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Does a Deck Add Value to Your Home in San Jose?

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The Secret Behind the Creation of San Jose Decks

It is no mystery why San Jose homeowners love their decks and why those who don’t yet have one or perhaps have a deck or patio that isn’t in the best shape – want to make upgrades and installations.

Building a deck and creating patios is a large project to take on.

Still, San Jose contractors are familiar with the process, and locating reliable builders near you isn’t going to be a difficult task to take on.

Deck companies and manufacturers are developing stunning outdoor spaces that add value to the property, offer solace for the user, and provide security to anyone who steps into the space.

If you are considering calling up your local deck and patio contractor for a consultation, it is a good idea to become well acquainted with the services offered and understand how decks can impact your household, your pocket, and the future sale and equity of the property.

new house deck
A new deck really sets the tone for your homes rear garden

deckDreaming of a New Deck?

Approaching a deck builder in San Jose, CA, is not always the place to get things started.

If you are contemplating these changes and upgrades, researching other’s project experience, patio and deck materials, and all the options available through companies in the area may be a bright idea before you begin hiring.

These projects will affect how you interact with your home and change how future homeowners may enjoy the place.

So, looking at your options is essential before jumping into any deck building or patio paving procedures.

It is okay to have your head in the clouds sometimes and to get pumped about decks, but understanding how this decision will impact your household is vital.

house with deckOpen Your Back Door to Everything You Have Been Dreaming Of

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk outside your door onto a lovely patio space with a sturdy pergola, gorgeous fence line, and garden area?

Or, maybe you are more interested in a deck with lavish patio furniture or a nice area for grilling.

What sits on the exterior of your home matters just as much as what your interiors have to offer, as indoor and outdoor living has risen in popularity and remains a priority for homeowners in San Jose, CA, and across the nation.

new deck added home value
Adding a deck to your home is essentially adding a new living space. This will benefit your homes resale value!

patio table chairsCurious How Your Dream Deck Can Benefit Your Household?

Home remodeling contractors in San Jose, CA, and deck builders in the San Jose area have already been steadily exploring new trends in deck and patio creation, but how is committing to a new patio or deck something that can benefit your family?

  • In a place that already boasts land, sea, and hills, it isn’t easy to get much better than that, but a deck can develop more living space without having to commit to an entire room addition or accessory for your San Jose home.
  • Decks attract and appeal to those in the buyer’s market, and they will increase the house’s property value.
  • Building a deck can be done within any budget, so you can still save or finance the opportunity even if you remain conscious of your spending.
  • Exterior projects allow you to express your personal wants and needs; you can get creative with your deck because there are so many options in terms of materials, from wood to composite, colors, stain options, etc.
  • Enjoyment of the great outdoors, parties, and family get-togethers – can all take place outside, and relishing in the Northern California weather, even when things cool down, makes for an epic environment!

house deckDeveloping an Ethereal Outdoor Space with More than Sentimental Value

Regarding home improvement services in San Jose, there are usually endless benefits to any upgrade you opt to make.

However, taking the time to evaluate the investment beforehand with decks and patios, more will be unveiled about the height construction can take your family.

Investing in your property may offer you to recoup that cost and some, alongside all the enjoyment the structure brings to your daily life.

There are other components of the construction that you must contemplate before starting the process.

professional decking consultation
Consulting with a licensed decking professional will help bring your project dreams into reality

builderExploring Deck Types With Local Deck Companies & Patio Builders in San Jose

When you work with any professional deck builders near me, you will discover how materials weigh in on the cost of the projects, general upkeep and maintenance, appearance, property value, and return on investment.

Planning things out is necessary, just as with any home improvement service, ensuring you have had enough time to review all the possibilities.

Using the professionals in San Jose to your advantage during this time is essential because they can review what kind of deck style or patio best serves your property.

They can also offer their opinions on materials and lay out the endless styling options to accessorize the finished product!

Composite Deck Contractors

Composite decks and other PVC material options are often used for

A large majority of deck builders in San Jose will and should offer composite deck components.

Local Trex deck builders and Timbertech options offer all of the critical components homeowners are looking for:

  • Little to no maintenance is needed for most composite and PVC materials as they are made of recycled plastics and can even be bonded together using different colors and finish variants.
  • You won’t have to worry about fading because composite decks are resistant to the UV rays emitted from the sun and stand up against almost any kind of extreme weather conditions.
  • Composite decks are not entirely water-proof but have a meager absorption rate, unlike wood products and other deck materials.
  • Don’t fret about staining, scratches, rotting, or warping with composite decks; alongside these positives, there won’t be any splinters, either!

deck benefitsA Superior and Structurally Sound Option in San Jose & the Santa Cruz Mountains

Composite decks are created using hardwood fibers and recycled plastics, and because over half of the components are recycled – this is an eco-friendly choice that will far surpass your standards.

