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The San Jose Flavor Palette: Color Trends in Modern Kitchen Designs for 2024

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Your San Jose, CA, is not only drab and outdated, but it is no longer functional and does not serve your growing family.

The hottest kitchen colors in 2024 are unexpected and bold and will make you very happy you contacted a local design team to reimagine the space.

Here is the definitive guide to help you create a modern kitchen design with some of the hottest, trendiest, and unique colors for 2024:

contrasting color kitchen
Bold, contrasting colours, such as hot red, continue to be en vogue throughout San Jose kitchens

Top Color Trends in San Jose Kitchens for 2024

Your kitchen and style are unique, and you want your kitchen remodel to not only reflect your one-of-a-kind taste but also feature colors and elements you can enjoy both today and for several years to come.

Located in the heart of the competitive Silicone Valley, San Jose is known for its dynamic citizens, close proximity to some of the best wineries in California, and, of course, beautiful, clear blue skies all year long.

White kitchens featuring contrasting dark accents are a hot trend that will continue into 2024.

Green continues to dominate – and people continue to find inspiration in their own backyard by choosing more natural shades of pale green, such as sage and earthy moss.

Complement your earthy scheme with shades of blue, including a deeper blue-black or a more subtle coastal blue if you prefer a lighter take.

green kitchen color
Green adds a beautiful touch to any room but avoid shades which don’t attract natural light

Avoid These Outdated Colors

You’ve always appreciated a more modern style and want to ensure that your kitchen mimics the cover of your favorite interior design magazine.

This, of course, means learning which colors are out of style as much as learning about the hottest hues for 2024.

Here are a few drab, outdated colors that will make your kitchen the talk of the town – and not in a good way:

  • Avoid outrageous shades of orange – The mid-century modern look was on-trend for several years, and so was orange.
  • Avoid brighter, bold shades of orange in favor of a lighter shade if you want to incorporate this tricky color into your kitchen.
  • Steer clear of matte or bright white – Avoid matte or bright white in favor of more subtle shades of off-white, especially if you want to paint your kitchen cabinetry or kitchen island.
  • Stay away from mint green – While mint green can still work in a small guest bathroom, this color can quickly overtake your kitchen and make it feel cold, uninviting, and even institutional.
blue and gold two tone kitchen color
Royal blue with gold finish provides a classy, two-tone finish with colours that compliment each other

Add Depth With a Two-Tone Kitchen

A duotone color palette is not a new concept.

However, if you want to create a modern kitchen in your home, you need to choose your colors carefully.

For example, instead of choosing the classic combination of black and white, opt for a darker shade of off-white and a darker tone of blue.

Another on-trend way to introduce two different tones into the kitchen is to introduce matte finishes a few shades darker than a glossy color.

A neutral-tone countertop, such as a tan, will pair well with flooring and cabinets with several shades of color but in the same tone.

Remember, brown is a classic color that is great for adding warmth while creating a contemporary feel.

The right kitchen remodeling team in San Jose can help you find the ideal complementary tones to create a sophisticated kitchen.

yellow kitchen colors
Yellow is bold, warm, and inviting as a kitchen tone.

Forget Your Grandmother’s Kitchen: Modern Shades of Yellow for Your San Jose Kitchen

Yellow has gotten a bad rap because many associate this color palette with a baby’s bedroom, a guest bathroom, or the color of their grandmother’s outdated, although homey and inviting, kitchen.

The perfect shade of yellow can brighten small kitchens and make a large kitchen look even more spacious.

The key is choosing the right shade of yellow – which can be difficult if you don’t know where to start!

Look for a shade of heirloom yellow, ideal for a modern, updated farmhouse kitchen.

A sunny shade of yellow is the one color that will work with almost any aesthetic, and the best part is that it will complement a deeper shade of purple, another hot color trend going into 2024.

Remember – purple is a bold color that can easily overwhelm any space, particularly the kitchen, so use this hue sparingly during your renovation.

light pink kitchen colors
Pink, especially light pink, remains a favourite for kitchens in need of a lighter, sunnier touch to them

Don’t Be Afraid of Warm Red or Light Pink Walls

A downright tricky shade to work into a modern kitchen if you are feeling adventurous, pastel pink is one of the trendiest colors for 2024 and will work if you know how to introduce this understated color correctly.

For example, a lighter shade of pink, including pastel pink paint, pairs beautifully with black countertops, appliances, and flooring.

Consider integrating pink into the finishing touches, such as a light pink backsplash or pink small appliances.

