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Home Remodeling

Even if you are completely in love with your house, there is no denying that it could always use improvements. After all, your house is your and your family’s home, where you reside in times of hardship and relaxation.

Because of this, you want your home to be a space of great utility and entertainment.

So, if you’ve added to your family in the past few years or simply filled up the empty spaces in your home with more belongings that you love, why not consider adding extra space to your home as well?

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Contact the Best Home Remodeling Contractors in Sunnyvale, CA!

Whether you’re looking for just a bit of small-scale home renovation or an entire remodeling project, our team is here to guide you through the whole process.

From San Francisco to San Jose, we specialize in everything from main bathroom remodeling to laundry room remodeling, kitchen remodeling, and beyond.

Our construction company is highly regarded within the remodeling industry, with remodeling contractors who are highly certified and trained to make this process as efficient and painless as possible for you.

Keeping it Simple

From your appointed project manager to the general contractor, every team member onsite puts customers’ interests first and foremost. We understand that allowing us to enter your home is a sacred trust we are highly dedicated to honoring.

Local contractors are dedicated to providing customized solutions to your home’s unique aspects, doing so with high-quality materials in a professional manner, and ultimately delivering a final home remodel that’ll leave you saying that our entire team did a fantastic job.

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What are the Steps for Home Addition in Sunnyvale, CA?

Once you’ve decided that you are interested in making additions to your home, you must take several preliminary steps and measures.

First Step: ‘Blue Sky’ Process

This is where you can be an uninhibited dreamer and open with your family and yourself.

Assess your home honestly and determine what additions to your existing home’s architectural design would make you happiest.

This dreamy phase may sound a bit goofy, but it’s crucial in execution, as it will help you and your project managers better understand your priorities.

adu blueprints and 3d in sunnyvale

Second Step: Where Reality Comes In

After dreaming big, you can face reality and begin looking honestly at how to achieve the best results you’re looking for while also considering more practical factors such as scheduling and the project’s cost.

All the process costs can come crashing here and help you better understand what is achievable during the construction phase and the entire process.

This is also the step where it is best to go ahead and take advantage of your consultation and business-free estimates.

The best way to make your home remodeling process stress-free is to involve the general contractors and project management promptly.

Third Step: Finalizing Plans

After dreaming big and inevitably compromising (as all wise builders must) to bring your expectations in check with reality, the third step is to finalize all the plans and paperwork.

This is the final step before the actual remodeling contractors begin remodeling work, so it’s crucial to get this nailed down precisely right.

Finalize any design plans with the design-build company, ensure that you’ve mapped out where new construction will occur across the house so there are no surprises, and ensure that all permits and approvals have been obtained.

No permit, No Go!

Obtaining all permits and approvals with the state is a critical step that must not be skimmed over.

adu construction stage

Fourth Step: Construction Begins

After finalizing every element of the plans, construction can well and truly begin here. Remodeling contractors begin work, and your home renovation and remodeling are underway.

Fifth Step: Completion

Upon teaming with our specialists within the construction industry, this step is where you will have the best possible version of what you and the project managers planned together.

The whole project will have been completed by a team of specialists who have been routinely honored by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. Who are integrity-bound and who take great pride in their work.

With many of our clients, the result is not only their dream house but also such a fantastic experience that they immediately begin considering our next project together.

Finding Home Addition Contractors Nearby

One element home remodeling demands is a team of wise builders with accurate knowledge and trade combined with passion to deliver remarkable results.

The best way to find reliable home remodeling services is to schedule meetings with many contractors in Sunnyvale, CA.

Only through meeting with these teams of many contractors can you be specific and feel confident in choosing the team for the job.

While there are many factors to consider, chief among them should be that the general contractor team takes personal responsibility for their work and has a highly certified team of specialists who undergo criminal background checks.

All this will help provide you peace of mind during your home remodel.

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Take Advantage of Your Free Consultation and Estimate!

Any good contractor worth their salt will offer free consultations and estimates to you and your family, so be wary of any team that doesn’t.

Our team prioritizes openness and honesty at every turn, so we always offer business-free estimates to establish open communication with our clients immediately.

Create a Budget and Timeline for a Room Addition Project

Budgeting and scheduling become very important for projects that involve room additions in Sunnyvale, CA.

Scheduling with Project Managers

Sunnyvale, CA, and its neighboring Californian areas (San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Clara, etc.) make for a trendy market for remodeling projects and contractors, meaning scheduling must be done in advance.

The earlier, the better; that way, your team can finalize plans with you well in advance and ensure they have all the materials needed for your remodeling project. This will also ensure that you and your family are well-prepared to accommodate such remodeling contractors.

