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Accessory dwelling units, or ADUs, are a scorching topic in California real estate for many reasons. Redwood City ADUs provide affordable housing options for struggling California residents and allow you to earn some extra income or create a space for family members to stay close while increasing your Redwood City property value, thanks to the additional square footage.

Want to learn even more about ADUs, including how to unlock the Hidden Potential of ADUs in your property? Read on and then partner with the Leading ADU Builders for quality craftsmanship!

The Benefits of an ADU in Redwood City

An accessory dwelling unit, ADU, is a self-contained living space that is either attached or detached from your primary residence. You can opt for a new construction ADU or pay to convert an existing structure, such as your garage or basement.

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There are a seemingly endless number of benefits to having a detached or attached ADU constructed on your San Mateo County property, including:

  • Earn extra income.
  • Keep your aging parent, in-laws, or teenagers safe.
  • Do your part in combating the San Francisco area’s affordable housing crisis.
  • Add square footage and increase the value of your single-family home.
  • Promote sustainability by lessening the destruction of natural habitats.

Why build a new house to increase your property’s value? Inquire about our ADU Services for a seamless project execution and to learn more about the many benefits of Redwood City ADU construction.

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How People Use Accessory Dwelling Units in Redwood City, CA

Your home’s space isn’t benefiting your family members or bottom line, and you are looking to consult with Local ADU Experts for your next project. You understand that an accessory dwelling unit is a valuable asset, but how will you utilize all this new square footage?

Clever Bay Area citizens have been finding practical, financially beneficial, and fun ways to utilize the space afforded by their garage conversions, guest house, or new detached ADUs, including:

The Classic Extra Living Space

Are you outgrowing your current Redwood City home but don’t want to spend the enormous costs associated with new home construction plans? A new ADU construction will give you additional living space that can be utilized in several ways.

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Office Workspace

With the rise of remote work, many Bay Area homeowners are looking for clever, inexpensive ways to add a home office workspace to their existing property.

An ADU contractor can help you find the ideal way to either add additional space to your main house through an attached garage conversion or basement conversion or by building a stand-alone detached unit on your property.

Entertaining Friends & Family

What California homeowner wouldn’t want a fun new space in their home to entertain friends and family? Imagine a garage converted into a space to host Thanksgiving dinner or a basement turned into a family game room.

Both these possibilities, and many more, are possible when you transform existing structures with accessory dwelling units and ADU construction! Ready to start? Contact Our Team today, and let’s bring your vision to life.

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Teenager Space

Teenagers need their space, and if you want more than one bedroom but don’t want to pay the exorbitant costs of a completely new construction project, talk to our team about transforming your existing dwelling without the need for an extensive new construction.

Trust us when we tell you that once the project is over, it won’t even look like the same property!

Granny Flats

The affordable housing supply is dwindling in the San Francisco Bay Area. If your aging family members can no longer afford their rent or mortgage or are in failing health, ask our team about constructing a one-bedroom ADU or in-law suites.

Constructing a high-quality attached or detached unit will allow you to keep your aging parents close while increasing your property value.

Rental Income Potential

Whether you want to construct a quaint backyard cottage or convert your existing garage or basement, one of the best reasons to plan an accessory dwelling unit project is to earn extra income. The new construction ADU can be used as short-term rentals on Airbnb or Vrbo or for long-term rental income.

Contact us today to learn how to Maximize Your ADU Investment for the best returns.

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Attached ADU Vs. Detached ADU

Although there are different sub-categories of ADUs, most Bay Area homeowners can choose from either a detached or attached accessory dwelling unit construction.

Both options are versatile, have pros and cons, and are subject to different local regulations based on the underlying zoning district of the property owner.

Prefab ADU

Want to enjoy the advantages of an ADU but don’t have the patience to wait for build services to construct a unit from the ground up? You’re in luck because several varieties of ADUs, from detached in-law units to structures that can be attached to your main house, are available prefabricated.

These prefab ADUs can be designed with your needs, budget, and tastes in mind. Additionally, by choosing a prefab structure that was preapproved by the city, your timeline will be much shorter. Explore our Bay Area ADU Solutions for innovative living spaces to learn more.

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Converting an Existing Garage

It is often more economical to utilize every existing square foot in your Redwood City than construct a new ADU from the ground up.

