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Did you know a simple backyard deck project has a fantastic return on investment, or ROI, that rivals the returns you achieve through renovating your kitchen or bathroom?

Living in Sunnyvale allows you the unique opportunity to enjoy your outdoor space all year round, so why not maximize your exterior square footage with a beautiful, functional deck?

There are several residential deck companies near Sunnyvale, CA.

Still, none will provide you with excellent services and possess the skills and knowledge like the team at Clever Design & Remodeling!

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Popular Deck Materials for Your Sunnydale, CA, Home: Pros and Cons

Before hiring deck contractors or deciding whether to add a pergola or spend any extra money upgrading your stairs and railing, you need to determine the ideal deck material for your needs, budget, and climate.

Pressure Treated Wood

Wood that is pressure treated is infused with a variety of different chemicals and preservatives, from copper to chromium or even arsenic, to prevent rot and damage caused by the elements and pests, including termites.

Lifetime Limited Warranties and Ease of Maintenance

Let’s face it: No one wants to spend their Sunday afternoons painting, staining, or pressure washing their backyard deck.

In addition to surviving the harsh UV rays of your Sunnyvale, California, backyard, pressure-treated wood decks require minimal maintenance, and many feature a very fair lifetime limited warranty – Just make sure to read the fine print.

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Beware of Poor-Quality Pressure-Treated Wood

Not all pressure-treated wood is created equally, and in addition to leeching potentially dangerous chemicals used to seal the wood, many lesser-quality, inexpensive brands cannot withstand Sunnyvale’s heat and UV rays.

If you opt for pressure-treated wood, do your homework and invest in high-quality materials.

Wood Decking

The gold standard in the decking industry, wood decking is a classic option, but do the product’s versatility, customization options, and classic elegance make up for all that extra maintenance?

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Unmatched Beauty and Elegance

Redwood and cedar are the two most commonly used conventional woods used to manufacture decking.

Both products are beautiful and hearty, and in the case of cedar, they last anywhere from 25 to 30 years.

Cedar doesn’t absorb water naturally, meaning a well-maintained, sealed hardwood deck requires minimal maintenance.

Expensive and the Need for Frequent Refinishing

When compared to pressure-treated and inexpensive types of composite decking, wood planks are more expensive.

Wood costs constantly fluctuate; in California particularly, they tend to be much hire.

Wood decks also require regular painting and sealing. Sometimes, you will need to reseal or repaint your deck yearly.

trex deck project in sunnyvale

Trex Composite Decking

Trex is one of the top composite decking manufacturers and has been in business since the 1990s.

Composite decking is very popular, but is it your choice? Let the best deck installers in the area help you make that decision.

Your New Deck Will Have the Look of Real Wood for a Fraction of the Price

Decks contractors will often recommend composite decking for several reasons.

Composite decks are very easy to maintain, and because they’re made from a mixture of plastics and sawdust or other wood fibers, you can purchase eco-friendly recycled decking.

This manufactured decking is virtually free of defects, meaning the manufacturers or install companies can utilize every square inch of the product.

Susceptibility to Wear and Tear

Unfortunately, there are downsides to composite decking. To begin, it is difficult to change the color because the product is almost impossible to paint or stain.

Damage is difficult to repair, and the product can become slippery when wet.

exotic tigerwood deck in sunnyvale ca

Exotic Woods

Decks are more than a place to barbeque or watch the kids splash in the family pool.

They are also an investment in your house exterior, and nothing complements high-end landscaping like an exotic wood deck, but homeowners often pause when they see the price tag!

Deck Companies Agree: Exotic Woods Are a Great Return on Investment

Exotic woods have many of the same benefits as traditional woods, including their durability and ease of maintenance.

On top of this, exotic woods are gorgeous, and a custom deck will enhance your home’s aesthetics.

Get Ready to Spend a Small Fortune on High-Quality Materials

Your deck company will happily install an exotic wood deck or patio, but be prepared to spend a small fortune.

