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A Guide to Expanding Your Space with Mountain View Home Addition Contractors

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If you are looking for an additional living space, are thinking about renovating, or are hoping to increase the square footage of your current house in Mountain View, CA, a home addition project is the perfect solution for your household.

This city is well-known for its creative individuals, innovative economy, and diverse community, and the homes in the area are no different.

Choosing how you execute a new home addition and who you choose to support you throughout the process is the key to a successful project and a beautiful, functional house.

project manager4 Popular Room Additions in Mountain View

Home addition services with Clever Design and Remodeling are easy, exciting, and entirely stress-free!

With our licensed and insured home remodeling contractors and personal project managers, no matter what direction or purpose your room addition will serve for your family – it will always spark joy.

There are so many different ways to integrate a room addition into your household, but right now, there are some trending in Mountain View, CA.

mountain view office room addition

Family Room

It can be challenging to choose which type of home addition is for you, but for most, this is a very personal choice for function, practicality, design, and value.

A family room addition is a great option if you are looking for more space but don’t have the capability with your current structure.

Family rooms are multi-purpose spaces great for gathering with the ones you love and getting together with friends.

They also act as a place for entertainment and a place to engage in your favorite hobbies, etc.

This project can be challenging and inherently complex to complete alone. Calling on local home addition contractors and decor builders at Clever Design and Remodeling will leave you well-equipped to get started!

master bedroom addition in mountain view ca

Master Bedroom

There are several reasons you may be considering a master bedroom addition.

They remain one of the most popular home addition options in Mountain View, CA, and throughout the country.

More space is something that people usually end up needing as families grow, circumstances change, and modern master suites are becoming larger and larger.

Those interested in extending or creating a master bedroom home addition will likely want a master bathroom, too!

Bedrooms are the one place in the house where we get to find restoration and relaxation, and with how fast-paced California can be, homeowners need the perfect master suite to come home to at night!

Opting for a primary room addition allows homeowners to upgrade their place, create a higher value for the house, and increase their overall satisfaction with the home.

a new office addition mountain view ca

Home Office

Room additions can really be whatever you want them to be, but the rise in creating home offices should come as no surprise.

Long before the pandemic, Mountain View, California residents began the transition of working from home and flexible work environments. After the pandemic, even more people have officially transitioned to working from home in the Bay Area.

Many explore the idea of building an ADU, and others choose to move forward with a home addition.

Access to a comfortable home office provides a peaceful workplace, adds a small sanctuary within your own house to get things done, and increases its value!

When you plan a home office addition with the experts at Clever, our team of home remodeling pros in Mountain View will create the ultimate workplace to enhance your productivity and work-life balance!

playroom addition in mountain view ca


If you have more recently welcomed a new addition to your household or you have had a growing family for some time, then you already understand the importance of having the interior of your house remain conducive to your children’s needs.

Out of all the ideas for home addition services, a playroom addition is a great way to renovate your place and develop a multi-purpose room that can change over time.

Who likes having Legos, dolls, stuffed animals, and assorted toys all over their home?

Parents in Mountain View, California, can save themselves from cleaning up the entire home by providing the kiddos a designated place to play and explore!

Some people call a playroom addition a bonus room because it can be transformed into another space or used for multiple things simultaneously!

This the perfect room to add to your space because it offers your children and their friends a place to go and play, allows them a spot to have sleepovers as they start to get older, and then can be transitioned into an additional bedroom, entertainment space or whatever you would like it to be!

engineerThe 5 Steps of A Home Addition Project

Adding to your home and investing in home renovation projects is a natural progression for homeowners nationwide.

Making necessary upgrades and changes makes your place more comfortable, practical, and aesthetically beautiful, too!

Preparing for a home addition project is a significant undertaking, and fully understanding what is involved with the process is critical.

There are many moving pieces that go into a room addition project, so having licensed remodeling and construction professionals to support the logistics and procedures makes everything work in unison.

At Clever, our home remodel experts take things step by step.

We want to ensure that every piece of the project is delicately orchestrated to ensure your final home addition elevates your household and provides complete customer satisfaction!

Step 1: Getting Started

Getting started is simple with Clever’s home construction crew; we are highly experienced in cultivating exceptional master bedrooms, master bath areas, accessory dwelling units, and whatever your household hopes to do!

Whether you are creating change for a new house or an older place – we are licensed general contractors specializing in remodeling and constructing room additions.

search online for room addition mountain view ca

Initial Google Search

Before you jump into your home addition services, researching the right team for the job is vital to planning, constructing, and designing your newest space.