If you are scared of pink, chances are you are downright terrified of red, especially when using red as the one color you use throughout the majority of your kitchen.

To remain on-trend, steer clear of bright shades of red and instead opt for earthy, rustic tones, such as terra cotta.

wood tone cabinet
Wood-tone cabinets offer a natural feel to any kitchen and remain a timeless favorite

Tips for Kitchen Cabinets with Wood Tones

Wood-toned kitchen cabinets will never go out of style – you just need to know which ones are hot and which should be avoided.

Warm cabinetry with red and orange undertones is a hot trend that pairs perfectly with neutral-tone paint colors and counters, such as off-white marble countertops.

Both extremely light-colored wood and cherrywood were popular several years ago, but they are quickly going out of style.

flooringPair Dark Wood Cabinetry With Light Colored Flooring

The look of dark wood cabinetry adds a hint of sophistication and elegance to an otherwise bleak, modern kitchen.

The best way to ensure your darker wood cabinetry doesn’t appear outdated is to pair the cabinetry with lighter paint colors and lighter shades of wood or tile flooring.

Pair black cabinetry with lighter-stained natural wood flooring for the most dramatic contrast.

Black marble or granite countertops with flecks or grey or white veins will also compliment this look.

You can create a more cohesive look and flow by opting for darker upper cabinets, lighter wood tones for the lower cabinets, and light wood or tile flooring.

Need some inspiration for your kitchen? Check out our kitchen design before and after images!

kitchen cabinetCreate the Perfect Contrast With White Cabinets And Dark Colors

On the flip side, if you are in love with sleek white cabinets but aren’t sure how to style your favorite color of white with a deeper shade of blue, gray, or stark black flooring.

Once again, steer clear of a bright white or white matte finish in favor of an off-white cabinet.

Opt for glass doors rather than solid wood cabinet doors to create a more open kitchen.

Glass doors or open shelving is a simple trick to make any small room or small kitchen seem much bigger than it is without sacrificing storage.

red with stainless steel
If your kitchen features various stainless steel appliances, a dark shade of red will contrast beautifully

Color Trends for Stainless Steel Appliances

Stainless steel appliances have been the standard for years – and this trend will continue well beyond 2024.

This is excellent news for homeowners with a limited design budget who want to update their kitchen without splurging on new appliances.

Several popular wall colors for 2024 will pair perfectly with stainless steel.

For example, forest green is not only a versatile color; it is one of the hottest kitchen color trends that can be utilized in every room of the house.

A dark, earth-toned red delivers depth and pairs perfectly with almost any shade of kitchen cabinetry and different styles of stainless steel.

Want to upgrade your kitchen to stainless steel and know how this will impact your overall kitchen remodel cost?

kitchen island
A kitchen island in a bold, standout color, will really emphasise your room

kitchen islandYour Kitchen Island: Creating a Focal Point With Design and Color

Kitchen islands are not only versatile and utilitarian, this must-have for more San Jose homeowners is hot, hot, hot.

When it comes to kitchen islands, bigger is usually better, and don’t assume you need to use the same paint color for your island that is featured on the walls or cabinets.

Instead, one of the hottest trends is a large kitchen island painted a stand-out color.

Another sophisticated take on a classic kitchen island is to ditch the classic kitchen table and use the island as the main seating area in the space.

Pair your island with bar seating and light fixtures with the same tone, finish, or materials, including ceramics, industrial metal, or even wood.

kitchen accent colors
Having the right accent colors – such as while countertops in an otherwise dark-toned kitchen – can really define your rooms look

Add Warmth With Well-Placed Accent Colors

The right accent color palette can make or break your kitchen design and remodel.

Remember, you don’t need to add color to the room with wall paint alone.

For example, if you have a small kitchen and are afraid that introducing dark wall colors or cabinets will overwhelm the space, choose darker shades of furniture, light fixtures, decor, and other accents.

If you want to add depth to the room with accent colors, some of the hottest accent colors in 2024 include honey-toned neutrals, deeper shades of olive green, and grayish greens.

kitchen islandThe Importance of Clean Lines and Natural Light

You are finally choosing the ideal colors for your new kitchen and cannot wait to start painting.

However, if you don’t paint swatches on kitchen walls that receive natural light, you will not get a true sense of the color’s depth and undertones.

Additionally, one of the hottest kitchen trends for 2024 is minimalism, such as opting for a single primary color and a single accent color for the space.

Clean lines will help draw attention to the room’s architectural details and will make the finished product look more crisp and high-end.