The boards are heavy, meaning you must schedule the crew for several additional days before the job is completed.

Many exotic woods, from garapa and ipe to tigerwood, naturally grow in hot environments. Because they absorb the heat, they are often hot to the touch on particularly warm California afternoons.

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PVC and Aluminum Decking Materials

An option that is growing in popularity, artificial decking is the preferred choice of many homeowners and commercial businesses.

Plastic and aluminum decks are competitively priced, but are they the right choice for your needs and lifestyle?

Owners and Deck Contractors Love the Lack of Maintenance and Slip Resistance

No other decking material is easier to care for than aluminum and plastic.

The occasional cleaning with a regular garden hose is all this material requires to remain functional and free of noticeable dirt and debris.

Aluminum and PVC are durable, and the textured surface makes the material slip-resistant.

Expensive and noisy

In addition to the unnatural appearance, this is expected because no matter what the manufacturer, these materials will never truly mimic the look of natural wood; the cost of labor and decking is much higher than other options.

Aluminum decks, in particular, are noisy, and even though it doesn’t rain much in Sunnyvale, CA when it does rain, the sound of water dripping on metal decks will be very noticeable.

broken deck for replacment

Four Telltale Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Sunnyvale Deck

You’ve been enjoying your beautiful backyard deck for years or even decades.

That once sturdy deck is starting to deteriorate, but is it time for an upgrade, or will some extensive repairs suffice?

Here are four clear signs it’s time to contact the team at Clever Design & Remodeling to discuss building a new backyard deck:

1: The Decking Material and Age

Each decking material is unique, and one of the main differences is the material’s lifespan.

For example, adequately maintained pressure-treated wood can remain potent for upwards of 40 years, while a traditional wood deck may only have a lifespan of 15 to 20 years.

Don’t take a chance with your family’s safety, and instead of repairing apparent damage to an aging deck, contact professional deck builders for a free estimate on the cost of materials and installation.

wear and tear deck sunnyvale

2: Obvious Signs of Wear and Tear

Most people call California, and Sunnyvale in particular, home because of the beautiful weather, scenery, and, of course, zero percent chance of snowfall!

Just because the temperatures don’t typically dip below freezing or snow is an anomaly doesn’t mean your backyard deck won’t suffer severe damage.

UV rays will quickly degrade any type of decking materials, from wood to composite and even aluminum. If extensive damage or rot is caused by insects, sunlight, and normal wear and tear, it’s time for a new deck.

3: Wiggle the Deck Railing

Aren’t sure it’s time to contact a professional deck contractor nearby? Grab onto your railing and give it a good shake!

A loose or wobbly railing is often the first sign of severe issues with other deck components, including the joists and stairs.

If there is widespread damage to any parts of your deck, including the railing, we recommend our clients contact us immediately for a totally free consultation and free estimates on materials, labor, and installation.

rotten deck post repair sunnyvale

4: Damaged Deck Posts in Sunnyvale, San Jose, and Los Gatos

Most people don’t stay awake at night worrying about deck posts, but if you haven’t climbed under your deck and inspected the posts in several months or years, now is a great time.

Check for signs of noticeable damage, including wood rot, splintering, rusted metal fasteners, and warping.

If there is widespread damage or if the posts are not plumb with the deck floor, it’s time to contact a pro ASAP for a complete teardown and replacement.

Tips for Choosing the Best Sunnyvale Deck Builder

Congratulations! You’ve decided to build a new backyard deck, but now what?

Here are some easy tips to help you choose the best professional deck builders for your needs and budget:

Does the Deck Builder Specialize in Deck Construction?

Although this might seem obvious, you would be surprised at how many homeowners hire renovation contractors who do not have experience in the planning and construction of backyard decks.

Look for a professional team of employees who know their stuff and can walk you through the entire process of planning and constructing a residential deck.

licensed deck builder in sunnyvale

Licenses and General Liability Insurance

Inquire about the company’s licensing and insurance coverage.