Deck builders in San Jose will offer an assortment of colors, tints, and finishes – all of which will provide a solid structure for your household and a deck that you can depend on for many years to come!

The longevity of these deck boards withstand all natural and human interference, making them the best option for both hot, cold, and fluctuating climates.

Composite options can be used for decks, patios, or the new fence line you are considering for privacy – it is strong, durable, and well-suited for San Jose residents.

The cost of these materials will be a bit higher than their counterparts due to the time it takes to create the boards.

Still, you will never have to worry about repainting the materials or putting additional funds into its continued upkeep, like wood and other options your professional contractors may offer.

wooden deck
The wooden deck is the original and, in many ways, still the best style to opt for. Treat the wood regularly and it will last you years!

The Classic Wooden Deck

If you think of the ultimate deck archetype – your image of a wooden deck probably comes to mind.

That is because, for many years, wood has been the chosen component for deck builders and DIY homeowners due to its look and feel.

There are many wood options you can use depending on the deck builder or provider you are working with within the San Jose area…

  • Redwood
  • Coastal Redwood
  • Ipe
  • Red Cedar
  • Cedar
  • Cumaru
  • Pressure Treated Wood
  • Teak
  • Mahogany

Wood decks and patio covers provide San Jose homeowners with comprehensive and practical budget-friendly decking options, depending on the wood type you opt for.

Wood supplies a comfortable and beautiful visual aesthetic that is easily customizable and interchangeable.

Wood offers convenient and accessible decking, which supplies the most significant return on investment!

However, the value is not necessarily something you will see last long-term, and it will always be susceptible to water damage, which inherently means all wood options will require routine upkeep, additional sanding, staining, etc.

pvc deckingPersonal Deck Solutions Per San Jose, CA, Deck Builders

PVC is a type of polymer and additional capping excellent for extended use in San Joe.

Just about any deck builder in San Jose should provide this as an option for your decking solutions, as it is one of the most durable decks and will remain maintenance-free!

With PVC, you can source from all major manufacturers like Timbertech or Trex, which guarantees the following:

  • A gorgeous wood-like finish and feel.
  • Long-lasting and high-performance.
  • No upkeep is required.
  • Increased costs upfront upon installation.
  • Less recycled materials than seen in composite decking options.
treating old deck
Your existing deck may still have many years left in it, with the proper treatment!

deck repairRepairing or Reviving Your Old Deck

If you already have a deck, but it just isn’t serving you as you had hoped, contacting reputable deck replacement contractors in San Jose will do the trick.

Deck builders come in handy when you hope to spruce up your deck or patio area, if you need significant repairs completed, or in the case of continued preservation services.

deck repair maintenanceCommitting to Deck Repair or Maintenance with Your Neighborhood Deck Builder

There are options like composite and PVC decking, which can be installed quickly and efficiently with a neighborhood deck builder.

Sometimes, human intervention can cause damage, or with wood decks, the weather may wear down the surface and cause fading.

No matter what is happening, it is essential to understand the possibilities before installation services commence and in the case of damage.

You have an elite contractor in San Jose that offers quick repair or replacement services.

pergolaCalifornia Patio Builders and Pergola Contractors

Decks are not the only option for CA residents – patios, patio covers, and pergolas are an extraordinary upgrade for your property.

Patio builders in San Jose have seen all the ways their business and services have elevated their clients’ lives, and if you are considering a patio or pergola, then keep these benefits in mind:

  • Increases the general curb appeal and environment of your home.
  • Creates space for gatherings and entertainment.
  • Develop a sense of privacy in your yard.
  • It saves you a bit of time and money!
new deck under construction
With a new deck in your backyard, built by proper professionals, your homes resale value will easily cover the costs!

return on investmentA Quality Deck is Always a Sound Investment

Outdoor renovations can be completed year-round in San Jose, but the ground is typically more sturdy in the Spring, and deck builders will be busy through the end of Summer.

If you are ready to start your outdoor decking paradise, taking a closer look at the numbers is your next step!

for saleReturn and Resale Comparison for Your Dream Deck Project

The initial deck installation services are priced differently depending on the company you choose to work with. On average, you will run into the following costs:

  • Composite decking is anywhere from $40 and may extend to $85 per square foot.
  • Wood decking will vary depending on the type of wood you land on, but generally, this will cost $25 to $55 per square foot.
  • PVC decks are the most cost-friendly at approximately $10 to $20 per square foot.

