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Forget the kitchen: You’ve always wanted a dream bathroom. Whether it is your master bathroom or a newly constructed guest bathroom, your Sunnyvale, California, home desperately needs an update!

Luckily for you, living in Sunnyvale means you have access to a fantastic team of designers, builders, and innovators who can use some good old-fashioned creativity and elbow grease to transform your wildest dreams into a bathroom you can be proud of!

Now, you just need to learn about the process, including the cost of different materials and how to work with the best contractors in Sunnyvale!

Here is the definitive guide to bathroom remodels and why you cannot go wrong with Clever Design and Remodeling when it comes to entrusting your vision and money to professional bathroom remodelers.

2024 bathroom trends in sunnyvale

Sunnyvale’s Hottest Bathroom Trends for 2024

Bathroom renovation trends are constantly evolving; in most cases, California has always been at the forefront! You want to ensure your newly renovated bathroom is the talk of the neighborhood and not an eyesore.

Some trends are coming out in 2024, including faux plants, dark colors, freestanding tubs, and plated brass faucets and fixtures.

If you want to stay ahead of the curve and be the envy of your Sunnyvale neighborhood, you can achieve this goal by following some of these hottest bathroom remodeling project trends for 2024:

Bold Patterns and Bright Paint Colors

Designers and many contractors are utilizing strong colors and bold patterns in California bathrooms, from your bathroom walls to the shower area and beyond. Aren’t sure which colors will work with your home’s aesthetic?

Contact us or schedule a free consultation with one of our talented designers. Our team will help you choose the latest and greatest styles for your full bathroom remodel.

For example, designers and homeowners in the know are shying away from cool tones of blue and green in favor of bolder neutrals and brighter hues.

When it comes to your shower walls or shower pan, opt for bright, eye-catching geometric patterns.

sunnyvale bathroom tiles

Large Flooring Tiles

Whether you are opting for a full bathroom remodel or simply sprucing up the existing space, swapping out your outdated flooring is an excellent use of resources.

Skip the thinner tiles or planks in favor of larger tiles for the entire project, including your flooring and shower surround.

Aren’t sure how to choose the suitable tiles for your bathroom? Start by selecting tiles that complement or even match your shower tiles.

Light-colored tiles make your bathroom look bigger and are one of the easiest design tricks to incorporate into the space.

A Mixture of the Latest Technology and Natural Elements

Create the perfect balance between the latest and greatest gadgets and the traditional beauty of Mother Nature. Smart mirrors come equipped with wi-fi connectivity and an anti-fog setting.

Pair smart faucets and smart toilets with natural, sustainable products, including:

  • Bamboo
  • Concrete
  • Porcelain
  • Reclaimed wood
  • Recycled materials, including tile

Technology and Natural Elements

Remember, your bathroom is a space for you to recharge your battery and rejuvenate.

Natural elements and materials, including wood and natural stone, are the perfect way to create a spa-like experience.

In addition to the suitable materials, incorporate other natural elements, including lighter, neutral natural colors, from beige to green, and warm tones of brown and blue.

Avoid heavy shades and blinds in favor of sheer curtains.

Frosted glass is a great way to enjoy our privacy while allowing natural light to flood the space.

Finally, adding plants is one of the simplest ways to bring nature into your bathroom.

Plants not only introduce color and texture, but they also help purify the air.

Your Sunnyvale Bathroom Remodeling Project: What to Expect During Your Bathroom Renovation

If this is your first experience working with professional bathroom remodelers and you feel overwhelmed and confused, you’re not alone.

Many of our clients walk through the front door of our showroom with several questions and concerns.

After all, you are spending your hard-earned money and will live with your choices and bathroom for several years to come!

At Clever Design and Remodeling, our team of expert artisans and general contractors in Sunnyvale will walk you through the entire process, from the initial design to the demolition and construction process.

get a free consultation

A Free Consultation with Your Amazing Design Team

Start by receiving at least three free quotes for bathroom remodeling companies. The quote should include the final cost and a comprehensive analysis and budget breakdown, complete with material costs and labor costs.

The fabulous design team will work with you to create a preliminary plan for the bathroom.

To make this initial meeting successful, be prepared with all your questions, inspirational designs, and photos. If possible, blueprints or drawings of your bathroom’s current layout.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions during this initial consult.

For example, inquire about the proposed timeline and how disputes or changes to the budget will be handled.

Ask about the company’s history, including how long they have been in business.

The design company should have references, examples of their past work, and the ability to quickly and easily provide their licenses and proof of insurance.

Determine Your Budget and Decide Precisely What You Want for Your Bathroom Remodel

The goal of this initial consultation with a bathroom renovation company is two-fold: Provide you with a preliminary plan and budget for your remodeling projects.

