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Meet your one-phone-call-away remodeling team - Clever Design & Remodeling. We will deliver 110% customer satisfaction with every project we remodel.

You might be surprised to learn this fact: The average adult spends almost 420 days of their life in the bathroom! If your dark, dingy, or outdated bathroom has been an eyesore for years, and you are ready to make a serious change – look no further than the best bathroom remodelers in Mountain View, CA: Clever Design & Remodeling!

A professional design and construction firm with several decades of helping families create beautiful and functional bathrooms throughout the San Francisco and San Jose area, Clever Design & Remodeling is your one-stop shop for all your bathroom renovation needs.

bathroom remodel in mountain view ca
Bathroom Remodel Project in Mountain View, CA

Revitalize Your Bathroom: Bathroom Remodeling Project in Mountain View, CA

Whether you have one, two, or even three bathrooms in your Mountain View, CA, home that requires professional attention – we can handle any job. From a spacious master bathroom to a small basement water closet, we have the skills, tools, and experience to revitalize and completely transform every bathroom in your house.

Experience a Seamless Transformation: Bathroom Renovation Services in Mountain View, CA

As a homeowner, you understand the benefits of remodeling work, including the opportunity to increase your home’s value substantially. Suppose the biggest roadblock to beginning your bathroom remodeling project is the confusion and stress that comes with finding a reputable design team and tackling all the decisions that come with any renovation. In that case, the team at Clever Design & Remodeling has got your back.

We understand that even a small job can be overwhelming and expensive. Our only goal is to ensure that you feel comfortable throughout the entire process – from the initial design phase to the final walk-through. We strive for perfection, and you can rest assured that if you choose to work with the crew at Clever Design & Remodeling, you will feel supported while we design and construct your new bathroom.

walk in shower remodel
Walk-In Shower Project in Mountain View

Guiding You Through Each Step of the Way: Your Dedicated Project Manager for Mountain View Bathroom Remodels

Unlike other design firms in the San Francisco Bay Area, you will work with a single, dedicated project manager every step of the way. Here are the steps you and your project manager, design team, and general contractor will take to plan and execute a seamless bathroom remodeling project:

Gather your ideas and formulate a budget. Your project managers and designers will help you realize your vision and create a preliminary budget. At Clever Design & Remodeling, we utilize state-of-the-art 3D technology to create a realistic rendering of your beautiful new bathroom.

Purchase materials. Now comes the truly fun part: You get to finally design your vanity and pick out countertops, flooring, lighting, shower, tiles, fixtures, and all the other odds and ends that make your bathroom feel like a custom space. Here’s a little-known insider tip: Purchasing and ordering the materials at once will ensure that you stay on budget and avoid those mid-renovation changes that can cost a lot of money.

bathroom remodeling materials
Modern Shower Tiles in Mountain View

Demolition and construction phase. Next, the general contractors and construction crew will start tearing down walls, pulling up tiles, and demolishing any plumbing. As a rule, it is best to keep your kids and pets away from the construction work to avoid injury and ensure the crew can concentrate on the task at hand.

The finishing touches and final walk-through. Once the new tile is installed, the vanity is in place, and the medicine cabinets are hung, you and your project manager will perform a final walk-through of the renovated bathroom. Take this opportunity to make a note of any deviations from the design plan or flaws. We will happily make any alternations and strive to create a perfect finished product.

Depending on the scope of the multiple projects or if you are having multiple bathrooms remodeled, the entire bathroom remodeling process can take anywhere from a single day to several weeks to complete.

Meet the Team: Skilled Bathroom Remodelers in Mountain View, CA

At Clever Design & Remodeling, we are a family, and we will treat you like one of our own. We only work with the best artisans, electricians, plumbers, designers, and project managers in the remodeling and renovation business. Our shared future vision for your remodeling project is to make your bathroom feel like an oasis and a place that you will be excited to brag about to family and friends.

We take pride in our amazing work, and this is why if you choose to hire the team from Clever Design & Remodeling, you can rest assured that you will only have quality products installed in your Mountain View house.

bathroom and shower design
Hi End Shower Remodel in Mountain View, CA

Stunning Bathroom Remodels: Transforming Spaces in Mountain View Homes

Check out all the fantastic projects we have completed on our website. In addition to drawing inspiration for your own construction project, you can see the wonderful projects we have completed for our amazing customers and clients.

If you ask any of the previous customers who have worked with Clever Design & Remodeling, we guarantee they will tell you about the amazing experience they had and that amongst all the design firms in the Mountain View, CA, area, we are the most highly recommended company. This is because we not only provide quality work, but we also work tirelessly to ensure our customers are thrilled with their new, luxurious bathrooms.

