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Redwood City Kitchen Remodelers | Clever Design

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The kitchen isn’t only the heart and soul of your home. It is also the space where you fix Thanksgiving dinner, help your kids with their math homework, or make a cup of hot chocolate after a family sledding trip. You would not trust the room where most of your family memories are made to […]

Kitchen Remodeling Sunnyvale, CA

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Sunnyvale Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Expert: What Do They Do? Licensed bathroom remodeling contractors specialize in modifying existing structures and spaces rather than rebuilding them. Making a kitchen bigger is excellent, but in many ways, reorganizing a kitchen can make it feel larger without any of the extensive construction. In this way, their remodeling work […]

Top 10 Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid in 2024 As Palo Alto Homeowners

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You spend hours in the kitchen perfecting recipes, cleaning up after your kids, and, most importantly, making memories. Like most San Francisco-area homeowners, your main goal for a kitchen renovation is creating a space that is enviable but also works for you. A kitchen remodel is a considerable expense, but the financial and functional returns […]

The San Jose Flavor Palette: Color Trends in Modern Kitchen Designs for 2024

San Jose Flavor Palette in kitchen design

Your San Jose, CA, is not only drab and outdated, but it is no longer functional and does not serve your growing family. The hottest kitchen colors in 2024 are unexpected and bold and will make you very happy you contacted a local design team to reimagine the space. Here is the definitive guide to […]

Kitchen Remodelers Hillsborough, CA

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Did you know the average American spends over one hour a day preparing meals and spending time with family in their kitchen? For many homeowners, the kitchen is the place where their most cherished memories are made. If you are ready to remodel your Bay Area kitchen, you want to ensure the professionals you hire […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Kitchen Remodeling in San Mateo, CA

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Starting Your Kitchen Remodeling Project off Right Beginning a kitchen remodeling project in Redwood City, San Jose, or anywhere across the Bay area is a process many residents choose to go through. It is a significant upgrade to any house and a sound investment, regardless of your future vision. A kitchen remodel in San Mateo […]

Kitchen Remodel Mountain View, CA

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If you’re like most homeowners, chances are an extensive kitchen remodel is at the top of your “dream home transformation” wishlist. It can be challenging to tackle even a modest kitchen project on your own – which is why you need to contact the kitchen remodeling contractors at Clever Design & Remodeling. Transform Your Culinary Space: […]

Kitchen Remodel in San Jose

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We believe the kitchen is the heart of your San Jose, CA, home—a place to create family traditions and where memories are made. Your Bay Area kitchen is likely a gathering spot for friends and family, so you want it to be a welcoming, cheerful place with lots of natural light, plus the counter space […]