan.

We do this not only to be able to completely fulfill your vision for your home to the absolute best of our abilities but also to lay out a plan that will help us remain vehemently on time, on budget, and 100% in lock-step with your overall plan for your home.

Our ultimate goal at Clever Design & Remodeling is to maintain this transparent planning and construction process with our customers from the beginning to completion to ensure that there are never any unpleasant surprises or costs. We want to be honest with you from the get-go and remain united in tackling these projects.

It is your home and your vision; we are simply there to service you and make your dreams a reality.

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Before After

Wrapping Up and Presenting Room Additions

Before completing your home addition project, at Clever Design & Remodeling, we always keep our customers consistently glued to the progress we are making throughout the construction process.

We work hard and are the top-quality construction contractor for additional rooms for a reason, and we’re not afraid to show it off. That’s why we want to ensure that you see every step of the process, to ensure that you’re not only seeing the hard work going into your personal project but also watching your precise and exact vision come to life.

Once construction is completed, our Clever Design & Remodeling team cleans the new spaces and your entire home of any dirt, dust, or excess materials our team may have brought in to ensure that these new additions are pristine and ready for their final presentation.

After a thorough inspection of the space by our wise builders, our team ensures that you are 100% satisfied with the new additions. Before leaving a job site, we always want to ensure the job is well and truly done. If you feel any aspect of the additions does not live up to your expectations or vision, we will immediately resume working and fix any and all issues or concerns you have.

It is our Clever Design & Remodeling assurance and commitment to absolute customer satisfaction that makes us the best home addition contractor in the Bay area.

Beginning Construction for Home Additions

Kicking off construction on a Bay area home addition project often includes removing and installing cabinetry and other appliances to better fit or accommodate these planned new special additions.

Our experienced Clever Design & Remodeling team will then lay out, build, and fortify the foundation for the home additions.

During this process, our team works closely with certified and trusted subcontractors for new electrical wiring & air conditioning installations to ensure that we are preserving every bit of authenticity when it comes to the amenities and appliances of your home.

Once the foundation is complete, walls and flooring are the next steps of the process, all of which culminate with brand-new additions to your home.

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Finalizing Plans for Adding a New Room to Your Home

At Clever Design & Remodeling, our direct contact with you will be steadfastly maintained throughout the entire process. Upon finishing design plans for your home addition with you via our innovative 3D model-making technology, we will finalize the plans with you to make sure that every aspect of the plan is ironed out and precisely what you are looking for in your new room.

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Room Addition Consultation

Before beginning any new building process, our project management team will always meet with you and discuss your vision and plans extensively to meet your needs as best as we at Clever Design & Remodeling possibly can.

Our home extension specialist will then take photographs and measurements of the possible building locations to allow our team to better plan and execute your vision. At this point, our team takes the photographic references, your 3D plan, and measurements into consideration and can offer up a more concrete final estimate, timeline, and budget for the project.

This is when things really get set in motion, as the Clever Design & Remodeling team now turns its full and undiluted attention towards crafting your dream home additions.

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Steps to Building Additional Rooms in the Bay Area

As you prepare for the construction process, you undoubtedly have an extensive amount of questions. And who wouldn’t? Upon reaching this point in the process is most often when customers realize the full extent of the job, as the time spent planning rather quickly evolves into time spent executing the plan in full-on construction mode.

While having an ongoing construction site within your home is certainly not the most convenient thing in the world, our Clever Design & Remodeling team makes it a priority to protect and conserve your lifestyle throughout the process.

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What's the Best Way to Finance Home Additions?

At Clever Design & Remodeling, we are outspoken advocates for making your dreams a reality today. So often, we find ourselves pushing off the things we want most in this world to save money, make the smart choice, or make the safest choice. But when you’re dealing with something as essential to your life as the very home in which your life, indeed, no expense can be spared.

Your home and your happiness within it can have exponential ramifications on your life outside of it, which is why we want to do everything we can to ensure that our customers feel safe and secure in investing their time and money in our services. We want to make you happy, which is why we offer a number of payment plan options and other avenues of financial easing of the burden in the name of helping make your dreams a reality today.

You will have various options for financing the project. You may be eligible for a home improvement loan if the mortgage is still available. See how to fund home improvement projects here.

Does a Home Addition Add Value to a Home?

Home additions do increase the value of your home. The money you are actively putting into improving your home (and inherently, improving your life) is money that can be visibly seen and even regained in the sheer value increase of your home as a result.

Obviously, various factors in the housing market at any given time can influence and affect the exact numbers here. Still, your home additions have quantifiable and certain values you can see for yourself.

Hiring a Local Contractor for Home Quality Remodeling 

The task of finding local contractors for your home addition can be an unenviably terrifying one. You are essentially looking for a team of individuals who you trust not only to work within your home for a period of time but also of experienced contractors who can see through your vision and deliver bona fide long-lasting results to improve your home.

That’s why we are here at Clever Design & Remodeling to do the job that much easier for you. As a Better Business Bureau-certified company, consistently ranked as one of the best home addition contractors in the Bay area with unanimous 5-star reviews on nearly every site, we are here to provide clear and efficient answers to your problems.

Why Remodeling and Additions Are So Important

Aristotle once said, “happiness depends upon ourselves.” Nowhere is this more apparent than how we live our lives within the walls of our homes. As the exterior world has grown increasingly odd and out of control at times over the course of the past few years, many people and families have spent more time inside their own interior worlds within their houses than ever before.

As a direct result of this, home remodeling and renovation are currently experiencing a high, and it’s easy to see why. When faced with prolonged exposure to your home, you become increasingly aware of the parts of it that make you unhappy. Whether it be something as simple as feeling like a wall is obtrusively placed or something as complex as wishing you had an additional room for extra space, longing for home improvement no longer has to feel like some off-in-the-distance dream.

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Call Us for Home Renovation Projects

With Clever Design & Remodeling’s team of wise builders and general contractors, we are here to work with you to provide immediate solutions to modern-day problems. Because between maintaining the hustle and bustle of your everyday life and dealing with the exterior world, the last thing you need is to be made palpably unhappy by something within your own interior world. So don’t just sit with the aspects of your home that make you unhappy for years; make an active chance by contacting Clever Design & Remodeling.

Our team offers industry-leading cost-efficient solutions and financing options which make it easier and simpler than ever before to make those adjustments to your home that you’ve always wanted.

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Home Addition Contractors Palo Alto

You’ve outgrown your beautiful Palo Alto, CA, home, but because Palo Alto’s median home selling price hovers around $2.9 Million, you’ve decided to save money

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How to Contact Clever Design & Remodeling

We encourage our customers to get multiple bids when embarking on any home addition project. This ensures that you are getting the best value for your money and will also provide you with a good basis for comparison when considering different general contractors in the Bay Area.

To get an estimate or to speak to one of our knowledgeable representatives about working together, please contact us at (669) 309-5454 or fill out our “Get In Touch” form. We look forward and are excited to hearing from you soon. Thank you for considering Clever Design & Remodeling for your home addition needs!

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