The right kitchen remodelers will help you understand how to choose the right paint color for any San Jose kitchen!

faq kitchen color trends
Trends come and go like the wind on occasion. Here are some pointers which will keep you up to speed!

faqsWhat People Ask Kitchen Remodelers in San Jose

What are the color trends for kitchens in 2024?

Need a few simple ideas for your modern San Jose kitchen?

Some of the hottest color trends include bright and colorful shades of green and yellow, jewel tones, and calming shades of blue, pink, and green.

Remember, not all these colors will work in the kitchen, and you need to work with a pro to find the right color palette and plan the best kitchen remodel.

white cabinets kitchen
You can never go far wrong with white. But finding a complimentary color will be down to your own tastes.

What is the best color for a modern kitchen?

The best kitchen remodel starts with choosing the best color palette for a modern kitchen – which can be tricky.

In most cases, the best color for a modern kitchen is white – but you need to choose a shade that works with your cabinets, flooring, and appliances.

warm kitchen tones
Warm-toned cabinets will always add warmth to your kitchen, even in winter months

What is the most popular cabinet color in 2024?

There are several hot cabinet colors for 2024, including gray, black, white, warm-tone brown, and two-tone cabinets.

Choosing the right cabinet colors is only one step in planning home improvements for your San Jose kitchen.

Our licensed team of general contractors in San Jose can help you plan every step of your kitchen, bathroom, or whole-home remodeling project.

dark kitchen tones
Whether you opt for sunny, earthy tones, or darker, natural shades, our team at Clever Design will be ready to assist!

What are the colors for kitchens in 2024?

With all the options available, narrowing down your options for the hottest kitchen colors for 2024 can be tricky.

Whether you choose a shade of “greige,” a hot shade of gray/beige, or feel more comfortable with off-white, the right design team can help you choose the ideal color that will make your kitchen pop!

grey kitchen cabinets
Some kitchen colors are simply timeless and grey is no exception.

Will grey cabinets be out of style in 2024?

Gray has been a popular color for decades – and this trend will continue into 2024.

However, to stay on-trend, avoid cool-toned gray, such as gray with blue undertones, in favor of warmer shades of gray.

white cabinet
People looking for neutral colors in their kitchen are sticking with whites and greys

Are white kitchen cabinets going out of style in 2024?

White cabinets are here to stay, and if you want to create an upscale look, you can opt for inexpensive white cabinets for your San Jose kitchen.

Are you considering constructing an accessory dwelling unit and need to find the perfect shade of white cabinets for your ADU kitchen? We can help you design and build all varieties of ADUs!

white kitchen cabinets
Have we mentioned how attractive white is in the kitchen??

What color kitchen never goes out of style?

Once again, the answer to this question is white!

White kitchen walls, cabinets, flooring, and counters are timeless – but you need to consider the shade and undertones if you want to remain on-trend.

Opt for warmer shades of white or off-white and steer clear of true white or cooler tones of the color, as these will make your San Jose kitchen appear dated.

kitchen blue colors
It’s okay to play it safe with colors that have stood the test of time such as blues or warm neutrals. Whatever your personal choice is will be the best!

What color kitchen sells for the most?

Think back to when you purchased your San Jose home; chances are, the make-or-break factor of buying the home was the kitchen – including the wall and cabinet colors.

Stick to colors that are timeless but still modern and appealing to a mass audience – including gray, white, and warm neutrals.

bigger kitchen feel
Lighter accent tones, coupled with natural light, will make any kitchen feel much larger!

What colors make a kitchen look bigger and brighter?

Stick to lighter tones of your favorite color, or when in doubt, white will also make a room feel brighter and more inviting.

Remember, there is no substitute for natural light when trying to make a space feel more open and airy!

wood toned kitchen cabinets
Wood-tone cabinets remain in style and blend well with warm undertones

Are wood-tone kitchen cabinets in style?

When it comes to finished and unfinished wood cabinets, stick with warm undertones of yellow, red, or orange.

Steer clear of cooler undertones like blue, pink, or green to create an updated look.

Clever 3d model app
Unsure of what your ideal remodeling project should look like? Let our 3D rendering app (link below) inspire you!

How do you make wood cabinets look modern?

Are you renovating your kitchen and bathroom but are stuck on the right way to make your existing wood cabinetry look more sleek and modern?

Contact us today for a free consultation and some advice about revamping your existing cabinets or, better yet, utilizing our 3D remodeling tool to design custom cabinets that will modernize your bathroom and kitchen!

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