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Redwood City Expert Bathroom Remodeling Services

At Clever Design & Remodeling, our company appreciates your love for your home.

You’ve created many unforgettable memories as a family for as long as you’ve lived there. But as wonderful as your home is, perhaps there’s a nagging feeling that it could be better.

One of American homes’ most common customization or remodeling jobs is bathroom remodeling.

Our premiere Redwood City bathroom remodeling services have significant experience and expertise in this department.

So, if you find yourself looking for a bathroom remodeler to complete the home remodeling project of your bathroom reconstruction, look no further than our team of expert bathroom remodeling services specialists at Clever Design & Remodeling.

bathroom and shower remodeling company redwood city

How Much Does it Cost to Remodel a Bathroom in Redwood City, CA?

On average, bathroom remodeling services can cost anywhere between $18,000 to $31,500 in the Redwood City, CA area.

The pricing depends heavily upon the individual company or home remodeling contractor that you choose to work closely with, as choosing the right company can yield outstanding results in terms of pricing.

Other elements, such as the sheer number of design services or architectural plans required for your specific bathroom remodel, can ultimately affect the pricing.

But working with a good company such as Clever Design & Remodeling, which provides a free consultation, does quality work with a unique style, and has a team of general contractors in the Bay Area who do an excellent job every time, goes a long way toward guaranteeing you the most home value for your dollar.

Bathroom Remodeling Step-by-Step by General Contractors

Many homeowners are looking to remodel their Bay Area homes to their complete satisfaction, getting them that much closer to achieving their dream home. While it seems like a daunting task, all it takes is one phone call to get things underway.

At Clever Design & Remodeling, our team offers free estimates to each and every one of our clients with no hidden fees so that our clients immediately know the cost of expanding a bathroom.

Budget and Planning bathroom remodel

Step 1: Budget and Planning

In the budget and planning stage, you’ll meet with our highly qualified team members, such as the project manager and your general contractor, whom you will interact with throughout the new construction process.

They will work with you to iron out an exact understanding of pricing and timing. At Clever Design & Remodeling, all the employees on our team are invested in seeing your entire project through by doing a fantastic job promptly.

Regardless of the extent of the renovation, our team understands that your bathroom must be a functional space. You don’t want to go too long without a functioning bathroom, which is why we deliver top-notch work as efficiently as possible.

from sketch to 3d

Step 2: Choosing a Bath Design

Clever Design & Remodeling specializes in creating stunning bathroom designs form-fitted to each individual using our bathroom design tool.

Having developed an innovative approach in the design process ensures that our customers can complete their projects with minimal delay.

The bathroom is essentially a personal retreat.

This is why every single design strives for harmony between design and functionality. Our team strives to give you the bathroom you’ve always dreamed of, freeing you up during this process to dream big and tell us what you’ve always wanted in a bathroom.

3d render to demolition

Step 3: It’s Time to Demo

Once all the planning, budgeting, and schedules are set for the project, the first natural practical step of the home remodeling process is to demo. One crucial element home remodeling contractors will warn you about is the extensive work of the demo process.

For a complete bathroom renovation, the demo process requires the team to demolish almost the entirety of the bathroom, leaving only the studs of the house.

With bathroom remodeling, it can be a bit less extensive. More often than not, the demo process removes fixtures, cabinets, sinks, and even the bathtubs and or existing showers.

It is heavy construction work that is extremely necessary to the process. It clears out more space within the bathroom and frees up the Clever Design & Remodeling contractors to deliver on your bathroom renovation.

Only by taking apart your current bathroom remodels can these remodeling services reconstruct your ideal, perfect bathroom.

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Step 4: Plumbing Adjustments

Following the demo process, the next crucial step comes in the form of plumbing adjustments. After you’ve opened up all of the available space in your bathroom, the team can begin putting in the new plumbing for the latest fixtures they will be installing.

This process can be thought of as something akin to planting the seeds that will blossom into your new bathroom’s beautiful decor and unique style.

While other contractors may seek to rush the demo and plumbing adjustments, our Clever Design & Remodeling team knows these are two of the most critical steps of the bathroom remodeling process.

Without proper plumbing adjustments early on, the entire project is doomed. Our team members specialize in optimizing space and construction services in Redwood City, CA.

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Step 5: Electrical Work

Just as with the plumbing adjustments, the electrical work phase of the process takes advantage of the open space and accessibility afforded to our team of construction specialists and remodeling experts following the demo process.

Here, a contractor can get into the nitty-gritty of the electrical work and wiring, ensuring that you and your bathroom are set up for success moving forward.

Two bathrooms job, optimizing your bathroom for family usage, or putting an outlet closer to the bath, this construction phase can service all of those needs.