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The Length of Time with the Construction Industry

Obtaining the necessary permits for the building or addition of extra space to your house in this area alone is a process that usually takes several business days.

Once these are secured, the construction can take between 3 and 18 weeks, depending on the remodel’s severity.

Depending upon the size of the room addition project, whether the bulk of the work is taking place in an interior or exterior setting, and how many different sections of the house the project manager and their team are tackling, your window of time could change.

Budgeting Remodeling Projects

In the Sunnyvale, CA, area, a remodeling project can cost anywhere from $25,000 to $770,000.

This is all highly dependent upon the sheer extent of the work.

Multiple room additions mean more materials, more work, and a longer working time, all of which necessitate a higher fee.

The greater the work done to the house, the more money you’ll make back in the long run, as it will add immense value to your home.

get more value for your adu property

How Much Value Will an Addition Add to My House?

Room additions can contribute significantly to your home’s overall cost and value.

Just as with the budgeting of the remodel itself, the actual monetary value here is highly dependent upon the extent of work done.

But as a base factor to consider, according to reputable sources backed by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, adding a new bedroom to a house instantly raises its value by approximately 15%.

Considering all of this, the potential re-sell of homes that have been remodeled in the San Francisco, San Jose, and Santa Clara area can range in price from between $330,000 and $500,000.

While that value can change substantially, what’s critical to understand is that making home remodeling decisions is equivalent to investing in your home.

Depending on various factors, adding more space to your home may cost substantial amounts now, but it will also make you more money if you sell the house.

How to Best Increase Your Property’s Value

Wise builders know that while there are endless possibilities for new construction and home remodeling opportunities in the Sunnyvale, CA, area, some increased value, and others don’t.

Decreasing Value with Personal Choices

So, if you are looking to consider how your additions or remodels heavily will affect your home’s resale value, stay away from things like swimming pool additions or garage conversions.

These distinct choices may seem perfect for you but are likely to negatively affect your home’s monetary value, as they could be less perfect for future potential buyers.

get more profit from your property

The Most Valuable

Conversely, the additions that add the most value to a home will be things like remodeling the master bath, making a laundry room addition, performing a kitchen remodel, or even simply upgrading the appliances within the home.

All of these elements bring additional worth to your home both while you’re living in it (increasing your quality of life) and when or if you should look to sell it (in a more direct, monetary way).

How Long Does it Take to Add a Room?

Adding another room to your house typically takes between 12 and 18 weeks.

The duration of the project may vary based on the project’s complexity, materials and labor, the location of the project, and what team of wise builders or contractors you are teaming with.

The work should be done by a highly qualified team of general contractors, and the reliability of the project management team will greatly affect how quickly the work is accomplished.

Home Remodeling Projects: Additions vs. Remodeling

One crucial difference to note is the difference between additions and remodels. While some vocabularies can get mixed, such as calling specialists who do both remodeling contractors, they are two entirely different challenges, creatively and tactically.

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Room additions do exactly what it sounds like; they add to your home.

So whether this is adding a new room to the side of the house or adding square footage to an existing room, this is a full-blown construction phase project that will involve fundamentally altering the layout of your home in one way or another.

In this way, a room addition can be considered an externally noticeable change.


Remodeling is the reverse of this, often an internally noticeable change.

Where room additions have to fundamentally alter the blueprints and layout of a house to add more space, remodeling is often the act of merely renovating or redesigning an existing space within the parameters already laid out.

This can and does often still involve construction work, but a bathroom remodel, or kitchen renovation does not mean the construction team has to physically add square footage to the house.

Instead, it is working within the existing confines within the given space.

room addition cost sunnyvale

How Much Do Room Addition Contractors Cost?

A cautious average would be between $100 and $450 per sq. ft. All the costs of room expansions vary according to room dimensions if they are to be completed. Other factors impact overall cost, including complexity and quality material usage. If the remodeling cost has not already been covered, your contractor may undertake the project,

Breaking Down the Entire Process of Home Remodeling

Before you work on a new house project, you must be familiar with different room additions and how they can be utilized.

Those above the ‘blue sky’ period of creative fertility and freedom are critical, but even more important is understanding exactly how home remodeling can redesign and repurpose the rooms of your house.

To do this, there are many great tools already at your disposal!

Utilize Free Online Remodeling Tools at Your Disposal

Therefore, our team offers explicitly free online remodeling contractors and tools.

This free online resource lets you better understand how you can change your home and see a virtual preconception of it in real-time 3D.

