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Meet your one-phone-call-away remodeling team - Clever Design & Remodeling. We will deliver 110% customer satisfaction with every project we remodel.

Nestled tightly in San Mateo County is the enchanting Redwood City, which has established itself as one of the best places to live within the Bay Area and throughout the Golden State.

Homeowners throughout the region can enjoy the diversity within the city, the comforts of the environment, and the beauty of the coastline.

While it is great to indulge in the wonders of Redwood City, CA, within your home, you can’t beat the experience of being outdoors on your very own deck!

Welcome to Your New Outdoor Living Space in Redwood City, CA

Whether you have a deck due for some upgrades or are consulting with local deck builders for the first time, the result is always worth the journey.

Indoor-outdoor living is the future of homes across the country, and in Redwood City, CA, a new deck can completely transform your lifestyle within your space and everyday living!

You will have additional places for entertainment and gatherings; you can avoid the need for extensive renovation projects and upgrade the value of your home while enhancing its aesthetics!

custom wood deck builders in redwood city

Discover the Beauty of Custom Wood Decks

It doesn’t take an expert home designer to acknowledge and understand the beauty that comes with wood decks.

This is a traditional option for decking materials as it helps elevate the aesthetics of your Redwood City home, providing high-quality materials that homeowners can depend on.

Safety is always the primary priority when committing to a major remodel or renovation project. 

Although deck installation takes place on the perimeter of your home, it is still a significant undertaking.

Crafting Your Dream Outdoor Living Area with Natural Wood

With wood decks, you can create whatever kind of outdoor living environment you want, allowing you, your family, and visitors to be present and enjoy the wonders of Redwood City, CA!

Whether you are thinking of replacing your current deck with new pressure-treated lumber or are exploring the possibilities of your first deck, this is just the beginning of all the memories you will make there because there are plenty of things to look forward to.

Luckily, this is an affordable upgrade that doesn’t break the bank for those used to the costs associated with California living.

It is less expensive than installing pools and other outdoor accessories for your home, bringing many enhancements to your life.

high quality deck company redwood city

Elevate Your Home with Our High-Quality Deck Installation Services

There are many reasons that wood has maintained its popularity as a primary deck-building material; the quality and appeal of the aesthetics are unmatched.

On top of the beauty, a wood deck offers strength and durability; it is easy to maintain, remains affordable, and is cheaper than other materials.

There are so many benefits that it is too tempting not to move forward with plans for a gorgeous new wood deck at your place!

Why Choose Us for Your Deck Project in South San Francisco

Imagine ending a long day with a comfortable night out on your back deck, cozying up on the comfy patio furniture and watching the sunset.

It is a great way to cool off, even on a warm Summer day, and all of this can be yours when you are working with the right deck builders or deck replacement contractors in the San Francisco area.

Approaching any kind of remodeling or home improvement project requires the help of legitimate deck builders and a responsible project manager.

These professionals can help develop gorgeous decks to transform your daily life, and you get to sit back and proceed with your typical daily schedule without any disruptions or hidden problems throughout the process!

top deck quality in redwood city

Our Dedication to High-Quality Materials for Every Deck Project

Clever Design & Remodeling offers Redwood City and San Francisco homeowners the opportunity to build a new deck, but it is more than just an inanimate structure on your property.

Our crew lends their expertise and an extensive variety of high-quality materials.

You can choose from Cedar, tropical woods, composite decking, engineered options, PVC, aluminum, and more!

When you are creating a deck, it is a way of enhancing your current surroundings, which only boosts your quality of life.

However, this is difficult without local licensed contractors supplying quality work, high-quality craftsmanship, and materials.

Fantastic Job Guarantee: Our Promise to You

With our trade combined with our general expertise, you are guaranteed complete customer satisfaction and a place of solace.

If you want to try out a deck for yourself, we provide free estimates to potential clients in the Bay!

Those free estimates are coupled with a full consultation to preview the possibilities a deck can provide your family, all your household members, and outside visitors!

You will also assigned a personal project manager to oversee the entire process, ensuring the permits are processed on time and all shipments and construction remain on schedule.

Our entire team of builders is dedicated to supplying the highest quality of work when creating and replacing decks while providing a stress-free and seamless process.

full deck ramp redwood city

Explore Our Deck Building Solutions

Whether you are interested in a brand new or upgrading to an old deck, securing a reliable contractor is the first step in your journey.

Our clever designers are committed to crafting gorgeous, customized deck solutions to upgrade your outdoor living area, developing a seamless transition between your home’s interiors and exteriors!

Trusting in the expertise we have cultivated through years of experience and the pool of high-quality decking materials we can offer lends to a successful build!