From switches to outlets to light sources themselves, electrical work can help you and the construction company conserve your budget and afford more excellent and more greatly motivated electrical work for your bathroom living space together.

cutting drywalls redwood city

Step 6: Installing New Cement Boards & Drywall

Simultaneously, while your bathroom walls are open, it is also your choice as to how you’d most like to protect your bathroom’s construction moving forward.

There are many options for first-layer installation, from cement boards to drywall and beyond.

The bathroom is also one of the most popular locations to install grab bars, as they can tremendously help older or less capable members of your family. Here, you can pre-emptively install blocking between wall studs, which will provide the base for grab bars later on.

Regarding what else you’d like done at this stage, it is crucial to keep protection in mind. The bathrooms have to sustain much more moisture than any other room in the house.

To avoid costly damage down the road or the necessitating of further extensive remodeling or renovation shortly, cement boards go a long way toward preventing moisture build-up, mold, and mildew.

Cement boards are much more moisture-resistant and make for a significant layer of defense. As for drywall, it should always be replaced in the event of damage or construction.

Most drywall is not resistant to water or moisture, leading to costly troubles if not correctly cared for. From paint peeling to bubbling to water stains, wet drywall can quickly make your brand-new bathroom look old and worn down.

In addition, wet drywall can harbor hazardous substances such as mold, which can cause problems not just in your bathrooms but in the house at large. Thus, with any remodeling job, your drywall should also be inspected and replaced!

redwood city painting

Step 7: Painting Walls and Ceiling

Following the installation of fresh cement board and drywall, your bathroom walls will be entirely up, but little else will be completed. This is the perfect time to begin painting the walls and ceiling according to your design plans.

Before the flooring, the space is filled up, and fixtures such as the new toilet or bath are installed; this is the perfect part of the remodeling and renovation project to commence with painting.

It allows you and your remodeling contractor company much easier access to every nook and cranny of the bathroom. It prevents any paint from getting on your brand-new utilities or fixtures.

Step 8: Laying New Tile

Moving on with bathroom remodeling services, the next step is to begin laying new tiles for your new bathroom. For this process, you’ll want to begin by laying down any tile needed within your bathtub or shower.

Following that, one can move onto the rest of the flooring of the bathroom and then to the walls of the bathroom.

Step 9: Installing Shower and Tub

Once the tiles have been installed on both the walls and flooring, it is time to turn your combined attention to establishing the actual shower, tub, or both.

While other features and fixtures such as the toilet, sinks, cabinets, or countertops will come later, the shower and tub will be the most significant pieces of furniture being installed.

Thus, they must come first, as this will be the room with the most home remodeling contractors and companies that can afford to operate.

Here, the shower and tub will be aligned with the plumbing fixtures previously installed in the remodeling process, and your contractor will ensure that they match up precisely with the tiling and painting.

In our experience at Clever Design & Remodeling, this is one of the most rewarding steps of the whole project for many homeowners, as they finally get to see it all coming together just as they had hoped.

From the free consultation to now, there’s been a lot of planning and daydreaming. Still, with the shower and tub installation, you finally get to see so many of the home remodeling pieces working together to form the vision of your bathroom.

replacing exhaust fan redwood city

Step 10: Replacing Lighting & Exhaust Fan

The next step in your project process is the replacement of lighting and your bathroom exhaust fan.

These are crucial to the process, especially in Bay Area homes. While Redwood City, CA, is a beautiful location that affords fantastic natural light for many a house in the Bay Area, the bathroom is often secluded from substantial outdoor light.

This is why at Clever Design & Remodeling, our contractors and company feel it is immensely important that the lighting in your bathroom not only serves your bathroom design work but also complements the larger aesthetic of the entire house.

Through the replacement of lighting and exhaust fan elements, our team can ensure that your bathroom and house are serviced remarkably well. This way, all the new features you are installing will be perfectly spotlit and made to look even more incredible.

Step 11: Adding the Vanity and Sink

After installing the shower, tub, and new lighting, it is time to focus on the sink and vanity.

This portion of the remodeling process sees the general contractor and project manager working together with their team to perfectly align the sink and vanity with the plumbing, tiling, and painting elements.

All of this jointly forms a more complete picture of the bathroom remodeling process and allows you to see it all coming together!

Step 12: Installing a New Toilet

After the sink and vanity are successfully installed, the next and final large step of the process is arguably the most important: the installation of the toilet.

While elements such as the sink, tub, or shower are undoubtedly of great importance, the toilet is what the bathroom is really made for.

So, with this final addition, all of the large furniture pieces of the room will be slotted in place alongside the freshly applied design elements.

Step 13: Adding Bath Accessories

The last step is to add any and all bath accessories you might have picked out during the planning process.