All California contractors must be licensed through the CSLB or the California Contractors State Licensing Board.

At a minimum, your contractor should also carry liability insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, and something called errors and omissions insurance.

Exceptional Service and Business Free Estimates

In addition to a free, transparent estimate, there is another intangible quality that your contractor should possess: incredible customer service!

Look for a company and representative who is friendly, willing to answer all your burning questions, and can provide references and examples of their work.

deck faq's in sunnyvlae

Ask Your Deck Contractor These Crucial Questions

You’ve narrowed down your deck contractors to three or four of the top businesses in Sunnyvale. Now it’s time to find the right professional!

Don’t be afraid to ask these questions:

How Long Have You Been in Business?

Look for an established company with several years of experience serving the wonderful people of Sunnyvale and the rest of Western California.

Beware of a company that has only been in business for a few months and doesn’t have a dedicated business address or even a website.

Do You Have Examples of Past Projects?

Deck companies should be able to provide several examples of past projects. Be cautious of a company that cannot produce even a picture or the name of a satisfied client.

free deck cost estimate in sunnyvale

What Is Included in My Free Estimate?

Deck builders should provide a detailed breakdown of every aspect of your project, from the cost of materials and the price of labor to the demolition and hauling of your old deck.

Be cautious of a company that cannot provide a comprehensive list or surprises you with unexpected charges throughout the construction process.

How Much Will My Sunnyvale Deck Project Cost?

A new deck should cost anywhere between $15,000 to $100,000 or more. One of the most significant factors is the cost of materials.

Do your homework, and if you feel you are being overcharged for materials, take it as a sign to keep looking for a new deck company.

clever deck in sunnyavle

Clever Design & Remodeling: The Best Deck Builders in Sunnyvale, CA

No two deck projects are ever alike, but there is one variable you can count on Clever Design’s exterior home remodeling.

With several years of experience serving the fantastic residents of the Bay Area, you can rest assured that when you hire our quality services, we will guide you through every aspect of your project.

Do you have an existing ADU and want to add a deck? We are pros at adding a new deck to an ADU!

Our Customers Also Ask

How do I choose a deck builder?

Look for builders committed to quality, fantastic customer service, and a proven track record of continued success.

You could spend hours scouring the internet and asking friends and family for recommendations, or you could contact Clever Design & Remodeling!

grilling deck sunnyavle ca

How long does it take to build a deck?

The total installation time can vary depending on several factors, including the weather and materials availability.

How much does a 14×20 deck cost?

The cost of materials has a significant impact on your deck’s cost. For example, redwood costs between $35 and $80 per square foot.

Pressure-treated pine costs roughly between $20 and $45 per square foot.

Our Recent Reviews

chin chongThe best deck builders in Sunnyvale, CA!

“If you need a backyard deck, contact this deck company. They were so precise they even matched the deck’s color to my Sunnyvale fence! Clever has access to the best materials and is highly professional.”

dina rafiaQuality services and my new deck is amazing!

“A great company who helped me construct a new 20×20 deck. The installers are knowledgeable, and the final cost did not exceed our budget.”

tom chatzilimThey did a fantastic job on our front deck!

“My porch deck was in serious need of updating, and Clever Design & Remodeling knew just what to do! The whole experience was so positive, and I would highly recommend this wonderful company to all my friends and neighbors.”

pita bareshetGreat customer service in the San Francisco Bay Area!

“When Clever Design says they commit to customer service, they really mean it. The entire crew went above and beyond. The deck contractor was very professional and skilled, and I’m excited with my new deck.”

samim kashimCompetitive Pricing and Expertise!

“Clever possesses the perfect combination of experience, expertise, and reasonable quotes. I got three bids, and theirs was somewhere in the middle. Besides, Roy was the most comfortable person to work with, and his crew was awesome!”

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