This can bring a new sense of wonder and stability into your life, all at the same time. The best part is that you don’t have to deal with the logistics of its creation, as our specialists will take care of all the details.

The Advantage of Composite Decking: Beauty Meets Low Maintenance

Composite decking is a commonly used material when creating a deck in Redwood City, California.

Yes, you can branch away from the typical wood panels and utilize a modern, environmentally friendly option that is best known for being low maintenance and

Transform Your Home with Low Maintenance Composite Decks

Composite materials are low maintenance, so your responsibility for the constant upkeep is limited!

You can shop around before choosing the perfect composite decking materials for your property, and there are many kinds to pick from.

Wood fibers or wood-based options offer the beautiful appearance of genuine wood decking without the disadvantages that can come with it.

Composite decks are highly durable, provide homeowners in Redwood City with a budget-friendly building option, and don’t leave the kiddos with splinters!

You can’t beat a water-resistant decking option.

Explore the benefits of composite decks that protect your hands and feet.

redwood city cedar decks

The Charm of Cedar Decks: A Natural Choice

Another viable option for a Redwood City, CA, deck is Cedar, a common choice for many Californian homeowners.

Cedar is known as one of the best wood decking options for the following reasons:

  • It is exceptionally durable and long-lasting.
  • The wood planks will lie flat and fit in any position needed to provide a structurally sound deck.
  • It is resistant to rotting, decay, insects, pests, etc.
  • Moisture and heavy sun will not affect the materials.

Durable and Beautiful: Our Selection of Deck Boards

Integrity bound with quality work and great communication doesn’t amount to a well-rounded experience without the products necessary to produce the goal.

Building a deck takes a team of professionals who can provide a wide selection of materials to choose from so your household ends up with precisely what you were looking for or perhaps something better than you knew you needed.

Without state-of-the-art decking solutions, you will retain a sound structure built to last through the decades and be fully tailored for your home!

You can opt for a TimberTech deck developed to perfection, Trex decking, traditional woods, cedars, redwoods, tropical wood boards, PVC, etc.

The possibilities continue, and our deck installers help you determine the most suitable and beautiful options for your newest sanctuary for outdoor living!

perfect outdoor deck in redwood city

Enhance Your Outdoor Living with Additional Features

We are a deck company in Redwood City, California, but our contracting services can also help residents significantly upgrade their outdoor property.

Some wish to make levels with a retaining wall, and others are more interested in developing a fire pit space to gather with family and loved ones. Still, regardless of how you think of elevating your backyard, there are additional options you may not have even considered.

That is exactly what our experts are there for building, inspiring, and assisting with all home improvement efforts!

Elegant Patio Covers: The Perfect Addition

As a premium deck contractor in Redwood City, CA, we always want to ensure our clients find the right fit for their outdoor addition.

Sometimes, decks cover that; other times, it is a new patio cover!

If you already have a patio accenting your place but have yet to install a cover to avoid lousy weather amid a barbeque or the first get-together of the Summer, it may be time to request a full consult on the project.

  • A patio covering helps to defend your patio from the harsh realities the sun can place on the materials, causing wear and tear alongside rain and other natural elements.
  • Covers help to keep everything cool! You won’t have to worry about it ever getting too hot when gathering outside on the patio again.
  • It helps to make the patio area more accessible and user-friendly, so you won’t ever have to head inside when the weather gets bad while grilling outside.
  • Like decks, a patio cover instills additional value in your home and offers additional appeal to buyers if you ever choose to sell the property!

pergola builders redwood city ca

Custom-Designed Pergolas: A Touch of Elegance

Why not check out our free estimates on pergolas, too?

Pergolas are extremely popular throughout the Redwood City area, and at our company, our specialists craft contemporary options that can bring a fresh twist to your current space!

Building a new pergola brings many advantages to your backyard or outdoor spaces.

  • You have a fun place to grab shade in the Spring and Summertime.
  • They are a further extension of your indoor living areas.
  • The household can find a sense of privacy outside, away from neighbors and other people.
  • They provide an affordable way for you to transform your outdoors!
  • Pergolas offer a cute spot to entertain guests.
  • They add value to the home.

Gourmet Outdoor Kitchens for Ultimate Entertaining

If you already had your mind focused on building a fire pit, why not consider a full gourmet kitchen option as well?

More and more residents in the Redwood City region and throughout the state of California have been building additional kitchens outside of the home’s interiors.

Some choose pizza ovens, others add a bar to the scene, but the great thing about building a kitchen in your backyard is the ability to do whatever you want with it!

When you are already grilling and eating outside with friends and family, you might as well sit down with the builders and designers at Clever Design to get a more in-depth idea of the possibilities!