Your deck’s material, current location, quality, and timing all roll into computing the final return figures for the project.

When investing in these services to develop something that will bring you joy and comfort, your return on the investment is a significant factor.

  • Wood decks can offer up to a 50% ROI in 2023, but this percentage has continued to change throughout the years and once afforded users up to an 80% return.
  • Composite decks provide up to a 40% ROI, but even though you see a lower percentage, they still offer the highest return when you look closer at the value per dollar and your initial investment.
  • The national average shows over a 44% return on any deck addition to your home when living on the West Coast, which is currently the highest return region in the country!

deck modelerBut Building Decks Isn’t Second Nature

Achieving this kind of return cannot happen without a professional decking business in San Jose.

You need deck builders or a home addition contractor near me that you can trust.

This should lead you to a reputable company like Clever Design and Remodeling in San Jose, CA, supplying more than just business transactions and providing clients with transformative indoor and outdoor spaces!

researching professional deck contractors
You may end up with quite a few bids for your decking project. Whittling down your choices to the most seasoned professionals is key!

building managerDetermining the Right Professionals for the Job

If you want this investment to be worth what you choose to put into it, securing local deck contractors is critical to ensuring the success of your outdoor renovation.

Choosing the right deck builders in San Jose is vital to the quality of work, a healthy working environment, and easy project completion.

clever design logoStick with Builders Near San Jose, CA

Clever Design and Remodeling is a locally owned business and deck builders in San Jose working for the people in their community.

As a licensed and insured company in the Bay, our contractors and design professionals are fully committed to providing San Jose homeowners with the deck of their wildest dreams at an affordable price while ensuring the highest return rate.

experienced contractorConsider Hiring an Experienced Crew for Services

When you want to upgrade your bathroom, hire bathroom remodelers near me.

When you hope to complete a kitchen makeover, you must find a quality kitchen remodeling company.

So, when you think of adding a deck or patio to your property, you must hire licensed and insured contractors who do it all!

floorSecure Services that Render High-Quality Materials

Hiring a legitimate contractor and deck-building business in San Jose offers you the following:

  • Highly experienced contractors who are experts in their industry and field of business.
  • Quick and efficient builds that do not interfere with your daily life and schedule.
  • Any difficulties or issues that may arise directly onto the contractors instead of you!
  • Your San Jose contractors take care of the city permits and planning.
  • Fully insured contractors offer security, safety, and warranties on labor and material.
  • You aren’t vulnerable to wasting your time and money or the wrong deck options, mistakes, or low-quality builds.

personal preferencePersonal Preferences Aren’t Everything When It Comes to Your Backyard

As much as we would like to think that adding arbors, a higher fence, or a brand new pergola will add to our property value, sometimes leaving things up to the current market trends and experienced contractors offers more sense and peace of mind.

Home remodelers in San Jose see the ebb and flow of everything as professionals in their field. While you might be set on the wood deck because you like the look of it, it may be in your best interest to prioritize quality over everything else.

Seizing the advice from those who have come before you and holding onto sentiments from your deck builder can provide invaluable solutions to your current questions.

best resultsComprehensive Contractors Will Help Yield Best Final Result

At the end of the day, putting your hard-earned time, energy, and money into something meant to upgrade your everyday living should be something you can enjoy, but it is also something you can reap the long-term benefits from.

Clever Design and Remodeling in San Jose are experts on indoor and outdoor building, design, and renovations.

As a family-owned business in the Bay Area, it is our responsibility to supply clients with practical and functional decking solutions!

professional deck contractors
No matter what size your dream San Jose deck will be, our team at Clever Design will have all the necessary tools and talent to get the job done!

Clever Design & Remodeling: A California Company in the Business of Making Your Backyard Beautiful

Finding deck builders and design professionals that fit your needs means having a team of experts who will provide and elevate your house while maintaining the quality of your new outdoor accessory!

San Jose decks are raising the roof and increasing the value of homes all over the Bay.

This phenomenon is nothing new; decks have just risen to the top of the list and have become the most reliable return on investment if you are searching for an additional and functional accessory for your home in San Jose, CA.

Clever Design and Remodeling are local licensed deck builders that offer deck creation, installation, deck repair, patio builders, patio covers, and just about any outdoor projects that will upgrade your property!

estimateFree Estimate on Decks, Patios, or Any Home Improvement Project

Clever Design is the go-to builder near you in the San Jose, CA, area, offering high-quality deck and patio solutions.