Creating a Luxurious Escape: Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Mountain View Homes

A traditional master bathroom is connected to the master bedroom and features two sinks, a bathtub, a large standing shower, and a toilet. For most homeowners, and parents in particular, their master bathroom is a respite and a place to relax, unwind, and finally escape the hustle and bustle of your hectic everyday life.

If your master bath needs a significant refresh and you are stuck in a design rut, here are a few simple design ideas that can help transform your master bath from drab to outstanding:

Opt for geometric tile designs. White subway tiles are a classic option. However, if you want your master bath to stand out, consider unconventional geometric patterns. Whether you opt for diamonds, triangles, polygons, or hexagons, you and your design team can create a one-of-kind floor or standing shower. If you are feeling fun and adventurous, you can even choose bright, complementary colors for a more custom look.

modern bathroom tiles
View Our Gallery.

There truly is no such thing as too much storage space. You have a growing family, meaning there are many towels, extra shampoo bottles, and bathtub toys shoved into your tiny linen closet. When you are designing your master bath, remember that when in doubt, choose more storage. There are several clever ways to include additional storage. For example, ask about the installation of floating shelves or shelving that utilizes the room’s vertical space.

Use the outdoors and nature as your inspiration. Natural hues and earthy accents are two of the hottest bathroom design trends for 2023. A great way to bring the outdoors into your master bath is to choose earth tones and install huge windows that allow natural light to flood the space.

Unique bathtubs. Unique freestanding tubs are another hot design trend and a great way to relax and peacefully unwind after a day of board meetings, carpools, and cheering on the kids at soccer practice. Clawfoot tubs are a classic option, but if you want something a little extra, consider a brightly-colored soaking tub.

Quartz countertops are a hot design trend! Natural stone has always been a wise investment in any room of the home, but especially in the kitchen and bathroom. However, while different natural stones come in and out of style, you cannot go wrong with a stone that features a mix of classic style and trendy flair: Quartz. Manufactured quartz and natural quartzite will complement any aesthetics and make your bathroom feel luxurious and homey.

Whether you want a luxury oasis or a rustic retreat attached to your master bedroom, the crew at Clever Design & Remodeling is ready to start construction on your dream master bath.

bathroom countertops
Modern Quartz Bathroom Countertops

Comprehensive Home Remodeling Solutions: Beyond the Bathroom in Mountain View, CA

Clever Design & Remodeling specializes in creating one-of-a-kind bathrooms – but we are so much more. In addition to being a top bathroom remodeling company in Moutain View, CA, we offer a wide variety of other design and construction services, including:

Comprehensive Kitchen Remodeling in Mountain View

Now that you have a bathroom that is the talk of the neighborhood, you need to move on to your next project: A new kitchen! We are kitchen remodeling pros, and we will utilize the same 3D mapping technology to plan and execute a kitchen remodel that will be both functional and elegant.

Unlike the other builders in the Mountain View area, we will not only help you design your kitchen cabinets, but we will also handle the construction and installation. We are proud to say that in the last 30 years, we have designed, imagined, and installed over 1000 kitchens in the homes of our fabulous customers.

kitchen remodeling contractors in mountain view
Amazing Kitchen Remodeling Services in Mountain View, CA

Room Addition

Need an extra bedroom for your wonderful growing family? What about a new dining room to host friends and family during the holidays? We can assist you with several types of room additions – including a new master bedroom, bathroom, family room, or sunroom.

The professional builders at Clever Design & Remodeling have an “A+” rating on the BBB, or Better Business Bureau website, and multiple 5-star ratings on several top ratings websites, including Yelp, Houzz, and Home Advisor. Once we finish your room addition project, ask about constructing a new deck on your Mountain View house.

room additions company mountain view
Room Additions in Mountain View

Whole Home Remodeling

Does your entire house need a refresh and a facelift? Are you considering putting your home on the market and want to attract potential buyers while getting top dollar for your Bay Area property? Our team of project managers, designers, and construction crew can help you tear down your entire home to the studs and create a property that will truly make you the talk of the town!

home remodel in mountain view
Home Remodeling Project by Clever Team

ADU Construction and Design

Many Californians enjoy the recent changes to the laws concerning accessory dwelling units, or ADUs. An ADU is a freestanding or attached structure that can be used as a new source of rental income, a place for your elderly parents to enjoy their retirement, or as a space for you to escape.