  • This is the perennial of indoor and outdoor living, as an outdoor kitchen option allows you to move seamlessly through both spaces and provides options on where you want to cook!
  • Many with outdoor kitchen options actually eat healthier and are more conscious of the foods they use for their meals.
  • You don’t have to deal with the leftover smells after cooking that linger in your primary kitchen.
  • This is the perfect spot for additional entertainment, and it offers more space without being confined by walls or barriers.
  • You will see savings on energy, as everyday cooking won’t increase the overall temperatures of your household, kicking the air conditioner on and off constantly.
  • Last but not least, this is something modern homebuyers are looking for in a backyard, and it will increase the overall value of your home!

redwood city deck builders

Our Services in Redwood City and Beyond

We understand that hiring deckbuilders in Redwood City or hiring contractors for any kind of home improvements is a significant decision to make as a household.

With our building and design team, you can access consistent support and help developing everything from decks to a marsh fence, retaining walls, patio covers, and more!

We pride ourselves on remaining a quality deck company that brings exceptional opportunities to the neighborhoods in Redwood City, California, and we use the best materials in the industry to do so.

Transforming your space is both exciting and easy with our local crew of specialists, and we are committed to bringing balance to your life during the project so you can enjoy the enhancements upon its completion.

Proudly Serving Redwood City with High-Quality Service

As a local contractor within the Golden State, we are proud to offer our elite service options to residents in San Jose, Redwood City, CA, and the surrounding cities of the Bay!

Our clients are always our top priority, and our affordable deck-building solutions are a significant part of that.

We are focused on showcasing our abilities and demonstrating our work through our team members and high-quality decking materials.

fresh deck installation redwood city

Your Local Deck Contractor: Ready to Serve Redwood City

If you are ready to get started on your deck solutions for your Redwood City home or a house within neighboring areas, our crew is prepared to deliver!

We are locally licensed contractors in the Bay carrying general liability insurance, placing our customers, their happiness, and protection first.

Our crew offers deck building for new installation projects and deck replacement when your current outdoor living spaces aren’t doing it for the home anymore!

Expanding Your Patio into the Outdoors of South San Francisco

We service more than just the Redwood City areas and can schedule consultations within nearby cities if you want to craft a patio, deck, or other outdoor adventures.

With our local design experts and construction team, you remain the most integral part of planning as we aim to deliver nothing less than total satisfaction from our clientele!

The Benefits of Choosing Our Decking Solutions

There are many somewhat popular locations throughout Redwood City for help in deck construction, but only one that will tailor things to your wants and needs.

When working with Clever Design and Remodeling, our team allows you to customize your deck fully!

deck builders near me

Experience the Difference with Decking Materials for Your New Deck

Our team of deck builders can help with everything from the initial consultation and budgeting, planning and permitting procedures, construction and build, and the finishing touches.

We are walking hand in hand with our clients from point A to Z, and our team maintains a sense of pride in the craftsmanship we offer to the community.

We specialize in deck building and construction and have extensive knowledge of various decking materials and types.

We will help evaluate your property’s downsides, upsides, and unique details before the project begins!

Choosing the Right Decking Contractor for Your Outdoor Space

Picking the right contractor to work with on this project is the determining factor in its success, and with our specialists, you can trust in the knowledge and experience we lead with.

You don’t have to take our word for it; previous clients have offered their 5-star ratings, and you may review our diverse portfolio for more insight before booking our services.

Why Our Clients Trust Us

It is no secret that home improvements can be intimidating, and many homeowners throughout California will put things off until the space is no longer functional or practical for modern living.

This is why we supply free estimates for Redwood City homeowners so that our home remodeling and improvement experts can share their experience and quality work ethics within and throughout the community!

Our team will also offer a full consultation to review your vision for the space so we can bring that vision into reality.

nice deck project redwood city

Deck Installers Who Do a Fantastic Job Every Time

We only provide accurate assessments and recommendations that our customers can trust and hold ourselves to the highest standards.

Our crew of deck builders is fully dedicated to enhancing your outdoor space, and we want to ensure that you will enjoy the space for many years to come, no matter what deck you choose.

Attention to detail and every last finishing touch is approached with immense focus and precision for every project we are privileged to be a part of, every single time!

Deck Companies vs. Our Personalized Approach

A large part of deck building is getting your hands dirty, and not all deck contractors are willing to do this, which supplies clients with a hands-off approach.

Our business was founded to interact and establish relationships with the customers we serve, and that is to give each and every project our undivided attention and individualize the experience!

Customized decks also allow you to fully personalize your space and tailor it to your ways of life.

So whether you need help building deck stairs, want to install something completely new, or need steel framing, a deck replacement, patios, or pergolas – our contractors will tailor the process to you and for you!

decks in redwood city

Start Your Journey to an Exquisite Outdoor Living Space

Enter this miraculous journey with our affordable deck builders in Redwood City and discover what your outdoor spaces can become!

