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Named after a coastal redwood tree called the El Palo Alto, Palo Alto, CA, is a picturesque town situated in Santa Clara County.

With roughly 63,635 residents, Palo Alto is the perfect place to explore your career options after college, start a family, or enjoy your time as wild and free empty nesters!

Your entire house is perfect, but one issue is keeping you from calling your current residence your dream home—a lack of outdoor living space.

Hiring the best Bay Area deck builders allows you to enjoy the beautiful California weather by creating an outdoor space that will dramatically increase your home’s value.

Here is the definitive guide to constructing a new deck and why, when it comes to the construction of any outdoor structure, it is best to leave this task to the pros:

enhance your house tip

Enhance Your Palo Alto Home with Exceptional Outdoor Living Spaces

A new deck is the perfect way to improve your home’s curb appeal while increasing its value.

The premier deck experts at Clever Design & Remodeling have been helping Palo Alto homeowners transform their backyards for decades, and we can do the same for you.

Imagine increasing your home’s livable square footage with a deck in your backyard or front yard that perfectly fuses your indoor and outdoor space.

We are committed to providing you with a more accurate estimate, achieving complete customer satisfaction, and creating a remarkable living space you and your family will enjoy for years to come.

Elevate Your Outdoor Living Space: Transforming Your Backyard into a Haven

Your yard is an eyesore but has a lot of potential; you just need to work with the right deck installation services to transform the unused space into an outdoor oasis.

The perfect backyard decking project combines beauty and functionality, and you should also have a great experience during the design and construction process.

We will pay meticulous attention to the finishing touches, from extra storage to seating and the wood finish, to ensure that your dull outdoor space is a place where you will enjoy backyard barbeques, birthday parties, and romantic dinners for two!

maximizing outdoor sapces

Maximizing Outdoor Space: Creating Functional and Beautiful Areas

Did you know the average backyard space in California is approximately 1,625 square feet?

The smaller backyards throughout the Golden State are attributed to the population density, geographical limitations, and competitive housing market.

If your yard space is limited, restrict the size of your deck to no more than 20% of the square footage of your home while creating an exterior living space that is both functional and elegant.

A multi-level deck is one great option that allows you to utilize every inch of your cramped property.

Choose smaller decorative items and furniture to avoid overwhelming the smaller deck and porch.

Use rugs, seating, lamps, and string lights to create an inviting outdoor space.

Crafting Excellence: The Art of Designing the Perfect Deck for Your Entire House

Enhancing your home’s exterior with a deck is a wise investment, but only if you work with the right deck contractor

A new deck should be inviting and complement the existing style and aesthetics of your home’s exterior.

Consider these thoughtful strategic choices when designing a new deck that will harmoniously blend in with home and landscaping:

  • Choose a complementary deck color: Draw inspiration from the roof, trim, or siding color when choosing the paint or stain for your deck.
  • Splurge on quality finishing touches: Create a luxurious exterior space that is a reflection of your home’s interior style. Choose furniture and decorative pieces made from high-quality materials that surely stand the test of time.
  • Enhance your deck’s privacy: Install privacy screens, pergolas, or trellises to protect yourself from nosy neighbors.
  • Work with the landscaping design: Soften the deck’s harsh edges by enhancing the structure’s natural look with potted plants, shrubs, or flower beds.

deck builder in palo alto

Designing Your Dream Deck: From Concept to Reality

Let the team at Clever Design & Remodeling walk you through every stage of designing and constructing your deck.

As one of the most trusted and well-known deck builders in the Bay Area, we have been helping homeowners like you create an enviable outdoor space.

The first step is creating a budget and determining the size and placement of your deck.

Your crew of designer, project manager, and contractors will utilize 3D technology to help you visualize your deck project while ensuring the structural integrity of the deck.

Next, the framing and posts will be installed before the deck and deck railing are fitted.

Finally, the crew will install stairs, stair railings, and other decorative or functional features, such as built-in seating and flower boxes.

Choosing the Right Deck Materials: Unveiling the Secrets of Cedar and Composite

Pricing materials for your deck project is one of the most essential parts of the construction process.

This is often one of the most confusing aspects, especially because you want a deck that is elegant and functional but also requires minimal maintenance.

Consider some of these factors when choosing ideal deck materials:

  • Aesthetics: Choose materials that integrate well into your home’s exterior style. For example, composite decks work well with modern homes. Consider lighter wood if your home features classic architecture.
  • Maintenance requirements: Premium softwoods and hardwoods require more maintenance than PVC, composite, and pressure-treated wood.
  • Durability: Traditional wooden decks have an average lifespan of 10 to 15 years, compared to composite, which lasts upwards of 30 years.
  • Price: Pressure-treated and cedar decking are some of the most cost-effective options. Conversely, hardwood decking, composite, and PVC are among the most expensive.

Remember also to consider the Palo Alto, CA, environment.

Palo Alto has a warm Mediterranean summer climate characterized by hot, dry summers, damp winters, and the potential for strong winds.

You need decking materials that can withstand these conditions. Cedar and composite decking are two of the most ideal solutions.