When you begin your search, be sure that the contractors you are interested in maintain the following characteristics and qualities:

  • Can verify license and insurance for their business.
  • Try to stick with a local Mountain View, CA construction team, as they value their communities and understand the permit process.
  • Ask for information about their experience and work history, as you will want to work with builders who have many years of knowledge under their belts.
  • Request a formal quote and contract to review before signing and/or agreeing to proceed with your home addition project.

free home consultation services

Free In-Home Consultations

Your initial contact and consultation with your potential contractors is another integral step in the process of securing your bedroom, bathroom, office, or playroom addition.

You should be assigned a personal project manager from the business so that you can share ideas, provide your allocated budget, and talk about the vision for the addition.

When you are working with the Clever team, our project manager will arrive on the date scheduled to examine your property, discuss the goal for your home additions, review your budget, and begin the initial contract and quote for the project.

Project managers are there to provide and spearhead the project so that Mountain View homeowners don’t have to worry about the details!

With Clever’s room addition managers, our team is there to cultivate your vision, keep things within budget, and achieve the final goal flawlessly, effectively, and efficiently.

While a home addition project can feel like an overwhelming task, it becomes a seamless process when you have a licensed, legitimate team of home renovation contractors to support you throughout the project.

Work Scope

Once you have had the chance to review your vision with a few local home construction and remodeling companies – it is time to get down to business.

Your personal project manager serves as your primary point of contact and will come back to review the total scope of work to complete your room addition.

This is when you will be provided an estimate for the procedures ahead, and our team supplies free quotes on all additional efforts!

An accurate estimate is crucial to Mountain View homeowners because it allows them to see a complete breakdown of the costs and compare those totals to their budget.

Your project manager will also move forward with reviewing scheduling, timelines, the logistics of the home construction process, and a pending completion date for your room addition!

room addition framework

Step 2: Building Framework

Planning things out is essential before the construction phase begins on the newest addition for your lovely Mountain View home.

With the crew of contractors at Clever, you can place your trust in the team for a seamless process, and you can lean on your project managers for anything you need as things progress.

Designing the perfect home addition can transform your whole house!

Home remodeling and renovations to your place start with the proper planning and collaboration with your designers and builders.

This lays down a solid foundation and framework for the beginning of something beautiful, functional, and transformative for you and everyone in your household!

meet home designers in mountain view ca

Meeting with Our Designers

Sitting down with your designers at Clever’s headquarters to start parsing through the details, materials, and finishing of all the components that will go into your room addition.

After all, creating a bathroom addition is very different from creating a sunroom or playroom, and each project will require different structural elements to see things through to completion.

It is imperative to examine everything that will go into your room closely; this is your home, and the materials and finishes are significant design elements that play into the final product.

Our showroom is the ideal place to begin the designs for your room additions – stunning cabinetry and countertops for a breakfast nook, flooring for your new mudroom, windows for a primary bedroom, etc.

Home addition remodeling is personal, and our design firm is there to supply the necessary support to jumpstart its creation!

architect blueprint mountain view ca

Finalizing the Gameplan

Once you have decided on some of the more intimate details for your room’s interior and finishes, the layout of your room will be reviewed.

Whether you are opting for a bathroom, bedroom, family room, or other living spaces – the following details must be laid out before proceeding:

  • General drawings of the room addition.
  • A detailed layout of the new structure.
  • Design details.
  • 3D renderings of the final architecture.

Putting all these things together creates a tangible outlook for the final vision of the room addition for the Mountain View homeowner.

During your review, you can decide on any elements you want changed or rearranged until everything looks exactly like you dreamed of!

review agreement mountain view ca

building permitFinal Review of Agreement

This is when things start to get interesting and more exciting, when all of the planning culminates, and our office can set out to construct your dream home addition.

Once all the details are thoroughly reviewed and agreed upon, our office will provide the final contract and scheduling information to get things started.

As a locally owned and family-operated general contractor, our team is eager to get started on building an excellent addition to improve your quality of life and the value of your Mountain View home!

Step 3: Pre-Construction Stage

While the initial planning and collaboration stages have ended, more preparation is still required before the ultimate renovation commences.

Our crew of contractors in Mountain View, CA, will iron out the particulars and continue to work with our clients every step of the way!

One of the most incredible benefits of working with professionals to develop home additions in the city is their ability to handle all the logistics – and there are many more to consider as we progress through things.

obtaining building permits in mountain view ca

Obtaining Permits

Building and changing the structure of your house doesn’t always require permits.

Still, most counties throughout California will make them necessary when planning to move or replace HVAC systems or plumbing, shift or add electrical components, and tear down and move walls, among other things.

In most home additions, permits will be required in Mountain View.

These are the tasks homeowners shouldn’t be worried about because, with the home remodeling experts at Clever, we have you covered!