At Clever Design & Remodeling, we pride ourselves on the quality of our deck construction and how we specialize in constructing and designing it.

With decades of experience under our belts, our team is ready to provide the deck of your wildest dreams, constructed with superior materials and at the best price in town!

Begin Your Deck Installation with Business-Free Estimates

What are you waiting for when you can start things today?

Contact our builders and designers for a free quote and consultation on your home’s newest addition.

We look forward to building something extraordinary with you!

From Vision to Reality: Building Your Dream Deck in Redwood City, CA

Clever Design and Remodeling aims to make everything as easy as possible for our clients, and you can leave the logistics up to us.

With our deck-building experts, you get to watch your vision come to life right before your eyes and be a part of the process every step of the way!

people from redwood city ask about deck cost

People also ask

How do I find a good deck builder in Redwood City, CA?

Home remodeling services are a massive undertaking, and when you are hoping to build the deck of your dreams, deck builders that keep their customers’ interests, wants, and needs in mind are essential to the process.

When you are searching for the right deck contractor for the construction project, consider the following:

  • Ask friends, family, and even neighbors for referrals to companies they have worked with on deck construction or replacement projects.
  • Do your research online and verify the deck and home remodeling contractors’ licensing information.
  • Narrow down the search by looking in your zip code, as working with local businesses is more reliable than seeking assistance from companies out of town.
  • Look at prior client reviews and take their experience into account.

Do you need building permits to build a deck in Redwood City, CA?

Residents cannot begin construction on any structure until the proper permits are secured.

You cannot build a new deck without submitting plans to the city and gaining approval.

Building codes will vary from San Bruno, San Jose, Redwood City, and other zip codes in the Bay Area.

You can learn more about the details at California’s government website!

cheap deck builder redwood city

Is TimberTech or Trex better?

Both TimberTech and Trex decking are composite decking that offer their advantages and disadvantages for users.

TimberTech resists extreme weather conditions, sun rays, and general moisture. Still, if you want more durability and less maintenance, Trex decking options are the primary choice!

What are the disadvantages of Trex decking?

While Trex Decking Construction offers Redwood City homeowners long-lasting solutions and can fulfill clients’ dreams, there are some downsides to be on the lookout for.

  • They are slippery after being exposed to rain or moisture.
  • If the deck is not cleaned properly, mold and mildew build-up is possible.
  • You cannot change the paint color of the materials once installed.
  • It is more expensive than wood decking and other materials.

Our Satisfied Customers in Redwood City

Kristen & Jack G. San Mateo, CAClever built a beautiful trex deck in our backyard!

“I am astounded by how transformative this experience has been; our backyard is officially a sanctuary our whole family enjoys.

These deck builders provided a very good bid, offered amazing materials, and completed everything on schedule!”

Kristen & Jack G. San Mateo, CA

Benjamin L Daly City, CATop deck builders near me!

“The deck builders with Clever are true professionals with accurate knowledge around the construction and execution of decks.

We initially contacted Perretti Builders for a free estimate, but Clever was the right choice.

They supplied great communication and support and fulfilled our deck dreams!”

Benjamin L Daly City, CA

The Vineyard Family Redwood City, CAThe best deck builder in Redwood City!

“Major kudos to these contractors for their exceptional service and construction.

The team delivered everything I needed and more within budget, and now we have a gorgeous, functional deck!”

The Vineyard Family Redwood City, CA

Margie & Mark S. San Jose, CAExperts for wood decks!

“Our family has always hoped to create wood decks for our home, but this particular task wasn’t something we could DIY.

The crew took care of everything from building permits to planning, and they did an excellent job with our deck installation in San Jose!”

Margie & Mark S. San Jose, CA

Danny B. San Francisco, CAQuality craftsmanship and affordable pricing!

“If you are looking for a decking contractor in the Bay Area with amazing customer service and even better prices, this is the right company for you.

We loved our project manager and felt completely comfortable during the building and construction process!”

Danny B. San Francisco, CA

The McClement Family San Carlos, CAA deck building contractor we highly recommend!

“This was the first major remodel in our new home after recently moving over from the San Carlos area.

We requested detailed estimates from a few contractors before deciding on Clever, and we are so happy with our decision and new deck!’

The McClement Family San Carlos, CA

Brittany & Kyle M. Palo Alto, CAExcellent job replacing our old deck in Redwood City!

“Our deck had run its course, and it was time to make a replacement, but we needed high-quality deck builders to help.

Clever Design was the perfect deck contractor for our replacement, and now we have extraordinary new composite decking materials that feel and look beautiful!”

Brittany & Kyle M. Palo Alto, CA

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