We offer clients the ability to walk out their back door into a comfortable space to enjoy the great outdoors and the beautiful surroundings California offers – while utilizing an accessory that will suit their home base.

Our professionals offer free estimates on all home improvement projects and inquiries – whether you are breaking down walls or hoping to put up some new ones.

quality serviceSan Jose Decks & Deck Builders that Truly Deliver

While many companies in the San Jose metro area offer professional deck-building services, you may quickly realize that nothing quite measures up to having your deck installed by Clever’s crew of experts.

As a family-owned and locally operated business, we have made it our business to do a fantastic job and ensure your deck is in tip-top shape to serve your family and future homeowners for many years.

If you are looking for a quality deck to upgrade your property and increase the value of your home, contact Clever Design & Remodeling in San Jose, CA, for all of your premium patio and elite decking solutions!

deck faq
Whether you’re planning on your first ever deck or replacing your current one, you probably have a few questions swirling around. Clever Design is here to help!

faqsFrequently Asked Questions When Upgrading Your Outdoor Space in San Jose, CA

deck materialWhat is the best material for decking?

Hiring the right person and/or company to build, assemble, and install your deck is what makes the difference between a satisfactory job and an excellent job.

But much of this comes down to the deck materials as well.

Work closely with your deck builders and home renovation experts in San Jose, CA, to review the options available for the project, different arbors, stain colors, etc.

Your team of deck installation specialists will be able to provide their expert opinion, but the ultimate choice is up to you.

Most deck companies will recommend composite style decking as those materials are durable, won’t bend or warp due to weather or crack, nor do they require maintenance at all!

The largest manufacturers in composite decking are Timbertech and Trex, with many other options available, including Deckorators and Fiberon.

costHow much does it cost to hire someone to build a deck?

Deck and patio builders in San Jose, CA, have their rates, which the client’s contractor determines.

However, all the details around the labor cost depend on the size of the deck you are potentially inquiring about, the materials you wish for, the type of deck you would like to create, and the location, as some popular locations in California will boast different rates than others.

Labor can cover about half the deck installation cost; typically, you will see that pricing from $15 to $40 per square foot.

engineerDo you need an engineer to have a new deck built?

Having an engineer on site to build your deck in San Jose, CA, is not the norm, but that doesn’t mean they are never included in the process.

Having a designer or engineer available in the process allows for a quick and efficient process, like any outdoor upgrade, from building a pool, redoing your yard or landscape, putting up a fence or pergola, or even designing a new house.

There are plenty of contractor teams in the San Jose area that will have engineers and an entire design staff available throughout all home improvement, building, and remodeling services.

fire pitWill adding a fire pit to my backyard increase my home’s value?

Fire pits are an excellent way to elevate your space and make your backyard or patio comfy and cozy!

There is nothing quite like sitting outside by the fire pit with friends and family after a long work week – it offers time to unwind, process easily, and simply spend time with those you love.

While fire pits are a lovely addition to place near your newest deck or patio addition – they are not generally a component that will increase your property value or create a strong return on the investment.

Fire pits do add value; they just aren’t going to make a significant difference.

They are an attention grabber for potential buyers in San Jose, CA.

patioIs it more affordable to build a patio or deck?

Home improvement projects in San Jose all cost money, but creating a solid budget before embarking on the journey and enlisting professionals’ support will help you realize the full potential of your future deck or patio.

If you want a more budget-friendly upgrade, opting for a classic concrete patio will do the trick.

But if you can remain flexible and conscious of your spending as a team with your patio or deck builders, achieving a deck is still possible – and it will always pay off!

sun roomCan I install a deck and a sunroom in my backyard?

San Jose residents seem to be increasingly interested in sunrooms and how they can benefit the household year-round, and ADU contractors have experienced many questions about these subjects.

While they aren’t like deck or patio covers, you can still build a sunroom and deck together, and with experienced deck builders, you can achieve just about anything you want!

A sunny room with a deck still gives you the space to grill out, lounge, and grow all the plants you want because both humans and plant species thrive in sunrooms – even when it is a part of your deck structure.

diyCan I build a deck myself in San Jose?

While many San Jose, CA, residents and people across the country decide to make a personal project out of deck building, it is not always the wisest choice.

This is dependent on your access, knowledge, and the details of your project.

You will be compromising the safety and the possible quality of your final product, which isn’t necessarily going to make the process easy.

Hiring a professional crew to get the job done allows you to work with the contractors on the plans, details, stairs, multiple layers, materials, etc.

Locating builders near you is almost always going to be the easier option, and if you want to have a deck installed quickly, securely, and efficiently, reaching out to a team of experts is your best bet!

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