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Homeowners, if you need more family space in your Mountain View home, want long-or-short term rental income, or need an in-law unit or a guest suite, an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is a perfect choice.

What is an accessory dwelling unit? It’s a dwelling that offers a complete, independent living area on the same lot as single-family or multi-family homes. Its location can be inside or outside your primary dwelling.

There is also the junior ADU, which is less than 500 square feet and can be built within a single-family home. Let’s look at the types of ADUs, the regulations, all the benefits, and why Clever Design and Remodeling is the top choice for your ADU project in Santa Clara County.

less than 500 square adu
Less than 500 square ADU Project in Mountain View, CA

maximizing your profitMaximizing Space and Functionality: Types of ADU in the City of Mountain View, CA

Accessory dwelling units can provide a property owner with additional income, serve as an office, add value to your primary residence, or serve several needs. They can be created in a garage, a basement, in the rear half of your yard, and augment your primary dwelling to provide many benefits.

Here are the different types for your ADU project in the city of Mountain View, the city of San Jose, or any other city in Santa Clara County.

The detached accessory dwelling unit

Detached ADUs are units completely separate from your primary city dwelling, but construction is still on the same land. This is a terrific option if you are planning to rent your accessory dwelling unit or have another need for privacy.

The attached accessory dwelling unit

Attached ADUs are attached to your primary dwelling. It can be attached to the back or the side of your house. Keep in mind that if you choose an attached accessory dwelling unit, it must have its own separate exterior entry.

The garage conversion accessory dwelling unit

If you don’t use your detached garage, it can make a great ADU. Options include:

  • Partitioning a large garage.
  • Converting the entire structure to an ADU.
  • Adding a second-story unit.
garage conversion mountain view ca
Garage conversion ADU’s in Mountain View, CA

The interior conversion accessory dwelling unit

Often referred to as a junior ADU, you can convert part of your main home into a separate living space with full amenities. Think attic or basement apartment–you can convert previously unused areas to generate passive income or just to create family space.

With the exception of a junior unit, an ADU must be on the same parcel as the primary one-unit dwelling and provide for sleeping, living, cooking, and bathroom facilities.

potential of aduUnlock the Potential of ADUs in Mountain View, CA

Both multi-family and single-family homes can reap the benefits of an ADU project.

For the Single-Family Home: Exploring the Benefits of Accessory Dwelling Units in Mountain View, CA

Get passive income

An ADU is a great investment–accessory dwelling units can add considerably to your income. You can use them as short-term, long-term, or vacation rentals.

New Accessory Dwelling Units: Adding Value to Your Primary Residence

ADUs are a boon for homeowners. An accessory dwelling unit adds about 30% to the value of your property. That’s nothing to sneeze at!

Provide low-cost housing for senior family

Accessory dwelling units are often called in-law units in Mountain View because they are often built to give elderly parents and grandparents a safe place to live close to their loved ones.

low-cost housing mountain view
Low Cost Housing ADU’s in Mountain View, CA

A place for adult children and recent college grads

Burdened with student loan debt or other difficulties, stats show that 50% of young millennials and Gen Z’ers are moving back in with their parents. That old childhood bedroom just won’t do.

ADU completed projects in Mountain View means everyone in the family gets the privacy they need, and your returning kids get a monthly rental payment they can afford.

Space for whatever you need

Maybe you’ve always dreamed about a swanky home office or a state-of-the-art gym. Construction of an ADU in Mountain View, CA, can give you exactly what you want, whether in a converted garage, an attached ADU, or free-standing units. You can create a space for hard work or a tranquil oasis that leaves the city’s noise behind.

Boosting Property Value and Flexibility: ADUs for Multi-Family Properties

You get a fast return on your money with an ADU when it’s added to a multi-family dwelling. It also gives you more leverage when you want to borrow money by increasing your holdings. On top of that, you’ll get a tax deduction for the operating costs of the new unit.

Boosting Property Value
Increasing Your Property Value

Navigating Mountain View CA City ADU Regulations and Guidelines

The city of Mountain View recently changed its local ADU ordinance, which aligns with the new state law that governs the ADU, junior ADU, and multi-family accessory dwelling units.

A planning permit is not required for new accessory dwelling units, but they do require building permits. There are also local regulations, some ADUs have parking required, and all must match underlying zone rules in addition to state laws.

To be safe, you should ask your contractor to review plans with a city planner to ensure your ADU meets all requirements before beginning construction. If construction includes a junior ADU, a covenant must be recorded.

For a single-family home, the maximum amount of units you can have is one ADU unit and one junior ADU. Multi-family owners can add interior units amounting to 25% of the current units and up to two detached units.

adu requirementsThe ADU city requirements for single-family homes

Maximum of 850 square feet of habitable floor area for one bedroom, and 1,000 square feet for two or more bedrooms, whether attached ADUS or detached.

Setbacks: Front setbacks must match the zoning in the zip codes. The side setback is four feet, and so is the rear setback, which should provide ample area in the rear half of your yard.

Height limits: The maximum height for a first-story or one-story ADU is 16 feet. There’s a 28-foot maximum height for a second-story ADU, but the ADU must be within the ground level.