Our crew will work to obtain all the necessary permits to get started on constructing your new room as quickly as possible.

buy at home depot mountain view

It’s Shopping Time!

Who doesn’t love to shop, especially when it is for your new home addition?

This is one of the more exciting stages of your home addition progression.

Homeowners have the opportunity to really dig in, get creative, and provide their input and preference on every last piece of material, paint, color, and finish for their new room.

These elements are the key to unlocking the design for your home addition, and they should quickly unite with the rest of your home.

When working with our contractors in Mountain View, California, the creation of your room addition is completed with comfort and ease.

Communicating with Your Project Manager

Our company will always assign a leader to make the renovation procedures comprehensive and stress-free for Mountain View homeowners.

We provide each homeowner with a manager so there is seamless communication, understanding, the opportunity for questions and answers, and changes when necessary.

Your room addition manager will oversee the build, keep the team connected and on schedule, maintain an open line of communication with the homeowner, and provide all the updates and possible roadblocks during the development of the home addition.

room addition construction mountain view ca

Step 4: Let the Construction Begin

The initial construction of your room addition will take place in three steps: demolition, preparation, and building!

Our builders are committed to making these procedures as comfortable as possible for the homeowner.

When you engage in home remodeling in Mountain View, the construction phase is when you can finally see all your plans with your decor builders come to fruition!

It’s Demolition Time

When most people think of demolition, it seems like a good way to remove some much-needed aggression built up from the workplace and anxieties felt throughout our everyday lives.

But when demolishing to create a new home addition, the Clever crew prioritizes safety first!

  • Any area of walls of your home that are obstructing the new addition will be completely demolished and cleared from the area.
  • The unwanted materials will be disposed of, and everything will be cleaned.
  • These processes will all be completed with the proper safety precautions to ensure the stability of your property and our team members.
  • Demolition will be done in a timely manner so that our contractors can get started on the next phase of your home addition.

Prepping & Framing

Once demolition is done, our crew will walk through the area to inspect everything and ensure it is prepped for the initial stages of construction.

We must frame and prep the area for any drywall, plumbing, electrical fixtures, etc.

This is the beginning of imposing your addition with the rest of the home and must be completed with care.

Our home remodeling and building professionals are highly skilled and experienced in setting up a reliable foundation for your new room!

building room additions in mountain view

Building & Installing

The work continues, and installation finally begins!

The construction and installation phases are when our builders finally piece together the room, and the evolution of the progress is officially coming to an end.

Our project consultants will ensure that the details surrounding the installation progress are communicated and all crew members remain on track to finish things within the timeframe initially provided.

The experts at Clever specialize in renovation projects, large-scale remodeling, ADU building, and home additions.

We can even provide deck builders and sunroom additions to place the final touches on your house, turning it into the home you have always dreamed of!

home renovation projects

Step 5: Closing Out the Home Renovation Project

Home additions can bring so many excellent advancements to your Mountain View household, especially when you have extraordinary general contractors by your side!

With your new room addition, you will have access to more space for your household to enjoy.

You now can accommodate family members you otherwise wouldn’t have had the chance to and spend time with them in your specialized room addition.

These additions add value to your home and your life, but the project hasn’t yet come to a close.

Final Touch-Up Review

As we are wrapping things up and the installation of your room addition has been completed, our builders and design team want to touch base with the client on the finished product.

Your project leader will walk through the new room to review the work and allow the homeowner to offer their perspective and any finishing touches or changes they would like made before the contract is complete.

From there, those adjustments will be made accordingly as we move into the final phase of your home addition project.

Final Inspection Walkthrough

Once our team has had the chance to make any changes, we will complete another inspection with the homeowner.

This is when our crew will exit so you and your family can enjoy the functions and comforts of your new home addition!

Do We Deserve a 5-Star Review?

At Clever Design, we service the Bay Area with the highest quality home remodeling and renovation options at a reasonable price.

Our work is more than just a job to us; each client we collaborate with deserves a fully customizable experience.

As a locally-owned business, we are dedicated to providing premium construction and renovations with all the finishing touches!

While every home addition project is different in the city of Mountain View, CA, our builders and design team are committed to bringing value to your life and your new home addition!

We will walk through the project with our customers to ensure every last detail is perfect because all the residents within our community deserve their dream home.

If we did make all your dreams come true, we would love to hear our customer’s experiences and provide them a chance to leave their feedback on Google, Yelp, and other search engine platforms.

Our business can be found on all major platforms and social media sites, and we appreciate hearing what our clients say about our company!

people ask in mountain view ca

questionPeople also ask

Can I build an addition to my house myself in Mountain View, California?

Moving towards any kind of home renovation project comes with many questions, and plenty of homeowners want to be hands-on throughout the entire process, even some who would prefer to do things themselves.