Take this time to determine exactly what you want from the project and ensure the design and construction team can meet your expectations and work on your timeline.

You don’t need to wait for your initial consultation with your team. Instead, you can start the process of formulating your budget long before you contact the first bathroom remodeling company.

Start by making a list of your “must-haves.”

high contrast bathroom remodel

These upgrades and items will make or break the design and renovation.

For example, if you have kids, it would make sense to upgrade your bathtub. However, if you are retired or the kids are older, maybe you want to rip out the existing bathtub in favor of a freestanding steam shower.

With your budget in hand, now it’s time to search “bathroom remodel Sunnyvale, CA,” and contact local bathroom remodelers in your area.

Of course, you could save yourself a lot of time and headaches, and instead, get in touch with the fantastic team at Clever Design and Remodeling!

Work With Your General Contractor and Assigned Project Manager to Choose Your Materials

Your wildest visions and dreams are now on paper, but many homeowners start to feel the process is becoming real when they start choosing materials! Whether you are designing a small bathroom, remodel for guests or an expansive master bathroom spa, your materials list will be very similar and include the following:

  • Plumbing supplies
  • Vanity
  • Vanity top
  • Flooring
  • Mirror
  • Light fixtures
  • Faucets
  • Cabinets and extra storage

wood cabinets in bathroom

From Marble Tiles to Wood Vanities: Choose the Materials for Your New Bathroom Remodeling Project Carefully

Did you know the average homeowner will spend between $70 and $350 per square foot on their bathroom remodel in California?

The cost of materials will take a massive chunk out of your bathroom remodeling budget, so you must choose your flooring, vanity, tile, and finishing touches thoughtfully.

If you need a little inspiration, check out Clever Design and Remodeling’s interactive 3D design tool. Our completely free bathroom remodeling tool will help you get a head start on your remodeling projects from the comfort of your living room couch!

Partial or Whole Bathroom Demolition

Now comes the loudest, most destructive, and arguably the most fun part of the design process: demolition! The demolition costs will vary depending on the square footage of your bathroom, and this number will be included in your overall free estimates.

Don’t worry: Your team of general contractors and demolition crew will keep the mess to a minimum and adequately and sustainably recycle or dispose of all the materials.

Installation and the Final Touches

Your bathroom remodeler will complete your renovation in a systematic, exacting sequence.

The project manager will be available to guide you through the bathroom renovation process and answer any questions!

The process starts with updating any electrical work and plumbing. Be aware that if you are altering your bathroom layout, the cost and time required to install new electrical and plumbing equipment will significantly impact your budget.

Bathroom renovations start with the installation of new flooring. The vanity goes in next, followed by the installation of the shower.

Finally, the fixtures and lighting are installed. The process ends with the new toilet and painting.

Once our Sunnyvale, CA, crew is gone, feel free to add your own finishing touches and design elements!

material and labor costs

From Materials to Labor: An Analysis of Your Sunnyvale Bathroom Remodeling Costs

Your bathroom remodeling cost depends on several factors; each project is unique.

While formulating a preliminary budget, it is helpful to understand what percentage of your budget will be set aside for certain bathroom renovation costs.

Here is a simple breakdown of a prospective Sunnyvale, CA, bathroom remodel project:


Materials will account for over 70% of your overall budget. Materials costs will significantly impact your budget, and if you want to cut costs, it is the best way to keep your budget under control.

Expect to spend the following percentage of your budget on these individual material costs:

  • Fixtures & Plumbing: 15%
  • Floors & Tiles: 20%
  • Countertops & Cabinets: 15%

If your overall budget is $50,000, expect to spend around $10,000 on floors and tiles, $7,500 on fixtures and plumbing, and $7,500 on cabinets and vanity countertops.

If you are creating a larger bathroom with room addition contractors, expect to add anywhere from $85 to $120/square foot to your bathroom remodel budget.

labor and design cost

Labor/Design Fees

Right behind materials, the second largest expenditure will be the labor and design costs.

These costs include the price you will pay for general contractors, sub-contractors, and working with a talented team of designers to bring your bathroom’s vision into reality.

Labor fees generally include demolition and disposal of all fixtures, tile, and appliances, prep work and floor leveling, and installation of all fixtures.

Anticipate the cost of labor and design fees will account for 20 to 25% of your remodeling services and materials budget.

Electrical Work/Ventilation/HVAC

Older homes in Sunnyvale, CA, often require electrical, ventilation, and HVAC updates.

If you are altering the layout, you will also spend additional funds on these factors.

Typically, your ventilation and electrical budget includes moving a few outlets, updating your ventilation fan, and adding or moving light switches and fixtures.