3d model for your sunnyvale adu

Understanding Your House Addition Guide

Furthermore, we have additional resources available to all in the San Jose, San Francisco, and Santa Clara areas to illustrate better how your home remodeling and room addition process can work for you.

You are welcome to take these steps before or after your free consultation, as they will help keep you better informed on what possibilities our project manager can offer you.

The other tremendous plus of these online resources is that you don’t even have to be actively working with us to utilize them. In this way, they can act as a litmus test for any other contractors you’re meeting with, allowing you to immediately compare their work ethic and results to ours.

Further Additions

With Sunnyvale and its neighboring areas (such as San Jose, San Francisco, or Santa Clara) located right in the heart of sunny California, many of the additions or remodeling jobs performed in these areas are done with the warm weather and climate very much in mind.

Additional insulated living space in which to escape the wrath of harsh sun is never a bad thing on hot afternoons, which is why room additions go a long way in this market. To best escape the heat element, home remodeling may be perfect for you.

How Do We Go About Expanding an ADU?

ADU stands for an accessory dwelling unit.

In simpler terms, it is a secondary house constructed next to your primary house. So, everything from a tool shed to a guest house to a greenhouse could be considered an accessory dwelling unit.

Expanding an accessory dwelling unit makes perfect sense, as the secondary house is already an extension.

The good news is that in 2023, California legislation was changed regarding these accessory dwelling unit regulations.

adu designer in sunnyvale

Per the legal change, restrictions to build an ADU have been eliminated unless the ADU is deemed hazardous to health and safety.

Thus, Californians are encouraged to expand their ADUs so long as they are not a public hazard.

Reputable Local Contractors for Home Addition

The internet is an invaluable resource if you’re looking for home extension contractors near me.

Review reviews and check which contractors are highly praised for their work and which are not.

Furthermore, as previously mentioned, you should always meet with multiple contractors in Sunnyvale, CA, before deciding.

This way, you can ensure that you are signing with a team that can deliver the remodeling services you seek.

Ensure Your Home Addition Contractor is Licensed and Insured!

All home improvement contractors you want to hire must have the appropriate license and insurance for work to do so legally in California.

Protect your investment if something happens by getting insurance proof before hiring a contractor.

Find an excellent contractor who will provide quality home addition services at a fair price and is verified and reliable at every turn.

Like any business, there are inevitably bad-faith grifters in the home remodeling projects business who will mislead and take advantage of you, so you must verify their credentials beforehand.

Why Choose this Provider?

For every reason previously mentioned. Our team is highly certified, insured, and licensed. We come highly recommended and with rave reviews from most former clients online.

Whether you are looking for a room addition, a kitchen remodeling job, or simply to plus-up your home from San Jose to San Francisco to Santa Clara, we are the team.

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What to Do in Sunnyvale?

If you want to visit Sunnyvale, it is a fantastic vacation spot with all the positives one associates with California.

Near San Francisco, San Jose, and Santa Clara, the sheer number of indoor and outdoor activities available is mind-boggling.

You can do everything from taking a tour of one of the numerous museums to visiting one of the famous California beaches to visiting a park and going for an outdoor hike.

Best Neighborhoods in the Bay Area

If your vacation goes so well that you are interested in residing more permanently in the area, our team is well-versed and familiar with which neighborhoods are the best to live in in the Bay Area.

So, if, following your time here, you are looking for home extension contractors in Sunnyvale, CA, we are the perfect team to answer your questions and solve your problems.

7 Types of Home Additions

Bathroom Remodeling

One of the most common remodeling efforts is remodeling the bathroom.

This is because, with their frequent exposure to water, extreme temperatures, and heavy usage, bathrooms are among the rooms in the house that need the most attention regarding presentation and hygiene.

In this way, a bathroom remodel can go a very long way. Whether it is to replace tile flooring, the marble of the sink or toilet itself, or to replace or renovate the shower/bathtub, bathroom remodeling makes perfect sense as a first step to home remodeling.

bath and shower in adu sunnyvale

Complete Bathroom Remodel

Complete bathroom remodels are changing a bathroom from the ground up.

This is most common for the house’s leading bathroom and is one of the quickest and most effective ways to raise the value of a home.

So long as you and the contractors avoid too idiosyncratic design or tile work, bathroom remodeling raises the home’s value.

adu bathroom addition

It has been found that for every dollar spent on tasteful bathroom remodeling jobs, the homeowner sees a 171% rate of return. So, for every dollar spent, nearly two dollars is added to the home, just from bathroom remodeling alone.