Did you know that your ADU must be legally smaller than your property’s primary structure, have egress windows in the basement, and the living space must be at least 150 square feet? We are well-versed in all of California’s codes and requirements and can obtain the necessary building permit and materials to complete the job. We can even help you save money along the way!

adu in mountain view ca
ADU Contractors in Mountain View, CA

Get Started Today: Free Estimates for Your Mountain View Bathroom Remodel

Are you ready to start remodeling your Mountain View master bath, guest bathroom, or powder room? Contact a representative today for free home renovation and remodeling project estimates.

remodel mountain view faqWhat People Ask Bathroom Remodelers

What is the average cost to remodel a bathroom in California?

Several factors are included in the overall cost to remodel a bathroom in California, including:

  • Labor
  • Materials
  • Finishes
  • Permits and taxes

The remodel’s complexity also plays a factor. For example, if you are gutting the bathroom and changing the layout, which involves altering the current plumbing format, you will spend more than if you were to upgrade your tile, tub, and vanity simply.

On average, you will spend from $15,000 to $35,000 to remodel a bathroom in California.

What I wish I had known before remodeling my bathroom?

If this is your first experience with renovating a house, chances are the process can be confusing – and a little overwhelming. Ask anyone who has ever tackled any home improvement project, and they will tell you everything they wish they had known.

For example, if you have two bathrooms, upgrade each separately rather than simultaneously. It might be more convenient to upgrade both bathrooms at the same time. However, you will be sorry you do when you don’t have a shower or toilet in an emergency.

Another critical aspect of responsibly remodeling a bathroom is knowing where to splurge – and exactly where to save. Save money on purchasing a new toilet. As long as the toilet is functional, it can be saved. Splurge on a new vanity, tub surround, and flooring. If you have cash left in your budget, consider radiant floor heating!

mountain view buildersWhat typically is the most expensive part of a bathroom remodel?

You might assume the cost of labor or a new vanity is the most expensive expense in your bathroom remodel. However, the cost of materials and labor connected to your tile flooring and shower is the most costly aspect of upgrading your bathroom. If you are concerned, there are ways you can save money on the tile and installation.

For example, opt for porcelain or ceramic tiles instead of natural stone tile. However, if you are concerned about the resale value of your home, or are considering putting your home on the market, splurge on travertine, granite, or slate.

Do bathroom remodels add value?

Your remodeling budget is finite, and you want to get the most bang for your renovation buck. Luckily, no matter your total budget, remodeling your bathroom, especially your master bath, can significantly increase your home value.

In fact, when you utilize top-of-the-line materials and work with a well-known, respected design firm, you can expect an average return on investment of between 56% to 58% – making it one of the most prudent investments you can ever make in your home.

bathroom remodeling faqsWhat adds the most value to a California bathroom?

Remodeling your bathroom is a savvy investment, but only if you make intelligent decisions. Here are some of the upgrades that will add the most value to your bathroom:

  • Upgraded vanity and counters
  • Replacement flooring – particularly natural stone flooring
  • Paint
  • Eco-friendly, sustainable upgrades
  • Retile the bathtub surround

Aren’t sure which upgrades will add the most value while improving the aesthetics of your bathroom? The crew at Clever Design & Remodeling can help!

Recent Reviews of Our Bathroom Renovations in Mountain View, CA

Jessica D.The best general contractors in Mountain View!

“The crew at Clever are the best remodeling contractors in mountain view, CA. They care about providing quality work and a fair price. The team did an excellent job, from the electrical work to the new plumbing and tile floors. They even helped me redesign my kitchen layout! Thanks, guys!” – Jessica D.

Tommy L.Top-rated remodeling services in the San Jose area!!

“My hallway bathroom was a mess, and I wanted to update the space before selling my townhouse. I contacted several general contractors in Mountain View and San Jose, including Top Line Remodeling and Wise Builders. I received free estimates from both Top Line, Wise Builders, and Clever – and Clever came in way under budget. The company’s professionalism and amazing customer service are definitely an added bonus. I would recommend Clever to all my family and friends.” – Tommy L.

Tamara K.Excellent communication throughout the entire project!

“I live in San Mateo, and my cousin in Santa Clara recommended the crew from Clever to design my bathroom and kitchen. The contractor was fantastic, and the new steam shower is amazing. I can’t say enough outstanding things about this wonderful company. If you live anywhere in the greater Bay Area and you need any work on the bathroom, contact Clever.” Tamara K.

Pablo T.My go-to contractor for home improvements in south San Francisco!

“I worked with Clever Design & Remodeling when I lived in Los Altos. When I needed a bathroom remodeling job completed in San Francisco, I naturally contacted Clever. The project manager and construction crew were amazing. I love my new San Francisco bathroom, and when it comes time to finally remodel the kitchen, I will be contacting Clever!” – Pablo T.

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