Whatever the case, make sure to set aside at least 15% of your budget.

top finishes in sunnyvale

Finishing Touches/Contingency Fees

Finally set aside at least 10% for all the little finishing touches, from a new soap dispenser to hand towels and artwork, that make your master bathroom or guest bathroom feel like a part of your home.

This amount will also cover any mistakes, unexpected fees, and costs that always pop up during a bathroom or kitchen remodel.

Factors that Determine These Costs

Living in Sunnyvale, CA, or San Jose, CA, means the price you pay for later materials, demolition, and the cost of plumbing and electrical will be different than your cousin in Des Moines, IA, or your grandmother in Key West, FL.

In addition to geography, other factors will significantly impact how much you will pay for every aspect of your bathroom remodeling project.

The availability of materials, the season, the quality of materials, and the bathroom’s square footage are all factors your general contractors and designers will take into account when helping you formulate a preliminary budget.

bathroom clever designers

Let the Amazing Team at Clever Design and Remodeling Tackle Your Master Bathroom Remodel Bathroom

Headquartered in San Jose, CA, Clever Design and Remodeling has been at the forefront of the remodeling industry for several years.

Our team of talented designers, artisans, and contractors is ready to work with you to realize your dreams!

In addition to renovating your Sunnyvale, CA, bathroom, our fantastic crew can help you with several other remodeling projects. Let us reinvigorate your outdated kitchen or design and handcraft a new backyard deck.

Constructing an accessory dwelling unit, or ADU, to act as a passive rental income? We can design and build the ADU, secure the necessary permits, and navigate the ever-changing California laws and regulations.

From a simple kitchen remodel to a whole-home remodel or room addition, our award-winning staff will provide you with an unforgettable experience!

When you entrust your bathroom remodel to the professional team at Clever Design, you can rest assured your satisfaction will always be our top priority.

Our Customers Also Ask

What is the average cost of a bathroom remodel in Sunnyvale?

The typical Sunnyvale bathroom remodeling project will cost anywhere between $18,000 to $50,000.

Once again, some factors will significantly impact your remodel, two of the biggest being the square footage of your Sunnyvale bathroom and the quality of materials.

bathroom remodel cost

What is the most expensive thing about a Sunnyvale bathroom remodel?

The priciest aspect of your bathroom remodeling project will be what the industry insiders call the “wet areas.”

This includes the shower and bathtub and the surrounding walls and flooring.

Renovating your bathroom will be far more expensive if repairs to the subflooring and drywall are required after demolition.

Don’t worry because if our team of contractors in Sunnyvale uncovers any unexpected damage, the resulting costs will be discussed before any renovation continues.

Are Sunnyvale bathroom remodels worth it?

Yes, absolutely!

Remodeling your bathroom not only makes it more convenient, but a simple bathroom renovation also has a fantastic return on investment of 102%, making it one of the most cost-effective ways to spend your renovation dollars!

Do you need help figuring out where to start, or do you want to discuss additional home remodeling services?

Contact Clever Design and Remodeling with all your questions.

Why is remodeling a bathroom in Sunnyvale so expensive?

Ever wonder why renovation projects in Sunnyvale and throughout the rest of California are more expensive than in other areas of the country?

Quite simply, the costs of calling California home, from land costs and housing costs to personal income taxes, are on the rise. Contractors are vying for jobs, and the overall price of materials is on the rise.

Luckily, you can save big money on your Sunnyvale bath renovation project in several simple ways.

Start by hiring a good contractor with experience and professional connections.

Choose materials you can afford during the initial design stage, and do not change your mind halfway through the renovation.

Finally, avoid changing your bathroom’s layout if you genuinely want to save on costs.

Rerouting plumbing and redoing electrical work can add hundreds or even thousands to your renovation budget.

Reviews for Clever Design and Remodeling

The bathroom remodeler did an Excellent Job on my bathroom!

“I was having another baby, so it makes sense to upgrade the second bathroom. I called the team at Clever, and they did a great job. Their free quote was transparent, and a small change made a big difference.”

High-quality materials and the best bathroom remodeling contractors in Sunnydale, CA!

“A great team who did quality work. I checked out Clever’s past projects and was very impressed. I highly recommend this amazing team for anyone who wants to redo their kitchen or bathroom.”

Outstanding bathroom remodelers in Sunnyvale!

“When the work begins, it’s always stressful. I am beyond thrilled with the final product! Clever services many popular locations around me, which is why I will recommend them to family and friends. I might consider a whole house remodel after the bathroom was so smooth!”

A great project management team in Sunnyvale!

“I cannot say enough positive things about the team at Clever! The whole team was so professional. They are truly the best bathroom remodelers in Sunnyvale and Menlo Park!”

The best bathroom remodeling services in Sunnyvale, California!

“I have worked with other bathroom remodelers in the past, but I can confidently say that Clever Design is the best. Top-notch Sunnyvale general contractors!”

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