Bathroom Remodelers in My Area

If you’re looking to upgrade the master bathroom quickly but effectively, contact us, and we’ll schedule you with a free estimate with some of our best contractors in Sunnyvale today.

adu kitchen remodel sunnyavle

Kitchen Remodeling

One of the other most common additions to the home is the kitchen remodel.

Second only to perhaps the bathroom, the kitchen is yet another area that sees a lot of usage in ways one might not necessarily appreciate.

From cooking to cleaning to serving, a lot happens in the kitchen that can potentially dirty or even permanently damage the materials that make it. So it’s simple to understand why the kitchen remodel is such an enduring and popular choice.

Kitchen remodeling sees a return on investment of anywhere between 52% and 71%, which is to say, for every dollar spent on the kitchen, the homeowner can see a return of anywhere from one-and-a-half to two whole dollars.

The other plus of kitchen remodeling is that it is one of the biggest draws, whether presenting for guests or potential future buyers.

The kitchen is a huge source of either admiration or disdain when people see your home for the first time, so if you’re looking to impress folks and raise the value of your home simultaneously, kitchen remodeling is a perfect fit for you.

laundry unit in sunnyvale adu

Laundry Room Addition

A laundry room isn’t necessarily necessary, but it sure is a nice luxury.

So whether you’re looking to add a laundry room to a house that doesn’t currently have one, are looking to expand upon your existing one, or simply retrofit an existing laundry room into a better layout, our team is there for you.

It’s a room addition that may not considerably change the house but can change your quality of life. If you spend substantial time doing laundry, which nearly all families seem to do, you know how claustrophobic and overwhelming a poorly organized laundry room can be.

With a laundry room addition, you can better organize yourself and your thoughts.

And that is the value of this room addition, as unlike kitchen remodeling or a bathroom remodel, a laundry room addition does not add much monetary value to your home.

Home Office Addition

With so much of the workforce pivoting to remote positions and work-from-home jobs, the home office has become an increasingly common addition to the American nuclear family’s home over the past few years.

Not only does a home office help to keep things organized for you currently, helping to divide work and home life a bit more concretely for you, but it also raises the home’s value by anywhere from 5% to 10%.

second story adu sunnyvale

A Second Story Addition

Easily the most extensive addition on this list, a second-story addition takes a one-story house and adds a second floor to it.

This will be one of the most expensive and elongated processes available. This process generally costs anywhere from $100,000 to $700,000, depending on the house, and can take several months due to the sheer intensity of the workload.

While this addition is extremely uncommon, especially compared to the others on this list, it can add tremendous value to the home’s potential sale.

Basement Conversion

Converting a basement from a more traditionally vacant storage space into a more liveable and purposeful space within the house is one of the easiest and most common remodeling jobs on this list.

It often takes little construction and costs relatively little in terms of money. Cleaning out a cramped and overstuffed basement may take significant time, but it’s a quick way to free up extraneous space within the house and add dynamics to the layout.

Like laundry rooms, this is less for resale potential and more for you. Unlike laundry rooms, the basement offers at least a return rate of about 85% of your investment.

So, while you’re not making a monetary profit, it is a low-risk, low-reward scenario.

adu deck addtion in sunnyvale

Deck Addition

Adding a deck is another straightforward way to add additional space to the home (and increase its curb appeal) without needing heavy-duty construction in your home.

Adding a deck also warrants a return rate of 145%, meaning that it does increase the value of your home and will help you see a profit in the event of a sale. For local deck builders, read here!

More FAQs

Is a home addition in Sunnyvale worth it?

It depends upon your unique situation and home. Still, generally speaking, home addition improves your current quality of life and raises the value of your home for your future.

Is it cheaper to build an addition up or out?

Out is always going to cost a bit more. Building out will take up more square footage of land and require more extensive work to the house’s bones. Thus, building up is inherently a bit easier and more affordable.

How much should I spend on a Sunnyvale home addition?

Depending on the job, you can spend anywhere from $20,000 to $600,000. Many factors contribute to the larger cost, and the easiest way to learn about them is to set up a free consultation with our team.

What is the SB9 ordinance in Sunnyvale, CA?

SB9 is a California housing law that encourages the production of homes in the state.

What is the SB9 3-year rule?

SB9 prevents eviction or displacement of residents if they have resided there in the past three years.

What is the minimum lot size for SB9?

Each lot must be at least 1,200 square feet.

Does my property qualify for SB9?

Depends on the size of the property and its location.

What is the maximum square footage for SB9?

Homeowners can only have up to four homes on an existing land. The idea behind this is to eliminate single-family-only zoning.

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