Cedar Decks: Timeless Beauty, Lasting Durability

Proper maintenance ensures that a cedar deck will remain functional and elegant for over 30 years!

In addition to the material’s longevity, there are several other advantages to choosing cedar as your go-to decking material.

Cedar is a dense softwood; when cultivated and processed correctly, the planks are resistant to rot and warping.

Darker cedar is also naturally resistant to insect damage and rot, so make sure you choose decking material made from the heartwood of the cedar tree.

Cedar is naturally cool to the touch, unlike other materials, including aluminum, making it an ideal material for a hot Palo Alto summer!

The availability, installation, and material costs are less than comparable softwoods.

composite deck solutions

Composite Decks: Innovation Meets Sustainability

Composite decking is made from a combination of natural wood fibers and various forms of plastic.

Unlike wood, which is naturally inconsistent and asymmetrical, composite material is manufactured to look uniform, enhancing its appearance and the overall look of your home’s exterior.

Composite is resistant to shrinkage and sun fading, requires minimal maintenance, is very easy to clean, and doesn’t require additional sealing, staining, or sanding.

If you are ready to start designing your dream composite deck, contact one of the best deck companies nearby, Clever Design & Remodeling!

Investing in High-Quality Materials: Building a Deck That Stands the Test of Time

Invest in a quality product, whether you choose cedar, composite, PVC, aluminum, or pressure-treated wood.

The consistently hot temperatures and constant UV exposure common in Palo Alto can wreak havoc on your deck.

Inferior products simply cannot stand up against these unrelenting conditions.

Expert Builders at Your Service: Why Professional Deck Installation Services Matters

A well-constructed deck can be the crown jewel of your backyard.

Hiring a professional to handle both the design and construction is the best way to protect your investment, ensure your deck is safe and elegant, and retain its value for years to come.

The experts at Clever Design possess the industry experience, expertise, and craftsmanship to build a deck you will love.

In addition to building a better-quality deck, experts can construct the decks much more quickly.

This is because of their attention to detail, proper equipment, and knowledge of local building codes.

Meet Your Trusted Deck Builder: Dedication, Expertise, and Excellence

You want quality, dependability, and affordability, which is what you can expect when you hire the Clever Design & Remodeling team.

When you search deck builders near me, our company’s name will be at the top of the page!

This is because of your unmatched dedication to quality and unparalleled excellence.

We strive to ensure you have a positive experience and are a part of the process from start to finish.

cost of deck palo alto ca

Competitive Pricing, Uncompromising Quality: Value That Speaks for Itself

The average cost of a 20×20 deck in the San Francisco Bay Area is approximately $30,000.

Several factors can influence this price, and many costs are unexpected.

From the site location to permits, inspections, and extra features, the anticipated cost of your project can skyrocket if you aren’t paying attention to your bottom line.

We guarantee upfront transparent pricing and detailed estimates, which can help you remain on budget and avoid unnecessary overages.

When you couple the competitive pricing with your unmatched service guarantee, you wind up with a stress-free experience.

Quality Craftsmanship Defined: Elevating Your Decking Experience

Your deck is more than a place to host family barbeques and birthday parties.

It is an extension of your home’s interior space.

You want the same level of craftsmanship and style you enjoy in your home’s interior reflected in your home’s exterior living space.

This is precisely what you can expect when you work with the premier deck construction firm in Palo Alto, CA.

We will strive to ensure you enjoy every minute spent making memories on your deck.

Our professional deck installation services are second to none, and you will see this for yourself when you hire our fantastic squad of deck builders.

Crafting Quality Work: Where Passion Meets Precision

Many homeowners mistakenly believe deck installation is a quick and simple DIY project that can easily be completed on a weekend.

In reality, constructing a deck from the ground up requires skills, knowledge, dedication, and a passion for quality.

Our experience makes us the perfect choice to construct a quality deck that can withstand the elements and whatever your kids can throw at it!

deck builders in palo alto

Unlocking the Potential: How a New Deck Can Revitalize Your Home

Each family and home is unique, and this one-of-a-kind style and flair should be reflected in your deck.

A new deck can truly transform your outdoor living space and turn your drab, underutilized property into a place that is the talk and envy of the neighborhood.

A perfectly designed deck can make your backyard feel like a natural extension of your indoor living space, allowing you to enjoy nature in a way you never thought possible in the heart of a bustling city.

Beyond Ordinary: Delivering Exceptional Results for Your Outdoor Oasis

At Clever Design, we want your backyard to be a place where you can escape the everyday stresses of traffic, soccer games, work, and family.

We are the right deck contractors near me to make your dreams of creating an outdoor oasis a reality.

If you are ready to start, contact us today for a no-obligation estimate on materials and labor.

The Science of Deck Installation: Ensuring Perfection Every Step of the Way

Building a deck is not much different than constructing a new home, just on a much smaller scale!

Deck construction requires attention to detail, planning, site preparation, and, most importantly, a team with the experience to do the job right.