However, in Mountain View, CA, as exciting as your home addition is, it may not be the best idea to approach without a legitimate project manager and home remodeling company.

Most home additions will require permits due to local building codes in the area, and figuring out what kinds of permits are needed is an excellent place to start.

You will need the proper permits if you are completing any of the following:

  • Moving or replacing water heaters, electrical units, sewer services, and other HVAC components.
  • Reroofing projects.
  • Adding or changing recessed lighting.
  • Repiping.
  • Any laundry room addition.
  • Gas pipe changes, rearranging, etc.
  • The removal or alteration of the property will require permits, and in any case, if you are breaking down walls, you can expect the need for one.

Navigating the permit and application processes can be a little bit tricky, and while developing your own room addition isn’t necessarily illegal in California, it can become a stressful process.

How do I design an addition in mountain view ca

How do I design an addition to my Mountain View house?

Working with local general contractors in Mountain View, CA, will allow you to create the perfect additional living space to cultivate your dream home!

  1. Begin by consulting with skilled professionals and your remodeling team to review the concept of your home addition and set a budget for the project.
  2. Take a closer look at your property line. Home additions provide homeowners with extra space, but you cannot create that space without understanding where you can and cannot build. This is something that your project managers will review and provide information on as the initial planning phase begins.
  3. Don’t forget about how your current floor plan may affect the planning. Designing additions and accessory dwelling units takes time, but before the construction phase commences, your experts will weigh in on what will be best. You will want to see what kind of changes your addition will create to the exteriors, how it will function within the household, and how it will increase the value of your property.
  4. Work closely with your remodeling contractors in Mountain View on this project to ensure the finished result is flawless!

How can I increase the square footage of my house in Mountain View, CA?

Making more space within your home cannot be completed through a simple renovation.

Whether you are in Mountain View or San Jose, CA, finding additional space and strategically using your property is something a large majority of homeowners are searching for.

Some so many natural changes and professions happen throughout our lives, and as you welcome new children, move in, your aging parents or young adults return home after college – you can’t always suddenly make multiple guest houses appear in your backyard for everyone,

There are many ways that you can engage in a square footage increase for your home, but some options may be more conducive to your living space…

  • Create a bathroom addition.
  • Develop a closed porch or sunroom.
  • Our deck builders can assist with beautiful deck additions.
  • Expanding on a room you already have.
  • Finishing a room or basement.
  • Create an additional room out of your attic space.
  • Bump-out additions.
  • Breakfast nook or kitchen expansion.
  • Mudrooms.
  • Building a room over your garage/building up.
  • Garage conversions.

top room additions in the bay area

How much does it cost to add 1,000 square feet to a house in Mountain View, CA?

When you are preparing to start a new home remodel or home addition project, your general contractor will likely be able to provide their quote using the average cost per square foot within the Mountain View, CA, area.

Building out will cost differently than building up because of the labor that goes into the project, but typically, a 1,000-square-foot increase to a Mountain View household will cost anywhere from $295,000 to $495,000, and these prices will vary depending on the details.

But don’t forget to review the ROI of your home addition; you are investing in home improvements that will increase your total property value.

While your return can vary depending on the home addition you choose to develop, you are still making that initial investment in yourself, your home, and its value!

What are modular additions?

With so many home addition options, it can be challenging to settle on just one; however, the idea of modular additions has caught on due to its convenience.

A modular addition has similarities and differences to a basic room addition project.

Still, it is meant to simplify the construction project processes for homeowners and provide a quick increase in space.

Modular additions allow families to bring in a pre-fabricated addition to their homes’ side or second story.

These are designed before being installed to fit with the rest of your home, and many people opt for modular design because it is more cost-effective and the construction project isn’t happening on their property.

While there are benefits to modular designs, they do not provide the ability to customize things fully, don’t always correctly adhere to land and property restrictions, and may have quality issues.

home additions near me mountain view ca

Home Addition Contractors Near Me

Creating a home addition with local general contractors in Mountain View is a fantastic way to enhance your current living environment.

If you are ready to start and hope to learn more about our team, we are only a phone call away and are excited to hear from you!

Licensed and Insured House Remodel Contractor in Mountain View

Contact our home addition contractors at Clever Design and Remodeling to inquire about your free estimate and consultation with our expert builders and designers!

If you are ready to start something new but aren’t willing to move out of Mountain View to find it, our crew is ready for you.

How much does a 20×20 room addition cost in Mountain View?

The average 20×20 home addition can cost anywhere from $39,000 to $88,000, depending on your needs, but we can complete an addition on either side of the spectrum with exceptional results!

Contact our home addition contractors in Mountain View, CA, for your free estimate and consultation today, and let’s get building!

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