Basement conversions and garage conversions are trendy for several reasons, including the need for minimal upgrades to existing electrical systems and sewer systems. You also don’t need to make any changes to the home’s exterior appearance.

Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit

Junior accessory dwelling units, or JADUs, are semi-detached ADUs of no more than 500 square feet. Most people convert an existing space in their home, but to qualify as a JADU, the structure must have a separate entrance.

How Do I Apply for an ADU in Redwood City?

The construction process starts with both finding a reputable builder in Redwood City and filling out the necessary paperwork, including forms to receive a building permit.

In Redwood City, the homeowner must apply for any necessary building permits, complete a pre-building checklist, and pay any resulting fees.

The application, approval process, and building codes can be very confusing. This is why you must research your project’s Top ADU Contractors Nearby.

If you want to learn more information, check out the Redwood City Accessory Dwelling Unit Rules and Ordinances for more information and to get started.

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Pre-Reviewed Plans

Each homeowner is different, and their needs are always unique. If you want to learn more about our pre-reviewed plans, which can save you time and money, contact us today to also uncover Space-Saving Ideas for Bay Area ADUs to enhance your living area.

Redwood City also offers pre-reviewed and approved construction plans, which can help cut down your costs while saving you time.

ADU Requirements

There are several ordinances and laws concerning the construction of ADUs in Redwood City. These laws are constantly evolving, but luckily, our team can help guide you through the process.

Here are some specific ADU requirements Redwood City residents must follow:

  • JADUs cannot be any larger than 500 square feet and can share an existing bathroom with the main house.
  • If you own a multi-family dwelling, you can construct an accessory dwelling unit.
  • A one-bedroom ADU cannot be larger than 850 square feet. The ADU can be up to 1,000 square feet if there is more than one bedroom.
  • You will not be charged impact fees if the ADU is under 750 square feet.

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New ADU Base Fee

The schedule for the base fees associated with the adu construction is as follows:

  • For ADUs ranging from 0 to 400 square feet or for the conversion of an existing garage into an ADU, the base fee is set at $3,469.
  • ADUs between 401 and 600 square feet are subject to a base fee of $4,042.
  • The applicable base fee for ADUs measuring 601 to 800 square feet is $4,615.

Please note that these base fees are initial costs. Additional charges, determined by the construction valuation, will apply and are assessed individually for each project.

Moreover, other pertinent fees, including administrative, maintenance, and various miscellaneous fees, will be levied as applicable.

For an exhaustive understanding of all applicable fees, it is recommended to consult the City’s Master Fee Schedule.

When you are ready to learn more, dive into our ADU Design and Cost Guide for informed planning.

Ready to Begin Your ADU Construction?

Congratulations! It’s time to start planning for your new ADU design and construction. If you want to increase the value of your primary residence or create a safe space for your in-laws to live or teenagers to hang out, get to know us and our Passion for Design and Remodeling and how we can help you.

With years of experience helping realize the home remodeling dreams of our Bay Area customers, Clever Design & Remodeling is here to help. Our team of extraordinary designers, builders, and contractors can help you construct an ADU or plan and execute a Complete Home Remodeling project.

Whether you are dreaming of earning a rental income from a detached ADU, would love a backyard deck to enjoy a hot cup of morning coffee, or want to overhaul your living space, our award-winning team of designers and artisans is a phone call away!

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Contact the Best ADU Construction Services in Redwood City!

When you are ready to expand your home with our Custom Home Addition Solutions tailored to your needs, call us for a free consultation and free estimate. We can guide you through every step of the ADU construction process, including:

  • The initial design.
  • Purchasing materials, from cabinetry to flooring and bathroom tiles.
  • Obtaining building permits.
  • The finishing touches and final walkthrough.

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Our Most Recent ADU Reviews in Redwood City

The best ADU builders in Redwood City!

“If you want to work with the best ADU contractor in Redwood City, contact this construction company. They helped me through the whole process, from understanding impact fees to the design and new adu construction.” Jeff P.

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“My guest house is the envy of the neighborhood. Clever Design made my living space even more livable! My existing property is amazing, and I love all the extra living space. Thank you, Roy and Gil!.” Hannah M.

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“I wanted to build a Redwood City ADU for rental income. Clever Design is the best ADU builder near me. They understood the local regulations and helped me save on upgrading my sewer service. I highly recommend these ADU builders!” Mary H.

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