Whether you are ready to replace your decaying deck, repair a deck that still has life, or want to start from scratch, we will help you understand the costs and processes associated with a typical deck construction project.

deck contractors in palo alto ca

Skilled Deck Contractor, Flawless Results: The Difference Experience Makes

Experience is the hallmark of quality deck installation services, which is exactly what Clever Design is known for!

We have worked with hundreds of San Francisco-area clients just like you who want to transform their homes into places they look forward to sharing with friends and family.

Our commitment to your total satisfaction sets us apart, and that is why you will love working with our fantastic team of designers, artisans, and contractors.

Get A Free Estimate from Skilled Professionals Near You

Are you excited to get started?

First, contact us immediately for a free, no-obligation quote on your deck project.

A project manager can answer any questions about decking materials, costs, timelines, and budgets.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Palo Alto Lifestyle with Our Professional Deck Installation Service

A great deck will elevate your entire home and make it the star of your neighborhood.

Clever Design & Remodeling is the preeminent deck construction firm in the Palo Alto, CA, region.

We aim to create a space you can be proud of, and we place our relationship with our clients above all else.

We can provide you with customized solutions through every step of the process.

After the project is complete, we can help you maintain your deck and perform any necessary repairs to extend the life of your investment.

People in Palo Alto Also Ask

How much does a deck cost in Palo Alto, CA?

The overall average cost to construct a deck in Palo Alto, CA, can vary significantly depending on multiple factors, including:

  • Site preparation costs
  • Materials
  • Labor
  • Availability
  • Deck costs
  • The deck’s size and placement

Can I construct a deck without a permit in Palo Alto?

A permit is required if you construct, perform expensive repairs, relocate, or add square footage onto any residential or commercial deck in Palo Alto, CA.

You must also submit plans to the city, which must be approved before construction begins.

How long does it take contractors to build a deck?

The total time required to build a deck can vary greatly depending on material availability and the weather.

Of course, our team strives to expedite the building process.

Does a backyard deck in Palo Alto add value?

Yes, decks can add tremendous value to your home, but more importantly, the joy you can experience in the sunshine on your deck makes the financial investment worth it!

What Our Clients Say: Recent Reviews in Palo Alto, CA

liam gallagher, palo alto, caClever Design did an excellent job on my kitchen and bathroom!

“Clever Design provided me with the best price by far.

This, combined with the firm’s commitment to quality and transparency, made hiring them an easy decision.

I love the work they did and cannot wait to get started on my deck project!”

olivia nguyen, palo alto, californiOutstanding results and the best price!

“Clever Design has the perfect blend of professionalism and affordability.

I wanted a new deck before summer, and my kids wanted to throw an end-of-school party.

The team delivered on their guarantee to have the project finished in time.

I would recommend Clever to all my friends and family.”

ethan rosenberg, palo alto, caClever Design did beautiful work!

“I was feeling intimidated by the deck installation process and needed help figuring out where to begin.

I got three quotes from three different firms, and Clever Design far and away offered the best price.

Their reputation was wonderful, and I am so glad I hired this fantastic group of people to build my deck.”

sophia chen, palo alto, californiaMy renovation project was easy and stress-free!

“When Clever Design says they guarantee customer satisfaction, they mean it.

I’ve worked with other contractors, but none have been as professional and committed as Clever.

I spend all my time outdoors enjoying my new deck and cannot wait to plan my first neighborhood barbeque!”

jackson lee, palo alto, caMy East Palo Alto deck is the star of the neighborhood!

“As a homeowner who has had bad experiences with design firms in the past, I am happy to say that Clever Design is the best construction company in the Bay Area.

The deck installation went off without a hitch.

The best part is the project was completed several days early and under budget.”

ava patel, palo alto, californiaQuality work and a fair, free estimate!

“I worked with Clever Design when I lived in San Jose.

After moving to Palo Alto, I wanted to build a deck on the side of my custom home.

Clever was my first and only call.

I am in love with the deck and spend most days enjoying the sunshine.”

benjamin kim, palo alto, cThe project manager and contractors were professional and knowledgeable!

“A cousin in Los Gatos recommended Clever Design after having such a positive experience.

I searched for the perfect company to help me with a deck installation, and Clever fit the bill.

My composite deck is wonderful and requires very little maintenance, which is a plus.”

emma hernandez, palo alto, californiaMy deck was completed fast and under budget!

“Clever Design & Remodeling did an excellent job on my Palo Alto front deck.

The team are skilled professionals, and the job was done faster than I could have imagined.”

noah russo, palo alto, cExpect quality and affordability when you work with Clever Design & Remodeling!

“Our family used Clever Design several times in the past for a variety of different projects.

I knew that when it came time to replace my hardwood deck with a composite deck, Clever was the obvious choice.

The framing and building were fast, and the replacement deck is a dream come true.”

mario singh, palo alto, californiaI love my new deck!

“There are hundreds of construction firms throughout the various San Francisco area zip codes.

When I saw the past work completed by Clever Design, I knew they were the obvious choice for my deck.

The installation cost was far less than the competition, and the contractor was polite and could answer all my questions.”

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