Parking space: If no bedrooms exist, no parking space is required. If your ADU has one or more bedrooms, you must provide one space, covered or uncovered. That one space can be provided in a garage or carport or driveway tandem parking. In fact, homes with driveways are ideal for ADU projects.

There are parking exceptions:

  • The ADU is within a half-mile walk of public transportation.
  • It’s in a historic district.
  • The ADU is part of the primary dwelling or an existing ADU.

You’re also exempt from providing a parking space if a car share space is within one block of your ADU.

Entrance and exit: Your ADU, no matter what its configuration, must have a separate exterior entry from the primary dwelling and can also have internal access.

Separate kitchen facilities: Your ADU must provide living, sleeping, bathroom, and separate kitchen facilities, including a permanent range.

ADU requirements for multi-family dwellings

Setbacks are the same as for single-family homes, as is the maximum height of a detached unit. However, no parking spaces are required.

Junior ADU (JADU) requirements

  • A JADU has to be built within the walls of a single-family home.
  • The maximum habitable floor area is 500 square feet.
  • Internal access alone is fine–a separate entrance and parking spaces are not required.
  • One of the property’s dwellings has to be occupied by one of the legal owners.
  • JADUs cannot be sold separately from the primary residence, and if you rent them out, they must be rented for 30 days or longer.

Then, there are ADU zoning development standards

These standards are complex and provide guidance for additional setbacks, including for the front, sides, and rear half of your lot for new construction. Information for Mountain View can be found in the link above, and for San Jose, you can find what you need here.

These complexities are why it’s essential to choose the right, experienced contractor that can guide you carefully through the process, knows the new state laws and regulations, and take care of most of it for you.

Designing Your Dream ADU
Top ADU Contractors in Mountain View

visit your homeDesigning Your Dream ADU in Mountain View, CA

For any home addition, you want the best, and ADU specialists are hard to find.

Expertise in ADU Construction: From Single-Family Homes to Multi-Family Units

Clever Design and Remodeling has been building ADUs since the beginning. We’re the premier design and general contracting firm in Santa Clara County, with an extensive project list and hundreds of satisfied customers.

No-Obligation Consultation: Discover the Possibilities for Your Property

You need a company for your project that provides design services and state-of-the-art tools, such as a 3D remodeling tool that inspires you to create a beautiful ADU from an ugly garage.

Don’t have a garage? We can find the perfect location–at ground level, below, or above for your ADU project. When it comes to building ADUs, we can even convert your carport!

We’re up on all the regulations, including properties zoned for ADUs and California Mountain View regulations. For example, did you know that in some locations, there are rules governing rear yard coverage? Rear yard coverage rules tell you how much of the backyard of your primary dwelling can be used for a building.

While you’re considering turning that detached garage into an ADU in Santa Clara County, you might think about doing some additional projects that enhance your home. Turn a carport into a garage!

Several home remodeling projects bring a great return on investment, including kitchen and bath updates and upgrades, garage conversions, and home additions.

We serve homes near the Computer History Museum and beyond. Whatever your project and wherever your location is in Santa Clara County, Clever Design and Remodeling, with our in-house designers, innovative approach, and top-notch construction team, we’ll make the process easy.

zoning development
ADU Zoning Development in Mountain View, CA

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remodel mountain view faqMost Common Questions Asked

How big can an ADU be in Mountain View?

The maximum size of an ADU in Mountain View depends on the specific zoning requirements and the lot size. Generally, the maximum size ranges from 800 to 1,200 square feet, with some exceptions. Be sure to check the local zoning ordinances and consult a licensed professional contractor to determine the allowable size for your property.

What is the average cost of an ADU in Mountain View?

The average cost of building an ADU in Mountain View can vary greatly depending on factors like size, design, materials, and labor. However, a rough estimate would be between $250 and $450 per square foot. This means that a typical 800-square-foot ADU may cost anywhere from $145,000 to $320,000. Keep in mind that additional expenses may be incurred for permits, utility connections, and other related fees.

What are the new laws for ADU in California in 2023?

In 2023, California has continued to streamline and simplify the process for homeowners to build ADUs. Some of the key changes include:

  • Reduced parking requirements, making it easier for homeowners with limited space to add an ADU
  • Expedited permit processing times
  • Relaxed setback requirements, allowing ADUs to be built closer to property lines
  • Elimination of minimum lot size requirements
  • Increased flexibility in converting existing structures, such as garages or basements, into ADUs Remember that local jurisdictions may have additional regulations, so it’s essential to consult with your city’s planning department to ensure compliance.

Is it worth building an ADU in Mountain View?

Building an ADU in Mountain View can be a worthwhile investment for many homeowners. With the high demand for housing in the area, an ADU can provide additional rental income, increase property value, and potentially offer a space for family members or caregivers to live nearby. However, it’s crucial to carefully consider your financial situation, property constraints, and long-term goals before undertaking this project.

What is the best ADU size?

The ideal ADU size depends on your specific needs and property limitations. Smaller ADUs (400-600 square feet) may be more affordable and easier to build, while larger ADUs (800-1,200 square feet) can provide more living space and rental income potential. Ultimately, the best ADU size will depend on your budget, lot size, and intended use for the ADU.

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