From vanity mirror organizers to LED under-cabinet lighting fixtures to towel warmers and beyond, there’s any number of accessories to choose from that our home remodeling team can add for you.

Think of these items as the whipped cream and cherries on top. They are fun additions that can help your home remodeling journey feel like the actual rewards.

After all, with the help of our home remodeling contractors at Clever Design and Remodeling in Redwood City, CA, you will have just finished your home remodel and get the bathroom you’ve always dreamt of!

Step 14: Time to Enjoy Your New Bathroom!

Now, enjoy! Your home remodeling project is complete, and you get to enjoy your new, exquisitely tailored bathroom for years to come!

2024 bathroom trends

2024 Trends for a Bathroom Remodeling Project

If you’re looking for further bathroom remodeling ideas about what design choices or aesthetics you might be looking to channel with your bathroom remodeling contractor, our team has you covered.

Here are some of the hottest trends this year for bathroom remodeling projects!

Smart Technology

With further advances in smart technology over the past few years, implementing this new tech into a bathroom remodeling project has become increasingly popular.

There are many options here, with varying price ranges. Smart toilets and bidets operate with a remote that allows for greater ease of use and makes such fixtures much more accessible for any disabled family members.

Sinks and showers have also begun incorporating smart technology for greater convenience, with voice-activated faucets and showerheads making it easier than ever to manage and precisely control the amount and temperature of your water usage.

Larger Walk-in Shower Instead of Tub

Just as smart technology’s inclusion in many bathrooms stems from making things more accessible to all people, walk-in showers have become increasingly popularized for similar reasons.

While bath and shower combos have been the much more common design for years now, the large walk-in shower has gained prominence thanks to its luxurious size and ease of use.

Rather than having to step up over the bathtub’s edge, a walk-in shower is much easier for family members of a greater age to access safely.

Another major plus of the walk-in shower is how they can strengthen your bathroom’s design and aesthetic when it comes to remodeling.

The removal of the tub really opens up the space and frees you to make bigger, bolder choices with paint, tiling, and overall design.

flat vanity redwood city

Floating Vanity

Lastly, the floating vanity has become one of the most popular design choices in 2024 bathroom remodeling. And it’s easy to see why: it looks super cool.

Having the vanity attached solely to the wall, rather than going all the way down to the floor, is a bold design choice but one that can look absolutely fantastic.

At Clever Design & Remodeling, we are all for clever design choices that buck convention in the name of better servicing the space, and a floating vanity does exactly that!

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel is What We Do!

In addition to extensive experience with bathroom remodeling, at Clever Design & Remodeling, our specialized team of contractors also has a great deal of experience with kitchen remodels!

As kitchen remodeling contractors, we bring the same degree of care, craft, and consideration that we do to bathroom remodeling.

Our team members are kitchen remodel experts who are ready to provide you with services in Redwood City, CA, today! From Redwood City to South San Francisco, if you require a bathroom remodel or kitchen remodel job done right and for a great price, call us today at (669)-209-5454!

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Our Most Recent Bathroom Remodeling Reviews in Redwood City, CA

 redwood city customer reviewThe best bathroom remodeling contractor near me!

“We needed a bathroom remodel badly. It had been years of us living in the same house, with mold, mildew, and all kinds of stuff building up in the drywall and on the tiling. It was getting so bad that we didn’t want guests using the bathroom.

They came in and fixed the whole thing up, working with my wife and I every step of the way. They did the work fast and for a great value. We looked into other contractors, such as Element Home Remodeling, and their pricing was a bit much. Instead, we got the bathroom remodel we so badly needed for a great price!”

lia k, redwood cityOne of the top-rated bathroom remodeling companies in Redwood City!

“I just recently moved to Redwood City for work. My new home was great, but I didn’t like the bathroom at all. I looked up the top-rated companies to do a bathroom remodel in Redwood City and found Clever Design & Remodeling. They were amazing and did a fantastic job!”

mike l, redwood cityThey did an outstanding job with our bathroom renovation!

“As lifelong Redwood City residents, my family prides ourselves on supporting local businesses. So when we decided we needed a kitchen and bathroom remodel job to be done, we looked all over for a company that could provide incredible services in Redwood City.

Our neighbors suggested we call Clever Design & Remodeling, and they were absolutely right! These guys did such outstanding work with our bathroom, and I couldn’t believe it was the same place!”

gina a redwood cityI highly recommend this home remodeling contractor!

“This team of bathroom remodelers is insanely well-qualified, knows their stuff, and were super kind about performing work within our home. It’s not like we needed a new roof or anything, just some bathroom remodeling, and they did great stuff! These are general contractors we highly recommend!”

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